Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Urbanears X Marc by Marc Jacobs,Berlin Boombox X Tribe NYC

New York City is inspiring the personal audio world with design collaborationsthe new Urbanears -Marc by Marc Jacobs Humlan and Kransen headphones- in textures and color waves inspired by Berries, the Ocean and Oil...

...and the super fun BERLIN BOOMBOX x TRIBE NYC boom box…with the collective New York Hip Hop crew celebrates the new YO! MTV RAPS BOOMBOX-which takes us back to our youthful days- without all the crime!!!!

Love the graphics-by BERLIN BOOMBOX designer Axel Pfaender  that perfectly captures the original visual vibes of the legendary MTV show (1988-1995).

About Berlin Boombox
This sound system is different! The Berlin-based designer and illustrator Axel Pfaender has combined his love of music and design and brought a cool sound system of cardboard on the market. The unusual design of products combines the style of the old school boombox from the 80s with the technology of today. The Berlin Boombox is supplied as a kit ---- and is put together in a jiffy. For assembling neither knowledge nor tools is necessary, it's fun and only takes a few minutes. Then the smartphone or MP3 player is connected and ready to go.

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About Tribe NYC
Tribe NYC is a talented group from New York did embraces the culture, art and fashion of the late 80's and early 90's like no other group we've met. They dance, sing They, the model, They act, they love Reebok ... And They do it all with the most positive of attitudes and genuinely. This is straight from Their site "we are not afraid to be individuals" #MeetTheTribe