Saturday, August 2, 2014


The single serving/pod brewing machine is a must for back to school and back to work---proof being that practically everyone we know already has one from Keurig- somewhere where they spend time ---the rest have a machines by some other brand.

It ended up -though- -we stuck with our grind and brew coffee output- it just taste better (higher quality coffee)…and stronger, even though we could adjust the cup serving size.

Fortunately and recently, a plethora of K-Cups selections are NOW available -as if the pods went off patent (or something)…and tea drinkers, hot chocolate fans…and even picky caffeine inhibiters are now a lot happier-with a lot more choices.

Melita® -one of premier-and first European high end coffee brands- and accessories that dominate the filter world of kitchen cabinets everywhere - has joined the K-Cup parade with terrific results-we've been inhaling, just about the dark, full bodied Café de Europa single serve size -Vienna Roast-100% Arabica coffee beans.
12 count-priced similar to what else is out there-around $9.49.
-that is packaged in 100% recyclable (YES!)…pods…inside a 100% recyclable sealed plastic container. Peel off the sealed lid-and one can already great a whiff of the intense flavor.

100% recyclable…Melita single serve pods for K Cups
our go to coffee is dark roast-full body, well rounded- but Melita coffee options include-medium bodied, light, flavored, decaf…
What Else: Melita®'s JavaJig® a reusable coffee filter system for most Keurig Inc. style single serve Coffee Brewers…extra step of cleaning for brewing exactly what one wants….and pods for soft and hard brewing systems.

INFO: MELITA-Single Serve