Friday, July 4, 2014


Part One

Country Flags---sell well in years with huge international sporting events…Captain American comes in ultra light and cushion over the calf…men get the salute here…we would would wear them though!

Socks are a big deal in cold weather---it's the one part of an outfit that can make or break a day within minutes…  better times=being cozy warm---  miserable=  freezing with a bit of frostbite potential---

And as unsung heroes of any wardrobe (and many independent retail shops)…--socks are also one of the few industries in this country--- where it's easy to slap on the Made In the USA label too.

The most brilliant bold tones and graphically blessed assortment of socks for everything-is available now---or delivering soon, courtesy of Vermont based, guaranteed for life DARN TOUGH…that specializes in fine gauge -super finely knit (on proprietary machines) naturally performance endowed merino wool / blends with great fitting"True Seamless™"construction.

Portland Stripes….
SOME highlights for Fall 2014 -Lifestyle No Show and Shorty socks for women…and Offset Stripe Light Lifestyle Crew...
Offset Stripe Light Crew-Navy

Cable Basics- Crew Light- Plum

Tribal Crew Light Cushion-pretty enough prints-they could make matchy match scarfs/gloves
Lifestyle Knee-Highs….
Knee Highs are a must when walking all over town-City-Block in Teal, Rose and Pewter (l-r)

Mini-Stripe Knee High


Peace Love Snow, Yeti, Shortcake (L-R)

SKI/SNOWBOARDING socks get brightened up in a fab Vertical collection-in ultra-light and more cushioned selections. We actually wear these socks alot-as the slight compressive and supportive fit-is ideal for winter running and walks.

FYI We have yet to even remotely damage a pair, even slightly as the durably made socks survive any washing machine/by mistake dryer combo ever subjected to.

Men's socks are a revelation when DARN TOUGH is making them. They could sell these at Barney's…the patterns and graphic are so cool…we defy even the most conservative dresser not to want to stick a sartorially challenged toe-or 10- out and wear a pair...

Men's Vertical (ultra-light and cushioned) gets a high speed lift down the mountain…Captain America, DT, Pinnacle (left-rigth)
Old school is new school-we laughed when we saw these…as it reminded us of the Michael Jordan basketball days…and the socks our brothers wore as kids growing up. Totally makes sense to revisit the tried and true Gym Crew with those retro stripes---as 70s methods of fitness-kettlebells, climbing ropes…CrossFit-are all throwbacks too.
Dynamite  Stripe Crew-ligth cushioned===DYYYNNNOOOOOMITE
Men's Work Socks-3 lengths-Fred Tuttle Micro Crew, John Henry Boot, Paul Bunyan Over-the-calf: Cushion. We wickopedia-ed Fred Tuttle-from Vermont and was a dairy farmer, film actor and one time US Senator candidate. 

Lifestyle socks like these are just genius…one way any guy can wear color -easy…look great with jeans---or under fancier trousers….for a surprise punch of pizazz-revealed when sitting down.

Sasquatch Mid-Calf, Small Stripe Mid-Calf, Rugby Mid-Calf, Wide-Stripe Mid-Calf -Light cushioning (L-R)

WHAT ELSE: Run/Bike, Hike/Trek, Hunting…and kids.

Bonus points; Bravo to recycled paper packaging -vegetable dye inks.