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ATHLETE GAL's Guide -3 Easy Nail Art Looks-ZOYA Polishes

ZOYA -Nail Polishes come in a range of colors-and finishes-including Pixie Dust, Glitter and Matte. Big FIve Free +Vegan friendly $9-$10. Love the way the website allows for searches...
88 MADISON AVE. Suite 128

VALERIE STAR-Makeup/Hair/Nail-at Caravan Stylist Studio-showed off her Jean-Michel Basquiat inspired nails...

we chose this---use white nail polish over base coat-let dry a bit-then drop two other colors on nail beds-two per-separately...then take a cuticle stick to smudge them around-for a swirling water color effect. Apply top coat=DONE.

Nail Art is here to stay, in style for ever, we feel---and women around the world share shaded talons-from more conservative demure, barely there one color polishes-to labor intensive designs (or stick-ons-so fast).

CARAVAN STYLIST STUDIO- like the name implies,  provides head to toe help, gratis for celebs---getting ready for appearances-the Red Carpet, in public- or on-air ...using quality products to get the 'looks'=hair ( Sexy Hair's line-Big Sexy Hair), makeup/skin care (Kryolan, Simple, MD Complete, FAKE BAKE, Bullet Acne Aid stick) and nail (ZOYA Polishes and Nail Treatments).

Lucky us, we scored an invite to a tutorial-on 3 new nail polish looks-that even we could manage…all made 'easy' by the resident head-to-toe stylist expert, Valerie Star.

FOR leopard spotted nails-first select a color trio---our 'classmate' a beauty intern at Good Housekeeping chose yellow (Darcy $9) her primary shade…one regular coat was enough ---applied over GET EVEN Ridge filling base coat.

IDEALLY-let the first coat dry-10-20 minutes.

Acquired on eBAY for not much $-Valerie Star wrapped the handles of these nail paint brushes with tape-so that when dipped in nail remover, the handle paint (white in this pic), doesn't smudge off. SO SMART. A self admitted fanatic brush cleaner-a good thing, sometimes the brush hairs need a trim when the tips get a bit straggled.
For the spots---a pretty opposite the color spectrum blue (Rocky $9), was dotted on in random fashion-4-7/nail bed, then, thin black nail polish (try Claudine $9) was in super thin strokes- applied to surround around the dots-no super straight fines needed..but the key is using a very thin pair/nail brushes to do this.

ZOYA's ARMOR TOP COAT (UV blocking/anti-yellowing) and afar a few minutes- Fast Drops (anti-bubbling)-completed the look.
tools of the trade...
Another look we all raved about---was a graffiti inspired - edgy nail art---that was kind of quick to do.
torn newsprint works---get very precise -zeroing on words, numbers-or use old maps-foreign newspapers with different alphabets---more exotic look.-Black ink on non-glossy paper stock- kind that rubs off on hands-works. Glossy paper-like the kind most magazines get printed on- does not.

nails get a base coat-then one coat of Zoya's white polish Purify $9 -let  it completely dry
regular ole' rubbing alcohol…gets used…dip a piece of the newsprint (pre=shredded) into it---saturate---kind of like applying a fake tattoo onto skin...

Layer on the saturated piece of newsprint-on nail bed-firmly impress with thumb...

Afterwards, a clear top coat-seals the deal...

other eBay purchases-the pink thing on the left securely holds a nail polish bottle.

hair station…and makeup brushes galore...

Fake Bake-comes in sheer sprays and mousse-for longer lasting self-tanners-different tonal ranges for all skin shades.

Kryolan-a pro's makeup line-including special effects for artists like those on the SyFy channels' Face-Off reality tv show competition- is making a big play for the consumer market. Priced above mass merchant-but below luxury brand-the quality is tops-packaging functional-not glitzy. We have been fans for years-since discovering them a the line at The  MAKEUP SHOW and backstage-NYFW.

High-Definition ready for a flawless finish

liquid and creme foundations-are true to every skin tone on earth. Ditto the concealers. The Dermacolor camouflage collection of foundations/concealers--- waterproof

casual-contemporary wear that looks pulled together -not sloppy, super soft fabrics-that drape well is the key to this-by LA based Designer Kara Lusardi's - Bobi. Loved this deep v neck grey T with black leather pocket ...


Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Nike Sportswear reintroduces two trailblazing models honoring the progressive Huarache design.

Like Nike FlyknitNike Flywire, and Nike Air technologies, the Nike Huarache platform was born in performance running and swiftly applied to other sport categories. Designed under the lens of reduction, the Huarache platform was one of Nike’s earliest attempts to give athletes exactly what they need to perform and nothing more. Twenty-three years after the debut of the Air Huarache, Nike Sportswear reintroduces shoes that combine the functionality of South American sandals and the fit of neoprene waterski boots ­– the Air Flight Huarache and Air Huarache Trainer.

In 1992, Tinker Hatfield and a young Eric Avar put their heads together to repurpose radical innovation to fit the needs of hoopers everywhere. The Air Flight Huarache, the fruit of their brain merger, delivered a superior fit thanks to a neoprene innersleeve and leather exoskeleton that worked in tandem to offer players a responsive and comfortable fit. Among a select few sneakers to not bear a Swoosh, the Air Flight Huarache is a testament to the “less is more” philosophy. 

Having successfully created a basketball rendition of the Huarache, Hatfield and Avar set out to create a cross-training shoe as well. The upper utilized a similar exoskeleton-innersleeve combination — with one addition. Recognizing the need for superior lockdown during resistance training and aerobic activities, a mesh strap was added, giving birth to boundary-smashing performance footwear.

The minimalist design of the Huarache dramatically reduced weight and inspired a new generation of Nike footwear designers to create footwear stripped to only the necessary components for elite performance.

The Nike Sportswear Air Flight Huarache will be available on and at select retailers beginning Aug. 7. The Air Trainer Huarache will be available on and at select retailers beginning Sept. 26.

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Monday, July 28, 2014



SUNSCREEN---Duh. As the  number of skin cancer occurrences dwarf the next bunch of C.s combined, using sunscreen as an athlete outdoors is a must. And we can tell by the skin quality (or lack there of) who amongst our female competitors, Age-Group wise- uses sunscreen/sunblock- and who doesn't. It is that obvious.

IMO physical blocks that are applied and hang out on the surface (not absorbed into the skin) made of - Titanium Dioxide and/or - Zinc Oxide  are the best…and the only thing we use on our face….and most of the time-on the neck down skin too. The longest lasting, physical block sunblocks are tough to wash off- we find it survives multi-hour races-so that is the point.

Plus, when we sweat up a storm, physical non-micronized sunblocks don't sting our eyes…for real vs. chemical sunscreen claims of being non-irritating. Not so for us and we have tried about 4 big name sunscreens made of chemical ingredients that penetrate the skin ---that not only annoy our eyes but at times, leave a funky taste in our mouth...given how much we perspire during endurance efforts in the heat.

We slather on-the tinted kind of non-micronized physical sunblock ( photo stable TIZO, COTZ® Pure)---so it often doubles as our foundation…applied after we apply serum (see below our latest fav). Silky feeling on our skin- neither make us breakout.

ALSO non-micronized physical blocks not only prevent UVA and UVBs from penetrating the skin and there's not the ? issue-of the risks /questions about the safety of nano particles penetrating/heating up beneath the skin's surface.

Spray sunscreens ---even when we cup our hands and spray into---and heavily apply on so our skin is super glistening…still the fumes are dispersed and our lungs feel it.

At least Coppertone®'s Sport AccuSpray™

-a twist/lock cap with an "improved delivery system"patented, fyi, addresses that issue. Available in SPFs 15, 30, 50, and 70 broad spectrum blocking rated versions- (widely available-around $9.99) ---this doesn't fog up a room…but still, if spray sunscreens are your thing-and it is helpful when asking a complete stranger pre-race to apply to your upper back...def. recommend using hands free applying spray sunscreens-  outdoors.

A big question not understood is how some chemical sunscreens we have tried-just do not work after like a half hour---yet all seem to be composed of similar ingredients…in similar percentages too.

ALERT: Congress HR 4250: The Sunscreen Innovation Act---supposed to bring the USA's FDA-up to European standards! We remember the days we loaded up on La Roche-Posay at Galerie Lafayette- before its sunscreens' key ingredient-Mexoryl-was approved here. What is taking so long.


We go to enough trade shows to know that there are under the radar private companies devoted to the amazing science of conjuring up effective quality ingredients and unique formulas- for name brand skin/haircare/nail polish companies, big and small. And private labels too.

New trends in this part of the cosmetic/beauty world= sourcing ingredients sustainably, new effective goodies- derived from 'natural' ingredients- including paraben substitutes…plus implementing community fair trade policies-as in paying workers-often women like in the shea butter producing co-ops in Ghana- living wages  (something Anita Roddick - the no animal testing ever-The Body Shop visionary---implemented first, as far as we know.).

Effective components of any beauty formula-run the gamut, price-wise-with higher $ products-typically packed with more costly goods-higher up on the ingredient list…

PLUS- packaging that preserves contents-and made of recyclable components are important factors---with airless delivery systems dispensing costly formulas-maintaining the stability of often unstable ingredients (like anti-oxidants)--- without contaminating the contents…and making sure consumers can easily access- till the last drop.

We have also gotten beyond annoyed at pump nozzles that stopped working…clogging, or leaving half the product left inside---

AND- how it is possible- for pricey eye creams, for example--- -supposedly packed with effective ingredients-to get sold in wide mouth jars, even tiny ones-accessed by unscrewing lids and thereby exposing the creamy formulas to air.

At a late May 2014 media event - during the AAFPRS conference-we were given samples of a new to us skin care line PCA® Skin. (Stands for Physician's Choice of Arizona)

Priced at the premium level-PCA® SKIN has many different products-what we use now are a combo of the Total Strength Serum-that contains peptides, an extract of purifier milk thistle, vitamin E and proven epidermal growth factors (reminding us of ReGenica facial lotionsSkinCeutical's, and SkinMedica's TNS)-and the ExLinea Peptide Serum-that hydrates with hyaluronic acid and diminishes appearance of wrinkles with Argireline®.

Both have a very slight citrus-y scent-barely, (we prefer no added scents but this is okay and non-annoying)…and one pump each-applied all over our face and neck- sinks in fast.

Sunblock and makeup easily go afterwards…too.

At night we use a prescribed Retinoid product---  used since high school also…and we barely have any wrinkles. (FYI-hats and sunglasses are musts too).

PCA® Skin's website contains plenty of before and after pictures categorized by skin condition…of patients that employ a bunch of the company's products over several months time. IMO=Impressive.

Another newish skincare line that bares the input of a physician, D. Brian Zelickson-MD COMPLETE™--has two major categories of products-Anti-Aging and Skin Clearing.

Priced above mass merchant but well below top tiered skincare lines (range per product-that are large enough to last bunch of months- around $15-$40)-we are impressed by what we read about Dr. Zelickson---based out of Minneapolis-which is also where retailer Target-that carries the line- is too:

Testing out the Skin Clearing Healthy Skin Accelerator-that mattifies-
and moisturizes facial skin-we think it's a good anti-aging light formula choice for the hot summer time- and normal-oily skins.

BONUS POINTS: With up there on the ingredient list wrinkle fighters/collagen enhancing-cell turnover encouraging Vitamins A. B. C and E, Pure Retinol, Niacinamide, ceramides and extracts from black raspberry, cranberry and pomegranates. The Skin Clearing Healthy Skin Accelerator has a scent but is non-irritating…and absorbs easily.

Every other day, 2x a day use for the first two weeks-then 2x everyday for week 3 on-assures no peeling irritation as facial skin adopts.

PS: Use on upper back to clear the skin there- where the combo of sweat and run-off hair conditioner can give back-acne. And everyday products go on smoothly-and are easy to use underneath makeup-hence a choice skincare by makeup artists-such as Caravan Stylist Studio.

We can see why-the MD COMPLETE brand in general has gotten lots of media attention-the ingredients are top notch ---the packaging smart-and simple. The wow factor is inside the container.

NAILS: With a tip to apply Nailtique's Formula 2---we have fingernails now-but still no patience/time for mani/pedis.

Which is why we love-mildly obsessed with= KISS ImPress  nail products…as does our fingernail biting niece.

Price-wise-costs the same as a salon visit ($5.97-$6.99 typical range), lasts a week or so (same as a regular ole' one) without any risk of infection and toxic fumes.

Every season, the KISS® ImPress by Broadway Nails folks come out with colorful and creative Instagram -worthy press-on manicures (NEON-acid trippy shades for this summer, Stars and Stripes-4th of July) as well as more demure options including a classic French mani…and smartly,  different manicure/pedicure-shorter nail lengths are now available. As in texters rejoice…easier with shorter lengths!

Each kit-comes with super holding- 24 adhesive backed tabs that easily peel off-and get pressed on. Just like the name implies.

Hint: remove all moisturizers on nail
beds before pressing the KISS® nails on. And the pedi versions come with the option of glue applications- for a really long hold, if desired. We found the adhesive really adhesive so be sure to line up on the nail beds correctly- before pressing on. It sticks on right away after pressing on.

New to us-and a bonus, as we have flat nail beds…the gelFANTASY ready to wear gel Toenails and Manicures. The KISS gelFANTASY are super shiny (though the regular kind are too)…and come in as many artful options…seem to hold amazing well. Really-we swim a lot and the imPress survive pool and open water sessions…!

Currently-we are wearing the Almost Famous (medium length)---a glittery option we could never remotely do on our own-with flecks of pretty sea blue-and gold on the tips- rest a pale pink shiny color. Took us less than 5-6 minutes to apply-no drying time needed (we are super slow)…and look great.

Always compliment getting, KISS® ImPress and gel FANTASY are VERY widely available. Overseas too.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

CANADA GOOSE FALL Outerwear Fall 2014


There's a reason Canada Goose is the 'it' winter wear label for street to slopes cold weather protection: the designs are exceptional, the performance features top notch, the fabrics/textiles technically enhanced and proprietary ---and bonus points from us, the company uses ethically sourced goose down -which as we learned…is very tough to do.


First thing we noticed…COLOR COLOR COLOR. A good thing if you want to be seen on a snowy landscape…and in saturated tones that manage to be a 21ST CENTURY palette shade we'd wear…

CANYON SHELL-3L Technical Shell Collection-men/women versions-simplified clean lines and a slim fit-versatile just below hip and mid length jackets . FEATURES:  waterproof/windproof/breathable hardshell via Tri-Durance HSTM proprietary fabric with unique 4 way stretch, fully taped seams-and that includes the top of the line YKK® AcquaGuard® water repellent, 2 way locking zippered pockets. Layer over basics/mid-layers in cold cold temps-the longer length keeps cores fully covered.

hip length-drop tail longer hem, 3 way adjustable helmet compatible fixed hood, suede tricot lined inside collar -no chafing/warm, adjustable drawcord hem, adjustable cuffs, interior media pocket, outer hand warming pockets w/ 2 way locking zips-and interior mesh panel for venting, reflective pops under sleeve+back hood,  pictured here-Pacific Blue Canyon Shell. Men sizes XS-3XL
No worries-in black to-as well as red, amber (burnt orange) and military green -men and women get a deep arctic dusk.

Jade Green Canyon Shell--we would wear this running -hiking too. Thermal Experience Index (TEI)  rated 5º/-5ºC

Summer Light Canyon Shell-Ladies color- slight tapered silhouette flattering SIZES 2XS-2XL 
COASTAL SHELL mid thigh length-women's lower pockets have velcro closures
ARTIC-TECH® Fabric outerwear selections- extreme Arctic Program COLLECTION-for extreme conditions-water resistant, durable and warm.

Thigh length-Shelburne Parka-in 12 colors. Ultimate in warmth! TEI -10º/-20ºC center front 2 way locking YKK® zip with storm flap snaps close, brushed tricot lined chin guard-inside the collar, 2 fleece lined front pockets, interior pockets-one right inside w/ security zip, left drop in w/ media port, interior carry straps, recessed heavy duty ribbed knit cuffs, 2 back vents snap close-or leave unsnapped for big striders or when sitting down, 2 way adjustable hood-fur is removable-625 fill power white duck down
interior carry straps...

FREESTYLE VEST-Women(18 colors!!!) and MEN (16 colors) and VANIER VEST-down vest… youth sizes too…625 fill white duck down-pictured in Summer Yellow-features elasticized interior loop for headphone cord, storm flap over center from blocking YKK® locking zip, interior tricot lined collar, reflective tape on back, hip length drop tail hem for coverage, 2 fleece lined pockets w/ zip closures, interior drop in pocket +interior stretch mesh pocket. 9 color options sizes XS-XL BONUS-machine wash cold water in a front loader, dry low.

SELKIRK PARKA -men's pictured in graphite-hip length military style jacket with flap pockets-removable 2 way adjustable  hood,  slim fit-city-to back country okay-the 2 lower pockets are fleece lined, brushed tricot lined chin guard-inside the collar-warmth, interior drawcord adjusts waist, center front 2 way locking YKK® zip secured with military button closed storm flap, heavy duty ribbed knit cuffs keep cold out! TEI rated -10º/-20º C

HURON BOMBER woman-TEI 0º/-15ºC-inspired by the CHILLIWACK Bomber™  center front 2 way locking YKK® zip w/ leather double welt with interior insulated windguard, heavy duty ribbed knit cuffs keep cold out, fleece lined hand warmer pockets, interior carrying shoulder straps (handy), utility pocket-left sleeve,

HyBridge Collection

HyBridge® Lite Coat-in red-women's core insulated warmth with side and underarm,  stretch Tensile-Tech fabric inserts-multi-stretch, water resistant and breathable, back adjustable integrated hood has 3M® reflective tape pops, stretch Lycra® hood edge and cuff binding with thumbholes, abrasion resistant Feather-Light10D  fabric allows for aspects of the down fill to show through, center front 2 way locking YKK® zip, mid-length, brushed tricot lined chin guard-inside the collar, 2 lower hand pockets w/ YKK® reverse coil zips+zipper pulls, internal mesh pocket, self packable into left pocket,