Monday, May 12, 2014

JORGE ADELER Magnificent Jewelry/Accessories-Women's+Men's Custom Designs

The best 'pitch' for stepping up to the plate for Mother's/Father's Day gifts: know your competitive against your siblings---always have been and always will be…

And if Mom seemed disappointed last Sunday-easy enough to remedy next time---and at the same time,  launch a pre-emptive strike for Dad (June 15th, 2014).


…maybe better yet- if child free---self giving does have its rewards. For any occasion.

The recent NYC media introduction of Argentinian born Jorge Adeler's magnificent, jaw dropping collection of baubles, subtle and statement - making bling--- and sophisticated gift selections for both genders- had usually just cruising through- editors and top tier retailers-taking their time, carefully viewing the precious items- as if they were (willingly) in a museum.

For good reasons.

Gemstones-such as Citrine, Aquamarine, Tourmaline, Emerald…etc are creatively set in 14-18K gold---some with embedded diamond pavé settings- all preserving their inherent beauty- transparency, luster and brilliance. A fine art…and genuine stones and the precious metals-are carefully (ethically sourced and authenticated.

Clearly-careful thought went into how best to display these dramatic stones----cut, smooth, polished, or in more strikingly natural fashion.
there is something elegant and earthy about warm colored stones

dangling earrings of sparkling citrine/gold/ diamond -light enough for summer-delicate and substantial at the same time. IMO hair should be worn short-or up---as these yellow-tinged shades will enhance most skin tones. Plus-they're gorgeous. Show them off.. 

amazing piece-almost defies description…we could see any type of woman, any age wearing this-on bare skin or over a black turtleneck.

Pearls selected by Adeler jewelers- are gloriously varied---with 11 different kinds wonderfully crafted into  rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings.  The extremely rare natural pearls-formed without human intervention- command center stage on their own…but these salt and freshwater treasures-  are elegantly set ---in gold or platinum---with subtle diamond embellishments.
baroque Ikecho pearl ring-similar one with ruby accent-is available now

luminous grey and peacock exotic Tahitian Black Pearls

 One of our favorite pieces-a rare Russian meteorite-recovered in 1947-and a smooth iridescent pearl, pictured below…a magnificent display of opposing textures…and a bold statement. FYI: All of the 'materials' that comprise an Adeler item-have a story-and make the jewelry an heirloom with a history beyond actual possession.
 Another love-these stunning pink pearl earrings-that we would just as easily wear with denim as we would a cocktail party frock.

 Cuffs= an arm party for one---only needs one-when it's this knock-out  bracelet
hammered finish to gold ---compliments the texture of the stones ---love the abstract expressionist style- modern design that will never date...

the beauty of a stone preserves what Mother Nature has gifted…with a thick gold chain-we would wrap around our neck...

 JORGE ADELER has quite the celebrity following-including Halle Berry-pictured at the Oscars wearing Druzy Onyx and Diamond Dangle earrings .

Platinum and diamond trillion Ring-2.02ct (D, VS2) with 9 baguettes. 

Many of the diamond pieces we saw are perfect for brides to be-or rather -perfect selection options for significant others ---

Personal design services ---are available too--- as is sometimes the case with engagement rings-stones are reset… something old, something new.

AUTHENTIC coins-from ancient Rome and Greece, recovered from sunken Spanish armada ships, and hailing the warriors- Japanese Samurai ---are solidly set in metal---gold, rose gold, silver...

Masculine rings, cuff links and money clips are the kind of gifts that would please even jewelry phobic men---especially history buffs- as each item is a coveted reminder of former times.

 We could not think of a better promotion tribute for an Army General friend who just received his second star---than a pair of cuff links or a ring- made from coins commemorating one of the greatest military commanders- Alexander the Great. 

Recovered from the bottom of the deep blue sea…wow

FOR NOW-some design pieces of Jorge Adeler's timeless jewelry-stones/pearls/diamonds/ancient coin collections-obviously all one-of a kind- can be purchased online and at the family-owned flagship store in Great Falls, Virginia. 

That will change soon. Truly exceptional items have a way of being discovered.  

What else: An onsite, well-staffed design workshop that gives birth -so -to-speak -to these coveted creations---and does jewelry repairs/appraisals too.