Thursday, May 29, 2014

FIT with Tara Stiles #POSEWHENEVER-W Hotels

W Hotel- Lexington Avenue

WHAT: W Hotels Worldwide debuted it's in-room 'curated' fitness-on demand - 24/7 access video (FREE) and tip cards-by  FIT with Tara Stiles… for customers/guests of its 45 properties- needing  a boost, feeling jet lagged, needing to recover, or getting amped for a big night out.

SMARTLY-the POSEWHENEVER hashtag and theme-means its…as shown by rather flexible yoga advocates striking a pose -during yesterday's launch.

TARA STILES-the brains/body behind this added plus for guests- is a charismatic and limber 'rebel' yoga devotee who worked with W Hotels to design universally easy to do poses that can be done anywhere in a hotel room, no equipment required.

LOVE-on her website (…recipes for healthy eating.

WHAT ELSE-Resort/retreat located W Hotels-like the one in Vieques and Bali-offer FIT by Tara Stiles packages-including classes outside on the scenic properties…

IMPRESSIVE…for two  hours-Tara Styles was driving around Manhattan…inside this tricked out truck-posing-while on the move-or stuck in traffic.