Friday, May 2, 2014


A revelation-these 2013 Rosés -from a pale salmon pink blush to a deeper rose tones - serve chilled. From r-l: Clos Teddi, Grande Cuvée, Domaine Vico, Domaine,  (both available in the USA) Domaine de Torraccia, Torraccia.  Drink now-by itself or pairs really well with fresh foods- not too complex wines  with fruity+peppey hints perfect for summer-the varietals all have the native Sciaccarellu-considered the crown jewel of Corsican grapes-taking its moniker from a Corsican adjective sciaccarella =crisp.

Producer of Domaine de Torraccia, Marc Imbert---who explained to us the significance of the glass impression on the bottles, pictured below…

What a week for spitting out-not since we were babies-lucking out on our second wine tasting this week----this time a more intimate affair with two other 'tasters'---and four producers from Corsica.

A French island-acclaimed for its mountainous/rugged landscape, coastline beaches, Mediterranean sunshine---somewhat bloody history...AND of course its most famous native, Napoleon.
The Moor's head ---official symbol of the island since 1730's-(on , off, on depending on who ruled)
Corsica had for centuries-a rep as an island of bandits -with various European Kings claiming it---now ruled by EURO standards that include how much wine can be produced. 
WINE-WISE, Corsica is divided into nine Appellations d'Origine Protègé -geographic locations-each with their characteristic layouts (slopes, plateaus, hills and mountain valleys)- different soil compositions and climate patterns. The resulting 30 varieties of grapes grown including the three major Niellucciu (that reminded us of its distant relative-the earthy/acidic Sangiovese Italian red grape), the native Sciaccarellu -which featured prominently in  the delish fruity/spicy Rosés, and the Vermentinu (white wines-mineral notes, floral-or more herbs-nicely balanced-aromatic- dry - elegant Euro style of whites-not big oaky Chardonnay style).

one of our favs---Torraccia a blend-no pesticides used- --hence "Vin Biologique" on the label

Producer Marie-Brigette Juillard of  Clos Teddi, Grande Cuvée

Clos Teddi, Grande Cuvée Red-2011 100% Niellucciu-available at ASTOR WINES $26.99

The reds we tried- were elegant and well balanced-and age worthy-though what we sipped was appreciated on the spot-with enough umph assertiveness to drink now. Deep colors, woody aromatic-rich and full.
a crowd favorite- the full bodied, beautiful tannins-Domaine Orenga de Gaffory, 2011 100% Niellucciu
Producer Henri Orenga de Gaffory  of Domaine Orenga de Gaffory 

Another fav-fyi 1769 the year Napoleon was born…and no doubt some war going on. Available in the USA this wine by Domaine Vico 100% Sciaccarellu-a Corsican grape…grown in the interior of the country.Gi
1769---Domaine Vico-label…with the 411

Tasty blend-Domaine Torraccia-2011 Red- ruby color, great finish

Available in the USA=Clos Venturi -Cols Red blend of Niellucciu and Syrah

One area of Corsica-yields the  Muscat à Petits Grains  grapes. …to sip as an apéritif…or more common here-a dessert wine. This one has a high sugar content---aged in oak. Yummy. By Oregnga de Gaffory

larger bottle on right younger Muscat-late harvest-pale yellow to a more amber color-citus notes
two whites we tasted- transported us overseas-as mentioned above, the aromatic whites we tasted were dry with great finishes---hints of minerals+subtle apple-ish fruits, floral/herbs-begging for a paired fish dish-simply grilled-or more robust-the Corsican bouillabaisse-Aziminu. 100% Vermentinu grapes. Clos Teddi on the right- is available in the USA

FYI: the Visit Corsica site has lots of info on the who what where…and how to get there...

New to us-the wines from Corsica-are worth checking out---imo---we expect to see some of these selections-appearing on restaurant menus. By the bottle-we were told ranges are typically $15-$28.

Added Plus-one third of the  Wine Producers are women---and about half of the vineyards are protected forever-so as to preserve the beautiful Corsican landscape from development.