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About three months ago, we attended a media event hosted by Syneron®---a company that specializes in Sublative™ treatments for skin things we all would rather do without-like wrinkles, scars-courtesy of whatever-including acne, loosening dermis, and uneven tone----that stuff-- that comes with growing up with hormones, and aging. And def. comes a bit sooner when sunscreen is not deployed.

FYI: Sublative™ treatments® are not lasers or light based. It employs deep penetrating "fractionated bi-polar radio frequency" to reach down in the dermis below the layers- to stimulate collagen-without the hide for a week damage of the skin's surface caused by invasive resurfacing treatments.

Instead, it's targeted directly to the skin---and in the case of eMatrix- in the form of a matrix...with= not at all, barely or mildly seen matrix dots-kinda like a grid pattern (depending on the level of intensity which is customizable)-on the treated epidermis area---- that accelerates the healing process...while the deeply heated not seen underneath layers of the skin- recovers in a manner of speaking-generating new cells.

With one to three treatments the usual- typically-4-6 weeks apart---the new collagen and healthy skin cells stimulative-ly (a word?) produced- serve up smoother skin, reduce acne scars that can really show up with age as the skin sags, deflate mild to moderate wrinkles, and generate a better texture with a more even tone= less spots/blotches.

At this particular event-the Manhattan based Eric Schweiger, MD was the doc on call- as it were. He has a well-located practice in NYC that does a full-service assortment of cosmetic and dermatological treatments...but also uniquely has a part of his center devoted to the self confidence sapping acne condition- the kind that's actively going on---or the remnants of it---meaning scars. AND all the different types of those scars-superficial, "pit" or deep...that effect the faces and backs of wide swath of human ages, ethnic backgrounds- and both genders.

Treatments at the appropriately named Clear Clinic...include Dr. Schweiger's arsenal of pro-active skin smoothers -one of which is Syneron's e-Matrix---itself one of several of the company's Sublative® treatments-that curiously most (all?) begin with the letter "e." No doubt, a reason for that. We forgot to ask.

At this event-a 20 something gal, attending a wedding in a week was having a not visible to us acne scar treated by e-Matrix---she was fairly fair skinned---but bonus-e-matrix is good for  all tones.

The treatment started with numbing up her facial skin area to be treated (applied cream---on for around 20-30 minutes)--then removing the numbing cream and cleaning the skin of an residue dirt/oil. Next the targeted area was zapped (our word for it)... by the e-Matrix device-a hand held instrument that looks like a razor gun from sci-fi movies---with a metal tip that delivers the radio frequency energy via an array of multi-electrode pins (hence the matrix part-aforementioned).

The tips come in two sizes, depending what's being treated ---(under eyes, an entire face...).

The patient felt nothing...and there really wasn't any marks afterwards that we saw.

That was a big plus---as was also our chance to try it out ourselves at Dr. Schweiger's 110 East 55th Street practice. And we didn't have one sec of hesitation because our session was orchestrated by the immensely talented PA-C Laura Palmisano-who, along with her sister Diana Palmisano PA-C, are two  experienced women with years of toiling at dermatology practices. (An example- a Thermage treatment, we were very happy with, fyi- wielded by Diana P.).

Our sessions targeted two areas ---one focusing on our cheeks (1st)...the other under our eyes (2nd). We didn't change our skin care regimen in preparation...unlike lasers that require laying off certain products for a week or so, before hand.

The first one began with numbing the area for 20 minutes...then Ms. Palmisano used acetone (yup-that stuff) clean off any smidgen of anything. As we know her, and she us---we opted for an aggressive treatment that included several passes of the cheek area. The whole treatment thing took maybe 20 minutes and partly because we were chatty. E-Matrix does go fast though.

Afterwards, we were red with minor swelling---and then after the cream wore off, the treated areas did burn a bit. An ice pack at the office where e-Matrix is done---or at home if one is going home immediately ---is a very good idea. We did the later---for about 25 minutes.

As mentioned, we went full throttle and thus don't consider this intensity a lunchtime treatment...but as was the case mentioned is possible to get an e-Matrix session and go back to work.

Our second treatment was done just under our eyes---as we had read in Elle magazine how the famous cosmetic surgeon Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh (Cindy Crawford's co-developer of her skin care collection)---used e-Matrix to tighten "saggy eyelids..."

This time-we didn't get any numbing cream as the under eye area is not treated as aggressively as thicker skin parts of the face. And we were not getting our eyelids done either. It took maybe five minutes---with a resultant burning feeling and some swelling. As soon as we get home-we placed two bags of frozen peas on top of our closed eyes and lay down for about 20 minutes. Eventually, the burn went away.

The swelling lasted about 20 hours (overnight) ---as our lymph drainage system kicked in---it was very apparent when we woke up, However-it only took a few hours for the bags to drain away--and like prior-we had residual minor swelling for a day---and a tiny bit of crustiness ---in a grid patten---that was easily covered up with make-up. And that went away the next day too.

It takes at least a 6 weeks- to see real results---and as we had only one treatment/per area---we were not expecting utter transformation back to our 20's. For that---more aggressive procedures would be needed. But we do feel that we stopped the clock-so-to-speak---esp. with our under eye area- which gets maligned with swim goggles practically daily.

These before and after pics --from the eMatrix website

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