Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Outdoor Retailer-New/Cool Gadgets/Gear/Apparel/Footwear S/S 2014

Outdoor Retailer-Jordanelle Reservoir and Salt Palace, UTAH
Part 2

Athletic pursuits often require equipment/gear and storage space that frankly are not viable options for those living in compact spaces. But we see-more and more-packable and portable items-watercrafts included-beyond collapsible kayaks...

Excursion 10 made from industry leading marine grade materials and thickest core available-6 inches thick-rigid and durable,-a ten minute set-up- high pressure inflatable with set-up size L 10' x W 32" x H 6", weight 32 lbs, tri fin-center fin is removable and 2 side fins attached, includes carry bag, adjustable 2 piece breakdown aluminum adjustable paddle (64"-84"), high pressure pump+gauge 
The recently intro-ed Stand-Up Paddle (SUP) phenom is officially a mainstream pursuit.

Hard core outdoors adventure types taming the white water rapids, chi-chi Hampton invaders from the city 'working their core'---and even singer/song writer Taylor Swift getting away from the paparazzi  (and no doubt, her millions of twitter/tweener followers)---are all enthusiastically partaking in this beginner friendly endeavor that offers thrills-depending on the waters.

ride the water anyways...
We liked a whole lot about HANG TEN---an original retro-cool surf brand founded in 1960 by Duke Boyd ----that now re-defines the iconic west coast vibe with a slew of products-including urban friendly inflatable SUPs that pack down and are easily transported-no SUV or roof racks required- and storable in tiny apartment closets...

Excursion 8= 24lb SUP with a five minute set-up (inflate btwn 10-12 PSI)!!!! Set-up size L 8' x W 30" x H 6" made of durable 1000Denier 3 ply PVC reinforced fabric material, removable single fin, kit includes carry bag, adjustable 2 piece breakdown aluminum adjustable paddle (64"-84"), high pressure pump+gauge

No compromise on one's ride either...the compact inflatable SUPs come with an aluminum breakdown adjustable paddle, easy to use hand pump with pressure gauge, EVA traction pad for no slip-get up fast enjoyment from the get-go, life jacket or storage secure bungee card, mesh storage/carrying bag with back pack straps and a repair kit.

FYI: Hang Ten's regular SUPs, surf and body boards, and a series of Made In America skate boards---are ready for riders' feet across America.

different shapes all made for speed and stability-the high performance/fast red Ally Down River (DR) canoe models come in 15.5'-39lbs, 17' DR-45lbs, , and 18.5" DR 49.5lbs ($1990-$2387).  Low profile straight bow and stern -superior stability-but also made for portage too.
ALLY folding canoes---aka Ally Paks-are all around canoes that pack down for easy transport and storage...and set-up for easy enough mellow or high thrill outings in the wilderness-

carry harness-sold separately

seats fold down

all fits into this durable sack
the green Ally Down River (DR) portable canoes-offer high stability on plain waters and rivers-including white water-15'-40 lbs, 16.5' 44 lbs, 18' 47 lbs ($1867-$2,266)
The DNA of the canoes "...interlocking framework of tubular aluminum stays and ribs held together with spring loaded shock cords -at the bottom between the framework and the reinforced PVC skin is a closed cell foam mat that insulates and makes life easier on the knees, provides flotation, and the added safety of a double bottom."

Plus-shock absorbency from impact (though hopefully no need to test that), flexibility to maneuver around/glide over rocks without damaging the underside...and anatomic seats- fore and aft =adjustable so that the rocker can be trimmed by body positioning and by baggage placement.
Factoid-owned by Bergan's of Norway---so no surprise, Ally canoes are made in Norway

Not quite like pulling a rabbit outta a hat----but arguably BETTER---this LightSpeed Outdoors tents/shelters emerge from it's durable carry sack-and sets-up ---like the moniker says-lightening fast. And basically-it is completely idiot proof---we bet out cat could almost do the tiny tent version made for dogs/kids.

pull it out-step one (after buying-step 0)
Another no surprise-the assorted hub systems of this company= are patented---with top, bottom and side pull systems available-as well as a compression one ----all quickly pop-up with a tug/shrug out.

give a pull----
snaps into place-umbrella style Periapsis 4V weighs 14 lbs w. 62 sq of floor space

How smart is this-different kind of shelters/tents 3 and 4 walls- available-including beach perfect screen houses, privacy tents, backpacking models with front/back doors, moon windows and zippered blinds+rain fly, canopies, sport/sun shelters...etc----all priced from about $250-$80.

ORANGE MUD is a fabulous entrepreneurial company offering a multitude of smartly engineered solutions which all participants of Ironmans' will totally want-like yesterday. And that's because the company founder, the congenial Josh Sprague- has done quite a few himself---

Josh Sprague-Orange Mud's leading light----with a motto of "innovation through frustration"
As we train in the heat-logging in the run miles for the marathon part-we know first hand how critical it is to haul the water/nutrition needs around...AND unless we drive out and strategically place assorted water bottles on the sides of the backcountry roads we train on---often those endurance runs are shorter than they should be. Such a tragedy!!!!

single (color options-$84.95)) and double barrel ($119.95)  Hydraquiver Packs-w/ shoulder pocket nutrition for easy grabs, 24-48 oz water capacity, storage capacity-good for ice pack too...
Orange Mud's hydration Hydraquiver Packs are totally different-it rests the bottle(s) in shoulder height/back hugging-holster(s)--- borrowing from gun holster designs.

Added plus----a "no bounce" fit that's adjustable---that moves with a runner's natural motion.

There is also a leg mounted hydration holster for the SUP-ers-with a 24oz water capacity , secure key clip and adjustable neoprene leg grip (79.95).
Transition and seat wrap ($39.95)  this 30" x 60" terry towel allows for changes without getting a penalty from officials...or spare fellow participants (ha ha).  This extra long wrap isn't complicated...but a handy solution with a custom clip-no velcro for secure change, Cordura laser cut integrated belt AND an integrated zip-on hoodie for seat back. Color options....

In our 'hood'- dogs waaaay outnumber the number of little human citizens---but Piggyback Rider standing child carriers have a grateful following just about everywhere we guess ---since the Liftshitz brothers' debut their haulers- a few years back.
Unobstructed views, no choking the guardian's neck, safe and easy to use ---at reasonable prices...the Piggyback Rider® now has several models-depending on needs and destinations.

We have yet to see one of these in the NYC subways though they sure take up less room than the chariot sized carriages that double as wielded weapons on the crowded sidewalks. Grrrr.

Getting around---at Demo Day...
Martha Van Inwegen  was popular-founder and giver outer of Action Wipes-different sized, ready to use "shower in a packet" wipes infused with clean smelling anti-bacterial tea tree oil and eucalyptus---cleans and refreshes, no rinsing required. Bonus points: No harsh chemicals, drying detergents, paragons, SLS, alcohol, synthetic fragrances. Vegan and gluten free. 

let sleeping dog (s) lie...kayaking on calm waters

Yes-this is fifty---Laird Hamilton is not your typical middle aged guy...defining the noun big wave surfer--- and adding assorted watersports along the way---including paddle boarding.

Laird Hamilton-on his namesake board

Out on OR demo day -he what else, demoed a few of his namesake SUP boards-and Surfer Hybrids ($1319-$2689)...a partnership with Nidecker---dubbed LAIRD STANDUP.

Bob Pearson-legendary surf board designer and pro-surfer- owner of Arrow Surf Shop

trailers for boards...