Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Outdoor Retailer-New/Cool Gadgets/Gear/Apparel/Footwear S/S 2014 Part 7

Outdoor Retailer, Salt Palace, UTAH
Part 7
POWER ON...Tools, Apparel, Portable Power Gadgets That Keeps Going
Victorinox Swiss Army, Eton, Brunton, Schoeller Technologies, Poron

The officially fused Wenger/Victorinox Swiss Army company celebrated their merger at OR...with a give-away trip (lucky winner)...and with plenty of new gadgets/knives to keep the faithful happy.

weighs < 3.5 oz $48 

rounded edges at the sides-so no sharp edges and impact proof. The metal L wrench-pictured with adapter to hold bits attached -clicks in.
size less than 4 inches...
As bike riders know-the need for a good repair tools to fix a flat =essential---but this new all-in - one Swiss Army Victorinox... defines handy + portable...fitting into a small kit under the bike seat.

The 5 necessaries (plastic holder-impact proof and durable vs cleaning agents, oil and gasoline,  adapter made of stainless steel for holding bits, L wrench for ease  of tightening + loosening screws 8 bits-for most common types of screws, and a tire lever made of impact proof durable plastic)-are neatly integrated into one piece...clearly-so cleverly made-much like the label's acclaimed Swiss Army knives. Though the owner would have any easier time getting past airport security checks with the bike tool.

tire lever---smaller than the one we use now (red) just as well---

L wrench-hint-once slotted in -snap it shut from the side to click into proper space-it'll hold.

Easy to use too...and intuitive---our bike shop mechanic thought the bolt size offerings were just right...and came in handy as we had to remove our pedals before shipping our bike back from a race.

And though we're not speedy tire/inner tube least we're equipped for the task...with extra room in the pouch for a gel + cartridges to keep us going---.

 Delivers November 2013---$48 -makes a terrific stocking stuffer. INFO.

ETON-Rugged rukus. (available now) powered, Bluetooth ready smartphone-charger speaking-lasts up to 8 hours w/ 2 full range speakers and an IPX-4 splashproof rating 2---camping/pool good  $99.99
ETON specializes in power on the go. At the winter OR show ---we saw a bunch of solar powered stuff that makes toe tapping, year round- everywhere in the world-an option.

New for the summer show---very cool---these slim sleek power booster products---for more options on firing up personal electronics when their own batteries fade away.
give a shake-the blue lights indicate battery level

Encased in lightweight aluminum-with 2 color options---as pictured, the Boost 4200 and tiny 8400 fit into the palm of one's hand...yet when fully charged (lithium battery) -in turn can charge most smartphones 2x .

 PLUS-the 5v/2 1A USB port can charge tablets and other devices...
lots of charge options-micro - USB DC input 

Available Fall 2013: INFO 

Hydrogen Core fuel cell ($14.99-weight 1 ounce-
sold 2 at a time with reactor===can recharge iPhone 6x , 5v 2amp
 locks into Reactor (5.5 ounces-$150) for hours of power off the grid
 Fjällräven sibling Brunton-got big buzz at the show with it's Hydrogen Reactor™ for portable-and rechargeable power. REALLY cool item here---the hydrogen core fuel cell gets clicked-locked into the Hydrogen Reactor-there's then a minute, barely audible swoosh sound and a teeny tiny bit of vapor released (recharged water=power)...then the reactor is charge ready. It powers USB devices using no toxic chemicals-and no need for sunshine either.

On display---the Hydrogen Reactor™ got demo-ed a whole lot!
these H2O Hydrolizer rechargers---are retailing for about $299.99---or will be available for free-so we were told-at the retailers that sell Brunton's Hydrogen Reactor™.  Mail in option would be available too. Basically-recharge the Hydrogen Cores with nothing more than water.

close-up of new Turbo 2800 car charger device

Fabrics are fascinating-the end results of need, nature and science driven consumers and business (military included)-for functional wear and gear.

Schoeller® Technology had a few new textile/treatments since the last time we stopped by for a chat...which we will cover in a later post.

What really caught our eyeballs---- was how apparel labels use the amped up the 3xDRY™ treatment-that combines "two technologies into one textile (water-repellent outside, perspiration absorbing inside)---are now being used ---very fashionably, imo by Arc'Teryx.

Arc'teryx makes these knicker style functional travel/commute pants that work off the saddle for sure. Adorable.

back of waistband-a bit higher for no gap

reflective trim

seams placed for riders-without sagging or nsagging...cute pockets too-a little higher placement so one doesn't sit on one's stuff.
3XDRY® treatment doesn't affect the look, hand feel or air permeability of the fabric-either...lending it applicable for techy items quite nicely--- to textiles that tailor well for casual lifestyle pieces.

Luxury swim trunks...yes, they do exist!

Everest Isles -made in the USA-high end Mayol swim trunks ($195) guys would wear without irony and appreciate the water tight smartphone pocket...-made with  Schoeller-Dynamic® functional fabrics -techy attributes include-water repellent, breathable, durable w/ great hand feel and high/permanent elasticity for active sports and Riri zips+grommets.

PORON---is another multi-facted materials company---with applications for athletes wanting impact protection...via its assorted foam and compressible materials that really are used in so many products-not just apparel.

We did love this beyond hip looking motorcycle jacket-dubbed Early Riders PORON---by a Japanese company called POWERAGE. We found it online for sale $243 abouts...

Using Poron® XRD™ as protection on the shoulder and elbows...and also available with that material as a spine protector-that "can be installed separately"...OK a little lost in translation.

But if we were riding-we'd want as much protection as possible as it's a thin addition to a slim fitting jacket...and this outerwear would look cool anywhere...!