Friday, August 30, 2013

NIKE PRO ELITE KNIT-Performance Wear for Women Fall 2013

Nike Pro Elite Knit, is an innovative application of warp-knit construction that does away with chafe potential/bulky seams. Smartly-the collection also incorporates body mapping technology-specifically where women sweat-to construct  breathable, moisture wicking ventilation zones in the form fitting super lightweight knits.

Actually the Nike Pro Elite Knits remind us of all the top of the line socks we write about 2x a year- from the Outdoor Retailer tradeshow. (Fall 2013 review parts 1 and 2---) Virtually seamless, specially woven---remove sweat and keep the feet dry---are givens---and anti-microbial too. Plus the prints and colors for these bumped up socks- are staggering...something we expect Nike will do too thought he colors here are pretty enough.
From the press release... 
“We were inspired by what we saw in footwear with Nike Flyknit, which created a virtually seamless upper,” says Nike Women’s Training Product Craft Director Jamie Lee. “Our approach was to create a seamless garment designed to amplify the body’s natural ability – something that moves with the body and breathes extremely well. In essence, something you never know is there.” 

If Nike Flyknit was the inspiration for designers, the female body was the muse. Designers studied a thermodynamic map of the female body provided by the Nike Sport Research Lab to see where to take advantage of the large open zones that warp knitting can create. This data informed the design of the mesh holes that map directly to the heat zones of the female body, providing breathability and cooling where women need it most. The ventilation pattern has other advantages as well.

“Down the center front of the tops, the ventilation openings are in a vertical line so women can check out their alignment,” says Lee. “When women are working out and looking in the mirror, the design serves as a nice guide, showing how the body is positioned.”
In traditional knitting, a garment is knit in single rows along its length. In warp knitting, a garment is knit in vertical columns in a zigzagging pattern. This increases the durability and strength of the warp knit fabric. In addition, warp knitting reduces the weight of the garment because edges don’t require additional finishing. The result is a minimal feel that is barely noticeable. Further, instead of being sewn in pieces, garments are knit in full and virtually seamless. This provides athletes with improved multi-directional movement and range of motion.
Form fitting-great skin feel (a nylon blend in the mix)---available in 3 styles=the Nike Pro Elite Knit Tank, the Nike Pro Elite Knit Short Sleeve Top, and the Nike Pro Elite Knit Capri... available on