Thursday, August 22, 2013

LONDON CANDY CO Treats New York To A Better Sweet

267 Bleeker Street, NYC

The traditional sweet shoppe in the UK and Ireland were staples of so many friends of ours---natives from that part of the planet...who come to these shores to work.

They usually pack light-on one hand- for shopping excursions in NYC ("so much cheaper...")...but on the other hand- always seem to pack heavy-their chocolates and PG Tips
tea ("so much better").

Jignesh "Jigs" Patel (center) with the test taker helpers....

Now the second generation-the brains (and taste) of London's Candy Company, helmed by Jigs Patel- just opened up a sweet boutique  right in the heart of foot traffic-heavy Greenwich Village American bound Brits can lesson their loads...


Snickers---yes, the Brits won and it was rather obiv. Nice touch-Cadbury milk chocolates were the ballots. And yes, even the British version of those are superior.
 And why this matters to the masses of American candy lovers from coast to coast-is that the British versions of the very same candies we get here---like offerings from Nestle's and Mars (think Snickers, Kit Kats, M+Ms) etc---are better tasting---using less artificial stuff would be our guess.

The differences are that we found out at a media event where we tasted---and voted for our favs of the 'same' sweet.

M+Ms...this was a Brit slam dunk 

sweets, sundries, candy snacks---a wide range of hard to find favs like Thornton's, Rowntree's Wine Gum-sure to make any homesick UKers less teary-eyed

magnets-very fun and some, a bit off color-this is not a candy shop geared to little kids ha ha---like some others.

The Queen's  personal pick-Cadbury-plus---even the packaging can be more fun too! 

Yes-even the Royals like a sweet treat

you can tell the British version because like most things in this country...the USA ones are oversized and faker looking!!!

ridiculous the size of the USA Cheeto (duh) vs the UK version----crazy right?

everyone was cracking up how different the sizes were---

of course-Bulldog Gin served...

There is a tea room in the back set to open soon---but meanwhile- caffeine addicts can stand up and give the two thumbs up for the choice of the very American Stumptown Coffee offerings. As Jigs told us ---the British coffee isn't very good.

One for the colonies!