Friday, July 12, 2013

The Ultimate House Gift -La Maison du Chocolat + Missoni

Guaranteed to get a repeat invite----giving a host a box of deluxe chocolates nestled in collectible boxes wrapped by the masters....La Maison du Chocolat and Missoni

The legendary creators of chocolates, macarons, pastries and ice creams/sorbets- La Maison du Chocolat ---wowed attendees at a recent media event with samples from a luxurious collaboration between the Italian Missoni designers-who created very limited edition round boxes, covered in their silk fabrics-in patterns designed exclusively for this French luxury brand. 

Geoffroy d'Anglejan-Chatillon
Managing Director of La Maison du Chocolat
These beautifully packaged chocolates are only available at La Maison du Chocolat boutiques---and so were told-3 sizes ...and only 220 boxes of divineness created. Heavenly.

Also available through the summer-ÎLE DE BEAUTÉ collection
Travels to Corsica inspired Nicolas Cloiseau-to craft chocolates with complex flavors featuring clementine, Nepita mint, lemon, fig and honey, Available now in boutiques and online-the "Isle of Beauty" 12 and 31 chocolates