Saturday, July 6, 2013


Outdoor Retailer/SLC-NYC

Back in January -when we saw a slew of solar powered and battery chargers (often with AC options)- for personal electronics-for outdoors bound types-all we could think about was how the REAL market for these gadgets-was in our hometown of densely urban NYC- and the populated tri-state area in general....particularly those zip codes that lost electrical power for days...or weeks that past October.

POWERTRAVELLER's new Lightweight Rugged Solar Powered Charger-POWERMONKEY EXPLORER-compact USB hub-charges Smartphones/MP3 Players, E-Readers. Weighs just 83 grams, water resistant, 3 way charging options...International Mains Charger, USB, and solar panel, double tap button to lock unit rugged rubber case. Pictured with sleek, compact portable charger-POWERMONKEY Classic...a pocket sized charger than delivers 3 full charges for mobile phones, 40 hours for iPods etc...holds charge for 6 months 
In fact we were astonished at how "power solutions" NOT-  friends and relatives were---especially when so many are the types that live their lives crossing all the t's...dotting all the i's (lawyers, ha ha)...AND usually leave nothing to chance when it comes to preparing-especially for a hurricane-and a storm that got major advanced billing.

Still, none of these folks had/have any of the relatively inexpensive and reliable, PV solar power -photovoltaic cells- portable energy sources- shown here...which would go a long way to at least firing up their smartphones...the one thing that most individuals suffered- via withdrawals from-besides missing an episode (or two) of "Homeland"and hot water showers.
Neoprene storage case...holds the internal battery onboard Slimline Solar Powered Charger w/ Integrated Battery-SolarMonkey Adventurer-water+shock resistant, 3 way charging options, charged/charging LED indicator, auto-load, self-sensing , charge optimization tech-can charge in lowlight conditions, takes 8-12 hours charge fully in optimum light conditions...comes in different colors too.

Good for boaters too-waterproof POWERMONKEY EXTREME.iPAD and iPhones/Smartphones (4-12 charges, depending), MP3 players, GPS devices etc-3 way charging options-USB, solar panel or International Mains Charger! Five years to develop-has a rugged clam shell solar panel design which includes Maximum Power Point Tracker technology allowing a full recharge within 15 hours in optimum light conditions.2 output channels-USB (5v charging)+DC, auto shut-off, and easy swipe on/off control. waterproof cables attach solar panel to Powermonkey Extreme

POWERTRAVELLER makes several sizes of rugged tough portable solar  panel-powered chargers that can power-up one to several  devices simultaneously via AC, Micro USB or 5V to 30V DC... with international chargers available too.

Big plus though-the solar panel options ---that can attach to the chargers -easily...with chargers -holding full-75^% charge for months (depending on model)...and that all gadgets are encased in tough rubber or aluminum casing.

Back-up battery packs-fire up before heading out-rechargeable batteries-LED indicator lights

ETON Corporation showed many power options gadgets...
BOOSTSOLAR by Eton-durable IPX-4 (splash proof) rated solar powered battery-w/rechargeable 2000mAh lithium battery $99.99-good for smartphones+many tablets, LED charge indicator-in a tough rubber case


other solar panel able- powered devices to keep toes tapping...Solar paneled-Rukus-bottom shelf-Bluetoothed enabled speakers-wate resistant and tough $149---up top the Rukus XL-super loud delivered via Bluetooth-AC or solar power options $199.99

usb goes here

AC power option

BUSHNELL OUTDOORS...had a bunch of solar and battery products (Powersync™)...

 Multiple ways to power devices for off the grid convenience.

AA Battery Recharger-4x AA recharger-battery fuel gauge

BatteryBar™-compact, lightweight rechargeable Li Ion  w/ battery gauge-w/ USB, for camera, smartphone, tablet or MP3 player

SolarWrap™ 400-in a streamlined case for protection, compact&lightweight continuous roll. Long life Li ION battery-1x USB output & 1 Micro USB input-fully solar charges 3.5 hours in optimum light conditions

on board battery gauge...can hang it on a tree

SolarBook™ 850-high capacity Solar+Battery System-w/ dual Long-Life Li ION battery, 2x usb outputs for multiple devices, , 1x micro USB input charge AC. 3.5 hours optimum light conditions to fully charge.

rugged storage case

SolarWrap™ Mini-ultra compact lightweight continuous roll can clip onto backpacks-charge on the go. Long life Li ION battery-1x USB output & 1 Micro USB input-fully solar charges 10 hours in optimum light conditions

Bushell Outdoors Powersync™ Products

Dave Anderson-Director of Consumer Marketing 
TENDER Corporation sells up a plethora of survival/medical/first aid pre-packaged kits that are must haves assortments of products good for households, cars, boats-as well as backpacks.
Portable-30 bandages per box-2 portable packs-15 bandages each/box


Easy Access™ bandages (latex free)-available nationwide-are unique-just pull out of handy package and slap on. There's not pulling back plastic film tabs that protects sticky side of bandages of other brands.

Walmart-gets the bright orange box

assorted sizes of medical kits-contain advanced wound cleaning and closing supplies, dressings, medications (OTC) ---and larger sizes, nicely compartmentalized-task specific- come with a copy of Dr. Eric A. Weiss M.D. A Comprehensive Guide to Wilderness +Travel Medicine. Handy!

got an ailment-typical maladies of outdoors life-have a fix...including dental emergencies with temporary help till you get to a dentist---and QuikCLot® Sponge™ developed by Z-Medica Corp. -a sponge made of porous fabric contains tiny beads of the mineral Zeolite-rapidly stops bleeding 
potential lifesavers-SOL products include an emergency 2 person bivvy-made of durable, rip-resistant Heatsheets® material that reflects 90% of radiated body heat, seam-taped for wind/waterproof---works as an emergency blanket too-comes in an ultra lightweight orange nylon sack-pictured left. 5.8 oz. 

a pack packed with essentials---this is a great gift or corporate perk...custom branded available

a great gift too-Essential Survival Tool Kit-the Origin...17 high end survival tools in a sturdy injection molded ABS waterproof carrying case-size of a typical digital camera. $40.00. Some tools included pictured below PLUS there's a new Core Lite-a 3-1 survival tool w/ a 3.5" folding knife, built in  emergency whistle and LED micro-light. $20

SOL knife-a folding AUS-8 locking blade w/ easy-grip handle comes w/ built-in LED light and single frequency whistle
SOL Fire Lite-good for 5000 sparks

button compass on case, plus steel wire +nylon cord for gear repair, fishing kit, head duty aluminum foil, waterproof manual w/ survival tips...

Naturepel -is DEET-Free protection against insects biting-made from natural oils -up to 20% picaridin that are ok for kids to use too-

Ben's spray for clothing+gear.repels and kills ticks, black flies and mosquitoes

8 hours protection-we like the handy wipes-very portable...TSA friendly