Monday, July 15, 2013

Newton Running Shoe MV3 Review-Summer 2013

Transition area post race-def neater than our closets-with bright pink/yellow lime MV3. 
We've been Newton Running shoe worshipers for several years---and thus very keen to try out the new MV3 fast performance race shoe-with a zero drop profile (3mm lift optional)---that's embedded with the Newton DNA that got us wearing the brand to begin with.

Weighing in at a mere 5.2 ounces (women's, 5.4 ounces-guys)- these are incredibly light kicks---noticeably so vs the 6.8 ounce Distance Lighweight Neutral Performance Trainer  we usually train in and use for half-Iron/half marathon or less distances. 

The midsole EVA foam lugs part-is more apparent initially---and had the effect- a desirable one---of having us lean a teeny tiny tad- a bit more forward. 

When we just went out for an easy 4 mile trial run-we run on paved trails through NYC felt like we had nothing on our feet-but we still noticed enough of a  sponge-y, spring-off energy return/high rebound via an EVA midsole (we have a mid foot strike)...still noticeable (relief). One of the reasons we run in Newton's even during races- is our prior racing flats-were just that= flat... and offered not much else. 

The MV3s sport the second generation of Action/Reaction™ technology in the mid foot-clearly this  distinguishes the brand-and helps with the lift-off part.

protection where needed+energy return
Always a great plus-the MV3 outsoles def. offered enough protection (via TPU toe cap, high traction 5 lug forefoot, and high density rubber in heel+toe) )-even for the occasional rock/stick and a baby rabbit sized rat which scurried across our path -angling cross-like, on which we did a full foot plant on its back. 

It was already past dusk-so we didn't- for a sec,  exactly get what that bump we turned to look back-saw the rodent kinda splayed out and then like a Spaulding- bounced right up and went on its merry way in/onto the seawall of the Hudson River. Lovely....

...but a reminder also of the energy return of the MV3s-but not quite as bouncy as that. RAT.

Digressions aside... the fit of the MV3 's  = glove like, ultra comfy with no hot spots as the tongue part  is attached to side mesh pieces-seamlessly anchored to the no additional tugs to align up-or adjustments- or slippage- and no other inner seams that would irritate. 
black attachment pieces= breathable mesh too-can't tell from the pic-attached to tongue and insole...keeps it all together. Back logo label reflective pop

As we wore these without socks- for our training run-the supplied laces held too-and other brands do not (annoying). Laces up slightly asymmetrical which in our experience-is a better fit. 

For a recent  Olympic distance tri's...we were able to slip them right on and adjust very fast-during we switched to speed laces ---for tri-s. 

Hard to tell if we ran faster per se... as we'd never done this route under race conditions prior...but we certainly didn't notice the running shoes part-which is ideal...we didn't feel like we had two cement blocks on our feet...and we def. had enough spring and noticeable bigger strides on the downhills... and YIPPY our feet emerged unscathed without the usual strategic assortment of band-aids, placed just so. 
slightly asymmetrical lacing comfy fit that won't move around

PLUS it was around 90 degrees and very humid out but the MV3 uppers are highly breathable (and anti-bacterial) -made of fast drying mesh---so feet heat and irritation =not a problem.

Bottom line-we love these kicks-and would highly recommend them for speed work and shorter races...the distance being relative as to what 'short' actually is. For us ---10k or less...

Fit is true to size---if we wore our MV3s with socks-we would have gotten a half size bigger. The toe part is roomy enough for spreaders-but not obnoxiously big like Bozo the clown shoes.

DETAILS-from Newton Running Shoe:

"At a mere 5.4 ounces, the MV3 is the lightest Newton Running shoe ever produced. Our race line offers light- weight performance products crafted for fast paced running. Ultra-lightweight and designed for speed, the MV3 is a racing shoe with a zero drop profile. Designed for short or mid-distance racing and weekly speed workouts."

Updated ultra-light highly-breathable, fast-drying mesh
Seamless anatomical support strapping Asymmetrical lacing system

Enlarged toebox
TPU toe cap with more generous toebox

Second generation Action/Reaction™ technology in midfoot.
Biomechanical metatarsal sensor plate
High-rebound EVA
Met-flex enhanced forefoot flexibility

ETC anti-friction, anti-bacterial sock liner
Water drainage system
Optional 3mm lift included
Widened midfoot and filled toe area for greater stability

High-traction 5-lug forefoot pattern High-density rubber in heel and toe
M size 9 - 5.4 oz. W size 7 - 5.2 oz.
0 mm drop 16mm heel,

Available NOW (men's...women's)