Friday, July 5, 2013

LA COLLINE-Skincare-Gorgeous Eyes Workshop


An invite from Osswald Boutique for a skincare session is always a 'yes' as this NYC outlet of a Swiss emporium of 300(!!!) luxury niche fragrances and beauty/grooming products= is unique- even in the Big Apple where there's a lot of retail establishments.

La Colline is a Swiss skincare company, founded by French native, Hughes Guyon -and sold worldwide- that focuses on anti-aging treatments via a core formula of cellular ingredients -the CMAge® complex (oxygenation, protection, hydration)-fused with Asian methodologies that includes application rituals.

Kristele-from La Colline

We attended the informative presentation that covered the A-to-Z of eye care --- coined the Gorgeous Eyes Workshop...

And with several media beauty types there-it was interesting that we actually learned a lot.

There are several targeted La Colline eye creams (Cellular Vital Absolute Radiance, Cellular Vital Eye Cream),  a serum (very light-Cellular Vital Eye Lift Essence),  a Cellular Vital Eye Gel and a Cellular Eye Mask that address different concerns of women-like dark circles, puffiness, fine lines, sun damage---and overall signs of fatigue.

a little-the size of two rice kernels... goes a long way...enough for one application

a terrific product-non-oily so one can re-apply eye make-up if desired, right away...but thorough enough to remove waterproof mascara without tugging

Tips on rituals included how to perform facial massages on one's self to lessen appearances of fine wrinkles and puffiness, how to remove eye make-up (hint-saturate fine cotton pads-apply with light pressure on the brow arch down-let it sit a few secs-before folding down the pad around 3rd finger and gently pressing down on lashes to dissolve mascara-vs  hard swipes)---and apply warmed between the fingers, eye creme---tap in dots towards nose-then smooth gently towards corners....with leftover cream applied on lids).
the mask is a workhorse of eye treatments-reduces puffiness and hydrates..meaning i makes one look like that got enough sleep

Of course we tried them all...and across the board---all products were very easily absorbed, lightweight and with barely there scents---completely non-irritating. And as the only ones who tried the Cellular Vital Eye Mask...a white cream that one applies under the eyes for about 15 minutes---it lived up to its billing of 'instant' hydration.

Americans in general do not spend as much on skin care treatments as a percentage of their beauty budgets as Europeans or Asians-they tend to spread their beauty/grooming dollars evenly amongst skin, hair, and make-up we think the that any one of the products we tried...would be enough as a stand-alone eye care treatment...

WAHT ELSE: A wide assortment of La Colline skin products including a men's grooming line, a high performance Navitage eye treatment collection, and a high performance collection of SWISSENTIALS...though we thought it all rather premium!