Tuesday, February 8, 2011

SENDRA & PURA LOPEZ: Spanish Footwear (2011)


Words/Images Judith Ecochard

HILTON HOTEL, West 54th Street NYV

Spanish shoe maker Sendra really boots it out of the park for this pre-Fall season...with flawless workmanship of kickers...that are international in flavor.

We had a great chat at the recent FFANY trade show with members of the sales team...who concurred:

"We took a different turn..," but still with that special style of this label...

With edgy--- handsome formulations of the Engineer, Modern Biker/Motorcycle Boot.

Urban Cowboy---with a round toe that looks cool.

What jumped out first---the inventive use of textiles mix with leather---in short boots. Canvas and tweed...in particular. We even thought the patchwork style easy to wear,

wear up or down
This three leather spectator shoe is so special...with fab python trim...

Removeable Harness

Lace-up, lug boots qith proprietary outsoles a great foundation for this equestrian harness with chain---

Woven in Europe...

This mule was one of our top picks---a basket woven leather.

Hand finished finishes---vintage and buffed.

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Leather linings---luxe extras

These shoes outoles are something to look at...handsome---customers should pay more attention

Narrow specific patterns outsoles. Amazing.

Good Year Welt Construction
We thought ---Sendra---all ready popular in some footwear fanatic circles ---will start showing up in print reads...if they wise up to what stores like smart retailers Nordstom already know. IMHO.

Around $300-$599


High end, sensuous shoes and pushy stachels from Spain...in a pre-Fall collection.

The color of the season---this beautiful, rich gray.

Tiered, gray suede...this is our new everyday bag WANT

Stacked platform, texture...perforated holes.

Folded leather round toe---perforated leather in a sling back. Elegant and sassy.

Mulit-strap, stacked platform, metallic sheen, leather in a gun metal gray

Kitten heels with attitude---we liked the S shapes of how the heel curves.

Our fav heels----spiked heels...

Roll up or down.

Buttery soft leather tie envelope
Terrific shoulder bags for all seasons---plush leather---and all the interior pockets we expect. These bags work as casual weekend haulers...and are sophisticated enough urban office types---

Spectators---a nod to mens shoes that seem to never go out of style. Pointy toes make this one for the girls.

Wedge boots are not our fav profile but these are something else....a booty that manages to entice without being clunky