Tuesday, February 15, 2011

NUMBER:LAB Fall 2011 Menswear by Luis Fernandez

Highline Room, The Standard Hotel. NYC


Words/Images Judith Ecochard

Menswear is the break-out story of New York Fashion Week so far. Taking a back seat to the ladies' looks for years...or just being too plain limited to attire maybe worn by the insanely skinny jeans types...

We've seen some terrific New York collections for Fall 2011 that a regular Alpha A guy would be a-OK with.

This blazer-the typical cut  in many collections hitting just below hip bones

A packed house worthy of a FDNY shut-down--- took in the NUMBER:LAB Fall 2011 collection of sportif separates for the modern dude...on Feb. 9.

Notice, we didn't say hipster---although the slim (not skinny) silhouettes  look best on those not packing the pounds. But what doesn't?

The 22 looks were uniformly terrific---in a color palette of navy, wearable deep purple (not on the playlist), white, grays, the classic camel...with a few bright shades like yellow livening things up.

Techy aspects---in the trim, in the fabrics, and in the cut of the clothes lent the apparel performance wear worthiness...a trait driven home with a bunch of skating models slapshot-ting their way to hockey bliss---in Number:Lab chunky athletic sweaters--- on the outdoor skating ring of the hip Standard Hotel.

One way to get paid probably way more fun then walking a catwalk.

Standouts---the wool/nylon reversible blazer, lots of comfy cotton canvas and pima cotton/pima jersey pants, 2xLAY'D reversible nylon rain parka with a zipable hood, crew necks---and half zip sweaters...handsome.

And accessories like chunky knit wool scarfs and a nylon+leather bloc travel gym bag. A hip prepster vibe...cool chic, for the man tat doesn't want the clothes wearing him.

Color Blocs aplaca wool/cotton sweaters---a 70's ski look.

Tech trims abounded...and since we usually write-up gobs of outdoor wear, we'd be curious to see what hangtags the collection delivers with...as technical fabrics---and there are plenty out there with great feel and drape--- are seriously lacking from fashion...as opposed to the labels we cover like Salomon, and Merrell.

Maybe NUMBER:LAB will start bridging that disconnect like one of our fav labels, the eco-minded NAU.

Half=zips---just grab off the floor, toss on=dress

INFO: www.number-lab.com