Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Once in awhile, we get a gadget that’s a game changer.

We, who guzzle coffee by the quart…the aromatic liquid engine of civilization.


While we admired the sleek design of the single serving, coffee/beverage Keurig® machines that come in assorted sizes and options…we didn’t get the slavish devotion that the devoted current owners have…

Well we do now.

Even tech-phobic luddites (us) will find these stylish single-serve beverage machines intuitively very easy to use…and so convenient…that after one serving of the beverage of your choice (we tried the delish Green Mountain Breakfast Blend first thing).

Will have one wondering how one ever managed to live without one.
Out of the box...water reservoir-on left well protected

And so nice to have hot beverage options in a household of multiple humans with different beverage wants.
Came free with our machine from the tiny center hole here and there: already tasted and approved.

Our machine arrived very well packaged…and as soon as the box was opened booklets are available…there is even one---with directions how to slide the Keurig® out!

The instruction booklets offer super simple to read/understand/implement directions---to start---how to “brew” the first cup…and set the menu options that include a clock, automatic timers (on and off---an option to keep the water heated and ready- within pre-set time parameters---so handy---even for non K-Pack activities like instant oatmeal, etc)…beverage temperature options…
No need to ask our very smart cat for help with instructions!

And cup size---that effectively manages the intensity of the drink---be it coffee, tea…iced coffee etc.

BTW, even a travel mug size is accommodated with removal of the drip tray plate.

A lever raised pops out the K-Cup® portion pack slot---the likes of which come in over 200!!! options ---including top brands like Celestial Seasonings, Newman’s Own® Organics, Caribou Coffee®---varied roasts, teas, flavors---and hot cocoa too.

All are sold seemingly everywhere, including online and at Big Box stores.

Filling the water reservoir is probably the most labor-intensive activity required---and the machine controls flash on and off if more water is needed, and when the machine is ready to “brew.” So no what-if worries.

Maybe, tops… the water takes four minutes to heat up…. after filling…we found it took under two minutes…but to have a cup without the fuss and clean-up hassle…is so amazing. Really. And most appreciated at night when we want a cuppa

We are hooked.

INFO: Assorted size Brewing Systems are available for Home or Work environs. We demoed the handsome- polished Platinum B70 Keurig® Brewer…that matchy matched the other appliances in our kitchen…and came with a 12 K-Cups®

GREAT GIFT IDEA---the KEURIG Mini Plus Brewing System available in five colors ($99.95)---with a single serve water reservoir, three cup size option, and energy saving, automatic timers.

FYI: IMHO Truly idiot-proof.

AND...A Starbucks collab---K-Cups of Pikes Peak = YES!

J. Ecochard