Thursday, February 24, 2011


THE STUDIO, Lincoln Center
Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, New York

Words/Images Judith Ecochard

Last show=biggest hair? Well we bet the models were happy they didn't have 7AM report for another catwalk romp.

Because we have a feeling that at least gallon of hair conditioner and an hour in a shower maybe---would get this tease out.
Yes there is a human attached to this...

We got backstage at around 7PM to find Edward Tricomi and his team practically finished with all the gals hair-dos.

"The Beehive...the way they used to do it," Tricomi informed the stunned media types coming to pay homage.

Spraying and teasing (with a Mason Pierson brush)...teasing and spraying (L'Oreal Professional)...this was a major arm workout too.

Then locks were smoothed down, wrapped and pinned....

For everyday gals wanting a similar vibe---- without the need to hide something in that HAIR...

Tricomi assured us it would take about 5 minutes--- to pull back the hair into a French

...then take the crown part...(hint - the part that would get scalped---that chunk)... and tease it, brush/smooth with a comb---- and wrap around the front of the head...and pin on the side or back, depending hair length. Nice height in the front with a sexy side sweep...chic style that won't invite a body scanning, TSA pat down.


Mirabella® Beauty...a minerals based brand that we had never heard of...had the honors of conjuring up  "The Black Swan" maquillage, according to make-up artist Brian C. Hawkins.

Dramatic eyes...achieved with black eyeliner and heavily pigmented gleaming eye powder shadow (for staying power) for a cool frosty background.

Half lined...

A neutral shiny lip and matte face completed the look.

On the runway---it all came together---the clothes, the hair, the make-up: