Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Accessorie Circuit/Intermezzo Collections @ PIERS 94 & 92

Words/Images Judith Ecochard

Tradeshows are a great way to see what the general trends are under on roof... months after we’ve reviewed everything based on the runway shows.

At the ENK managed Accessorie Circuit/Intermezzo Collections…at the Piers right off the Big Apple’s West Side highway…there was a notable busy buzz of activity at Pier 94---the locale for exhibitors selling accessories---watches, handbags, belts, some footwear, jewelry, hats, hosiery etc.

Compared to last year where retailers shopping the show seemed afraid to commit to orders, let alone inventory…this session seemed to generate lots of paperwork in the booths we cruised by---with orders for merch.

Trendwise…we noted:

Over the knee socks are big sellers as over the knee boots are worn year round now.

Big and bold statement jewelry pieces are sooooo last season. Bling-wise winners delicate chains and baubles that can be piled on, multi-stranded…not much turquoise or large stones---think more delicate beads and pearls (real or fake)…also dainty takes on Western religious symbols vs the nod to Asian symbols that have been very popular.

Also we saw little fringe activity---on handbags or as part of the boho hippy beaded jewelry. Officially taking a rest---till resurrected.

One left over…cuffs and piled on bracelets continue to rule.

Carry-alls were lacking in major hardwear for the most part. We noticed all shapes---totes, hobo, clutchs, cross-body, large envelopes…etc---made from plush leathers in darker tones, soft and structured constructions. We guess these are the Pre-Fall items…as there was some natural materials- used in the more summer appropriate bags---rafia, straw…for sale too.

We also noticed waaayyyyy less exotic skins…whereas last season every python on earth must have slithered away for cover…we noticed a less this season---and what we did see, it was in the snake’s natural tones…NOT dyed in Fruit Loops colors.

Belts ranged from thick to thin---smooth leather and leather and fabric mixes…and patent…

Trouser belts (smaller circumference) for all those high waist YSL’s inspired looks we saw on the runway…were available. We think that look will not sell as well as many designers hope for---because on most women’s bodies, a high waist, especially with pleats (vs flat front)--- with a thick or thin belt--- is not the most flattering option, even when all under a well-proportioned blazer ---and even that is tricky to pull off without looking dated. One plus, wide leg trousers can be leg lengtheners when worn with high heels---IMHO.

It’s “new” for 2011---but let’s face it---the skinny jean silhouettes are classics now…and are an  easy to wear, multi-tasking option with assorted footwear like strappy heels or tucked into boots.


We got a tip to check out GURHAN, a high-end, made in Turkey- jewelry label that had introduced a silver collection in the past 18 months….and was showcasing new items at the show.

GURHAN “…Jewelry for all of your lives” is very internationally popular ---for its sophisticated 24K karat gold for a reason---and now for the silver “second” line (including other pure metals in the mix)---

--- we thought all the pieces we saw ---elegant…adding instant glamour to any wardrobe.

Ancient, ceremonial inspired designs, and then some more bigger/bolder modernish pieces---all featuring the signature hammered metal---plus what we really loved---  delicate chains/baubles…are all very mix and match-able.

Two major looks belong to the Godiva, and Galahad design groups---to be sold at Neiman’s and Nordstrom’s ---as well as other boutiques.

A key look for Spring---tassels and stackable rings/bracelets.

We like this “Popcorn” bunch

ADDED TIDBIT: In 2009, NYC’s Metropolitan Museum of Art had Gurhan create a line of jewelry in commemoration of the landmark National Geographic sponsored exhibition: Afghanistan: Hidden Treasures from the National Museum, Kabul.

VIRGINS, SAINTS & ANGELS…has been one of our favorite jewelry lines since we first eye-balled them a few seasons ago.

The Mexican made, spiritually inspired collection has a Christian/Celtic/Colonial Spanish-ish iconic vibe---but we think the pieces are so artistically rendered, the religious symbols are objects of beauty, that transcend beliefs.

New to us was how one could get the best selling necklaces or earrings  ---made from 32 different kinds of beads ---20 different kinds of crystals.

Retailers loved the new San Benito Charm necklace…and the multi-stand Magdalena necklace with dainty cross and beads.


The stunning silver compact like case that all the jewelry pieces come in---now has a mirror. A collectable in its own way.

ADDED TIDBIT: Those smart business women…the Khardashian (Kim, Kourtney and Khloe) sisters collaborated with VSA on an Armenian inspired collection last year.