Monday, May 18, 2009


The company that created the wildly successful no!no! Hair™ removal device gets our attention when it comes to new product intros.

Another recent winner, for example- is the effective no!no! Skin- an at home “professional” hand-held device that treats mild to moderate acne without the usual drying effects. Employing patented LHE® technology, (like derms) no!no! Skin combines the healing powers of light and heat to heal and eradicate mild to moderate conditions.

And there’s no fear of overdose or any contradictions.

So we were curious as to what the latest Radiancy™ gizmo had to offer…the no!no! Face Trainer™ for facial rejuvenation.

We had personal intro to the Hannibal Lecter like facial mask that straps on easily….

In combination with a series of facial exercises (demoed on a DVD, YouTube , or in the instruction book)… performed 10 minutes a day, for a month, then maintenance of 2x a week…no!no! Face Trainer is supposed to smooth out wrinkles and sagging for a younger, toner visage.

New habits take awhile to latch on to. Warning.

Testing it out…our jaw kinda ached from the exercises…but since the effects, if any are accumulative, we didn’t see any improvement for the first week we used it. We figure that like getting built up cheekbones via fillers or implants…a natural lifted look is achieved.

Apparently all “44 bilaterally symmetrical muscles of the face and neck” are exercised and thus toned…resulting in a lift to sag zones like the jaw line, under the eyes, the cheeks, and forehead.

We doubt botoxed out types can use the no!no! Face Trainer as some requirements to get the full effect require moving the facial muscles of the most popular areas to get those temporary paralyzing injections in.

The no!no! Face Trainer coats $199… not cheap by any means for something users will need to use for at least a suggested 4 weeks …and will not see immediate results. Plus, it’ s not a gee whiz device…and it requires active, daily participation that takes longer than flossing one’s teeth.

Even if the long - term effects are striking according to internal studies.

It’s certainly cheaper than a facelift and for exercise people, it’s just one more “resistance training” routine...that the motivated will stick with.

For before and after pictures of male and female participants, check out the Website.

Words, Judith Ecochard