Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Kevin-James Bennett with the new HD Concealer

Metropolitan Pavilion West 18th Street, Chelsea

May 17th, 2009
Words, Images Judith Ecochard

Lucky us, we got a break time-wise when we walked past the perpetually busy Make Up Forever Professional booth…as Director of Pro Business Development & Artist Relations and the go to guy for the 411--- Kevin-James Bennett had a free moment.

Having chatted with him at last year's Blogger’s preview, we new that the big hit would be HD something---as in Make Up Forever’s amazing HD Invisible Cover Foundation, an oil-free lightweight liquid formula- that sold out of several shades at last year’s MakeUp Show. (FYI: This is the product that helps A-listers like Meryl Streep and Jennifer Aniston positively glow).

So we asked, “…what’s new?”

MAKE UP FOREVER'S glorious palette

And got a succinct reply, “…the HD CONCEALER and (HD) ELIXIR.”

“We’ve been investing a lot of technology in this category…high definition needs to be addressed with artist specific products to help their work look better.”

The new HD Elixir increases moisture levels by 520%, after 15 minutes according to Bennett…and is a lifesaver for makeup artists who have clients that “NEED TO LOOK GOOD NOW.”

This “immediate response product” (a non-oily, non-sticky serum) launched at this Show… as Bennett reminded us, Make Up Forever focuses on makeup artists needs.

But lets face it, pun intended “…this product (HD INVISIBLE COVER FOUNDATION) looks that unbelievably good for the camera…how the heck is it going to look on the street?” ---Bennett noted.

For Sure. Awesome,

The never ending checkout line...

What we thought was THE BEST NEW PRODUCT WE EXPERIENCED AT THE SHOW---isn’t even available until late summer. The HD CONCEALER!!!!!

The concealers were filled "by hand for the show” Bennett clued us the MUFE laboratory in France..that's how hot off the press this want it NOW product is.


The silicone applicator is unique (and easily cleaned/dried)…and with a twist the liquid product feeds up through to the tip. Bennett then put a dab on the back of our hand, patted it in with barely any pressure…and then told us to watch---as “the concealer sets on its own and remains flexible.”

Well, seeing is believing, or in this case not seeing…as this miracle liquid covered our skin “brilliantly”…it really looked like we had nothing on after about a minute. But it def. covered.

Truly, we were gushing “OMG” like a gazillion times.

Kevin-James Bennett with Make Up Artist James Vincent

BRAVO---and no doubt this product will be a major hit---and is needed as discussions with makeup artists/attendees outside the facility conjured up seemingly everyone’s quest for the perfect concealer.


We also touched on the use of the finishing HD Microfinish Powder, a 100% Mineral Silica Powder that “appears whitish but has no pigment in it” …and is good for oilier skins. This product sets foundation and slightly mattifies - leaving a glowing, "soft focus...translucent” finish (according to a press release versus “transparent” as in clear).


Lastly we asked Bennett what look he was loving for Fall. “A really strong lashline…tons of mascara…natural faux lashes,”

“We’re moving to a 1940’s realm…for a more architectural look. (Think Rita Hayworth and Katherine Hepburn in those fab black&white films).

“Enough with the smoky eye…and everything is matte.” (FYI Including nails!)

Bennett favors “clean, sculpting colors…significant lines…and kick ass lashes.”