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Midtown Loft, Fifth Avenue NYC

January 8th 2009

Words, Images Judith Ecochard

Leave it to the French to ‘invent’ plant based, scientifically tested face and body care treatments that - to quote François Laurent, Director of Talika:

“… enhances a women’s beauty in a natural way.”

BACKSTORY: Post WWII, a French doctor, Danielle Roches developed a plant based healing salve for burns and discovered her patients weak and short eyelashes were” stimulated” to grow. Launched as Lipocils®, a lash enhancer tested for efficacy by a team of Parisian dermatologists from the Pitié-Salpétrière Hospital…the product was number one for the emerging TALIKA.

A midtown event space held a large crowd of beauty types testing out the latest – a Bust Serum that purportedly ‘works on’ the female breasts' fatty tissues to lift (18% average), firm (reported by 70% of volunteers) and increase one cup size with daily use. A lifetime commitment is required to ‘keep’ the results…

“We don’t want to have artificial effects that last just five minutes,” Laurent noted.

But Talinka claims the positive effects can be seen in 28 days.

We haven’t tried the Bust Serum…as it’s a new product…but we got a dab on our hand and the blue/greenish gel cream easily disappeared into our skin.

We have been using the company’s Eye Dream® ($55), a “relaxing and regenerating night treatment” …every night for a couple of months...and can honestly say we definitely haven’t aged in the under eye department.

RETAIL: All Talika products are available online at TALIKA and other sites… and internationally at Sephora.