Thursday, January 29, 2009


Words, Images Judith Ecochard

“The earth is our playground; our mission is to preserve it. This philosophy underlies our operations, from design to production to distribution. Through progressive design, globally mindful art and production practices, we are constantly mindful of the impact we have and want to share that with you. This means using sustainable materials whenever and wherever possible.”

Hey, why not get the quote right.

With those thoughts in mind, we met Mark McMahon, the congenial founder and prez of Mission Playground clothing line for men and women…that deserves a bravo for it’s above quoted mission, but also because it delivers style, cool graphics and eye-catching details… and wearable garbs that’s in demand.

We are back on track…closer to what we stand for –for Fall," McMahon notes. “It’s a tighter more focused collection using organics, hemps and recycled fabrics.”

Including recycled PET bottles morphing into a bird’s eye knit with technical attributes, 100% merino wool jersey, 100% organic cotton poplin, and exclusive to Mission Playground –a MIPAN regen recycled nylon from pre and post consumer waste.

We like the collection...alot... and feel that although the line oozes hipster…we think the market niche is wide. We’d wear it and we’re not cool…though like the retail veteran that he is, McMahon observes “…it’s more attitude than age.”


A women’s jacket made from 100% organic cotton lined with a recycled polar fleece with great overstitched detailing.

We also see the French terry /organic cotton/lycra in a fushia pink with a nice drawstring neck- working it at the beach as well as the office.

Our hands down top pic for ladies, however is the elegant draped cowl neck black 100% Merino Wool light as air, smooth as silk top with a terrific button detail-an unexpected back design of birds.

For guys… a gray jacket- pumped up with an urban slick imprint and a standup collar -is versatile enough for a trek through the woods…as well as a trek downtown.

Plaid button up shirts with back details, v-neck organic cotton tops and a splashy patterned hoodies…are also emblematic of McMahon’s “passion for the outdoors.”

FACTOID: The company icon is a droplet of water with two hands in cupping mode “nuturing nature/water without which we don’t survive.” Mark McMahon

Earth Tips are sewn into every item urging us to "Plant Your Car-bus, walk, or carpool..."

AND BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND: a line of original vintage tee shirts the Roots Collection with quips like "Friends Don't Let Friends Drive.".