Wednesday, January 7, 2009



Words, Images Judith Ecochard and from the Leakey Collection website.

January 6th, Accessories Show, Javits Convention Center, NYC

One of our top travel experiences was camping out in Kenya and Tanzania on Massai tribal lands. Visually, the arresting bold colors (RED!!!) of the textiles and beads that adorned the natives were (are) a sumptuous contrast to the intoxicating tones of the grasslands, forests and wild life that abound.

The Leakey Collection, a Rift Valley Kenyan based business evolved from sheer cleverness and the natural beauty of this part of the world.

MODUS OPERANDI: The Leakey Collection Is…

“A design company built on innovative uses of natural materials to create a line of competitive products in the contemporary global market place. Product lines include interior/home accessories, gift, jewelry and women's fashion accessories.

A company dedicated to creating employment opportunities for rural Kenyans.

A company dedicated to training and educating people in sound business practices in order to enhance their chances for employment, entrepreneurial opportunities and life long opportunities.

A company dedicated to designing new ways of working with natural materials while maintaining environmental and cultural integrity.

A company with the goal of enhancing understanding between Developed Nations and Africa using products and commerce as a vehicle.”

Founders Philip and Katy Leakey, (he a scion of those famous anthropologists) came up with the idea to colorfully dye and then bead the dried out grasses (ZULUGRASS) from a 2001-2002 African drought.

Woven into modern fashionable necklaces on stretchy string that can do double duty -wrapped around wrists, the eye-catching jewelry comes in hip colors that’ll work in any wardrobe.

Other offerings include fallen wood pieces (ZULUWOOD) burnished and hand carved into of the moment chunky wooden bracelets…plus charms and earrings made from porcelain, belts, and fiber necklaces.


Relief Beads for Darfur, handmade beaded bracelets…are set to launch…with proceeds directly supporting malnourished children and the only Women’s Center in Darfur.


Mostly Priced from $12.95-$39.95.

Available online and at stores/boutiques worldwide , including Origins’ Stores.