Monday, December 15, 2008



Flaitron District, NYC December 12th, 2008

Words- Judith Ecochard, Images from the Company Website & J. Ecochard

We tend to steer clear of scented skincare products…and even fragrance free goods tend not to be. Annoying.

Lucky for us, an invite to experience VMV Hypoallergenics™ got us clicking on the website.

Immediately we knew this skincare company was scientifically special---because impressively, the UVA/UVB ratings of their sunscreen products equaled those in Europe.

Meaning, VMV has separate (high) standards for UVA and UVB full spectrum protection from indoor and outdoor light sources… AND the VH-Number rating system (developed by said company) that grades a product’s safety based on how many allergens it does not contain.

For us, this meant effective sunscreen (Armanda Sport 70 and Armada Lip Balm-we demo-ed) that didn’t make us break out, protected us on a long 15 mile hike, and could be used by anyone who needed a slather.

SEVEN CATEGORIES OF Fragrance Free, 100% Preservative & Paraben-Free, Dye Free, Non-Comedognic, Patch and Clinically Tested Skincare and Cosmetics.

The lineup of VMV Hypoallergenics™ is staggering…and suitable for everyone with any skin sensitivities, including newborns.

Major product groups target- Active Treatments for Anti-Aging (Glykeros), Face and Body Acne (ID), Melasma, Lightening, Britening (Illuminants), Sun and Light Protection (Armada), Skinitial Regimens (SuperSkin Care), Body and Bath (Essence), Beauty (Makeup and Color), Mom and Baby (Grandma Minnie), Shaving (1635).

Smartly packaged in dark glass bottles or recycled plastic to insure ingredient intergrity, and tested in a dizzying barrage of trails including published clinical studies, we think consumers can feel confident that this highly performing brand is more way moresubstance over marketing blitz.


Gifts that are practical are the best presents…and a great way to try festively wrapped VMV goodies.

For the athlete there’s Armada Sport 70 and Lip Balm (SPF 60) + Water Bottle ($85)…that’s all PABA free.

Another gift that’s guy appropriate is the ID Cleanser, Toner, Exfoliating Lotion and Sweat Acne Gel in a Hanging Toiletry Kit ($65) that does it all for a more radiant, healthy looking face and body.

Beauty Queens will appreciate the Ooh La Lash Mascara and Brow Wow ($50) for sexy eyes courtesy of volumizing mascara that won’t smudge…

Or the Lipstick and Big O Glow ($30) for the perfect pout.

For parents and their babies-the Grandma Minnie Travel Set and Full Sized Boo Boo Balm ($65) includes portable Coo & Clean Baby Wash, Mommy Coddling All-Over Lotion, Kid Gloves Hand Sanitizer, and Oil’s Well Nurturing Do-It-Oil.


RETAIL: Upscale pharmacies like C. O. Bigelow and Clyde’s in NYC, Harvey Nichols in Hong Kong, Boots in Thailand, Bliss Catalogs and soon to launch in Henri Bendels-NYC –January with special in-store appearance January 5-11th.