Wednesday, December 3, 2008



Words, Judith Ecochard, Image courtesy of The Aurora Group

Practicality seems to rule these days…but who doesn’t need a little joy this season?

Though Holiday Gift baskets are certainly not novelty items…we like how the contents have remarkably improved since inedible cheese and stale crackers were the typical fare.

We recently received a cute gift basket with organic items from The Aurora Group-who exhibited at the gigantic Expo East a few months ago.

With the tag line “…For The Beauty Within You”…this New Jersey based company, founded by Walter Siegorner, specializes in natural products and supplements.

The latest products---that we demoed- are the stick Outdoor Whole Body Deodorant that’s a unique combination of deodorant and bug repellent…and the Herbal Clear® Natural Deodorants in assorted light scents.

First off, the concept of an all body deodorant makes sense…because as athletic types, we sweat everywhere, especially our feet. Hikers and sportsters-especially during the buggy seasons, will appreciate and covet Outdoor Whole Body Deodorant---as it tackles the odor part and keeps bods nip free.

The product is supposed to protect for 24 hours---we didn’t try out that claim---but it did keep us from alienating the neighbors at a packed gym. Apparently the anti-microbial benefits of lichen and silver citrate - both known to eliminate odor-causing bacteria - plus specially selected essential oils (lavender, lemon eucalyptus, cedar) that have been shown to help keep insects away…do the trick.

The Herbal Clear Deodorants, available in Mountain Air Fragrance, Aloe Fresh, and Mediterranean Mist, and a Sport solid sticks- went on easy and didn’t leave any white stains on our blacks tees. The Aloe Fresh stick that we tried was practically fragrance free - which we prefer.

Plus all of the deodorants are without the dreaded ingredients of aluminum, paraben, glycol, dyes or alcohol.,,and are fortified with shaver friendly HIDROX™ - a concentrated form of hydroxytyrosol (from olives) that’s a natural anti-inflammatory agent and ultra-moisturizing.

We rarely get by on one application per day of aluminum free deodorants---but this product protected us- and anyone nearby for that matter.

RETAIL: Whole Foods, Vitamin Shoppes and online at
Viviscal Woman---a supplement form Europe via the Aurura Group makes hair grow, shiny and healthy…a cult favorite we can’t wait to try.