Saturday, November 8, 2008


Text, Vivian G. Kelly
Images, courtesy of Jono Productions

TIME & PLACE: Gary’s Loft 28, 28 West 36th, the Penthouse
November 5, 2008

WHAT: A fair featuring top brands that give you an opportunity to do one-stop holiday shopping. Super stylist, STACY LONDON, host of TLC's “What Not to Wear” helped put this together with PR powerhouse Jono, the man behind Jono Productions.

It’s that time again – the Holidays, and the requisite gift giving. Most of us will be cutting back on the number of people on our Santa list and probably on the $ amount too.
That DOESN’T MEAN you still can’t get some great gifts, and you won’t have to trek to the mall and fight over parking to get any of these great suggestions.
Below is the second installment of some suggestions for what to buy and stay within a shoestring budget. It’s our short list of some well-priced but very useable gifts. NO, Dad or your boyfriend don’t need or want another tie, unless the label reads “Hermes”.
The following will make put a smile on just about everyone who’s on your list and not leave YOU with a credit card bill in January that makes you want to go into hiding until spring.


[This line made BOTH of our short lists]
You’ve no doubt heard of this line, it’s huge and has been around since 1990.
We’re avowed fans of “the version originale collection”. Everyone loves the two times less fragrances they use – black jasmine and incense lavender, for their soothing qualities. Combine that with some good old fashioned ancestral savoir-faire and authentic materials, and you’ll feel as if you’re relaxing in Provence.
-Cube of Marseille Soap – it’s made in one of the last remaining Marseille soap factories in the century old manner with vegetable oils in a caldron.
This hefty 5.2 oz. Cube of soap comes in at a mere $7.
-Liquid Soap with olive Oil –
This naturally glycerined soap comes in an attractive 16.9 oz. Glass bottle pump.
Price: $30, a bargain considering it will last well past the Holidays are over.

To shop, visit


For the CLEAN FREAK on your list – of any age, this is a winner.
The battery operated Zapi uses UV light to clean your toothbrush in 6 minutes flat. We loved the bright colors, but the white works for the minimalist on your list.
Price Tag: $29.99
Available at Target and Brookstone, and on the web,

There’s bound to be someone on your list who is cause-driven, but also enjoys the little luxuries in life.
Hideaki Matsui, a Parsons Grad Student is responsible for conceiving and designing Cleanup as his senior thesis project.
This soap is formed in the shape of landmines. The proceeds are used to raise funds for landmine removal, survivor assistance, and to promote awareness of the global landmine crisis.

OUR CHOICE: Clean Up Soap in Coconut for $8

To read more and to order, visit

It may not be the most original idea to gift someone a candle, but you can never have enough, and there IS a difference between candles.

This Ohai based company is the brainchild of creator/perfumer, Janna Sheehan who was tired of developing a headache when she put fragrance on, enough so that she created her own line of candles and fragrance using essential oils.
There were 6 fragrances on the table, but our favorite was “GENIE IN A BOTTLE”, inspired by a Moroccan nightclub in the summer. It’s composed of wild ginger, red and yellow mandarin, lemongrass, lily, and spearmint, which result in an aura that’s subtle and delicate.
Each fragrance is available as an Eau de Parfum, Perfume Oil Roll On and candle.
We left with a 6.5 –ounce Genie in a Bottle Candle that we were told would be exceptionally long lasting.
PRICE: $50
Available at Fred Segal in Santa Monica, CA and on line.
To read more about the other fragrances, visit

NATURE’S CANDY DESIGNS [“Green” jewelry, no “dirty gold” here!]
Who SAYS you can’t give real jewelry without breaking the bank?
Our Pick: The Assorted Elements Necklace. These necklaces exclusively use recycled gold and silver.
Inspiration: the ancient Greek philosophers who believed that everyone falls under one of the earth’s elements” ie: earth, wind, fire & water.
As a Cancer, our sign is water. We picked up a silver string necklace with tiny rough sapphires on it.
Price tag: $30
To see more of what’s in stock, visit,
For more information on taking a “no dirty gold” oath, visit

Their motto: “Structured for smoothness?
Don’t worry; you don’t have to have a degree in chemistry to understand this. Most vodka is distilled multiple times and according to manufacturers, is “smoother” after each distillation. OVAL’s patented technology redefines the current vodka category. It is chemically bonded, [the water and alcohol are bonded together] which means it retains a bit of the flavor note, but it’s devoid of unpleasant “bite” even those pricey vodkas sometimes have.
In honor of the recent Elections, why not try “the Oval Office” cocktail?
1 1/2 oz. OVAL Vodka
1/4 oz. Cognac
1/4 oz. Splash Lime Jice
1/2 oz. Simple Syrup
1 oz. Ginger Ale
For additional information, visit

ABSINTHE MATA HARI – a “Bohemian” absinthe
Here’s one for the French Romantics and history buffs on your list. Artists such as Van Gogh, Picasso, Toulouse Lautrec and Ernest Hemmingway were fans. French writer Baudelaire, famously drank and died of over indulging in the then poisonous Absinthe.
Never fear, this absinthe is safe AND tastes a whole lot better than the traditional heavy style French absinthe, which has a heavy licorice taste. Despite being of the “Bohemian variety”, it’s still green and 120 proof.
SERVING SUGGESTION: Mix 1 part absinthe with 4 parts water and enjoy!
For more information, visit

Their motto: “Pet Fashions and Accessories to Make Your Pet ROCK!”
So, you think your dog is spoiled? It’s not spoiled enough until it’s been gifted one of the latest designs on this line.
Sizing is democratic, the “I’m With the Band” Tees area available in a full range of sizes. Your pet can be a groupie for anyone of the following iconic bands: BONE Jovi, MUTTallica, The Beagles, and Notorious D.O.G., to name just a few.

Our Pick: the “Walk this Way: leather and faux-leather motorcycle jacket that’s so cute we’re thinking of picking it up for one of our cats as we don’t [yet] have a Chihuahua in residence.
PRICE: @ $80
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