Thursday, November 13, 2008


November 13th, Midtown NYC

Words, Images- Judith Ecochard

Our appointment at the spacious Li and Fung showroom to preview Rebecca Moses Table Top Collection-overlapped a meeting taking place with the Macy’s powers that be.

We did not listen in but could clearly see through the glass partitions- that the gaggle of retailers were psyched about the affordable and colorful items set to hit shelves in February.

And their enthusiasm is well founded.

We had actually met the creative and smart Rebecca Moses last February when her enormous collection of household items was ready for the trade and the press to admire and covet.

It seems Macy’s got “onboard from the beginning” with retail enthusiasm for the wide assortment of dishes, plastic stemware that looks like the real deal, oversized, patterned bowls and mugs for morning lattes, multi-functional single and tiered trays, and linen. The entire collection is at price points that are astonishing for the quality- with most items falling into the $6.99 - $9.99 range…and topping out at $49.99 for the hefty wax luminaries (aka massive candle holders).

Fittingly, mauve, pale turquoise, and lavender palettes dominate as the pieces emerged from Moses’ innovative “color directions and my designs.”

And she certainly did “break the taboo of table wear not ware” with chic items that seamlessly work with whatever one already owns…including Grandma’s china.

Like wearing the always perfect outfit of an au courant LBD accessorized with a glorious vintage handbag- or vice versa.

Moses herself particularly favors the “mixture of ceramic dishes and plastic stemware.”

We think the posh mash-up of tones, shapes and textures are an easy, winning blend of European sensibilities and American practicality that defines Moses belief … “style is not just about something you buy.”

What Moses brings to the table so-to-speak- is a heavy dose of “pride in the home…cheer and happiness.

Now all we need is a new kitchen.


The Rebecca Moses Table Top Collection Is Available in Macy's Everywhere- February 2009