Friday, November 7, 2008



33 Carmine Street, New York
November 6th-7PM

Yeah, we are always willing to test drive new skincare products that are anointed with the European labels Eco Cert and Cosmètique Bio…especially ones handsomely packaged (shatterproof) … that we can toss in our gym bag.

We had no idea how big the French line Patyka has grown product-wise… since we reviewed it’s USA debut last year at the housewares emporium Ochre.

Now the 450 sq. foot jewel of a boutique that stocks the complete line of skincare and perfumes by Patyka (Hungarian for apothecary) –with a treatment space in the back…is reason to celebrate.

When we got there the place was jammed with black clad beauty fanatics sipping Champagne and sampling the goods.

The full fledged brand now includes an aromatic Family Body and Family Face Lines that includes Gel Douche Bio (shower gel $14.00) in wakeup natural spearmint and mandarin orange, Rosemary Shampoo ($14.00), and healing Rosewood Body Cream ($16.00).

And the plastic user friendly, uni-sex squeeze bottles that are available in the Family Line- should help Patyka make headways in the crowded beauty space. And we note, the ingredients are petroleum, parabens, PEG, silicone and phenoxyethanol FREE!

We tried out the 100% Organic Shea Butter ($12.95) toute de suite- as we generously slathered on the creamy easy to apply salve on our hair, elbows, hands and heels before a stint in a steamroom.

Ten minutes later, we hosed down---and appreciably noticed the silky smooth results on our skin…and the soft to the touch feel of our hair once it dried.