Friday, November 14, 2008


Words, Judith Ecochard, Images Courtesy of The Natural Dentist

A recent visit with our fav dentist, Jennifer Jablow - was part treatment, part information gathering on the latest in oral care regimens.

Jablow, it turns out-uses The Natural Dentist Healthy Gums Daily Mouth Rinse that’s “less harsh than Listerine” but works. In fact, a giganto pump bottle was at the ready in the exam room.

Since we think the world of this Doctor’s opinion, we decided to test drive some of The Natural Dentist’s products ourselves.

Granted, we are already eco leaning---but we needed to see the results, let alone read the scientifically based research study published in the May issue of the peer-reviewed publication, The Journal of the American Dental Association…that found The Natural Dentist Healthy Gums Mouth Rinse very effective in inhibiting the growth of oral bacteria.

And doing so without alcohol, harsh chemicals or artificial sweeteners, dyes or preservatives!

Flavored with natural ingredients, the Peppermint Twist (the other flavor-Orange Zest) is already a top selling dental product. We took a swig of the light peppermint oil colored mouth rinse, spit...and exhaled.

Immediately, we tasted the authentic peppermint flavor…not the icky artificial taste usually associated with Holiday candy canes.

Better, our gums/teeth felt clean without the burn and the fresh taste lingered.

A good thing.

We also tried the Whitening Plus Healthy Teeth and Gums Toothpaste-an anti-cavity, whitening cleaner made with natural ingredients, natural fluoride, xylitol (from birch tress) to fight bacteria…and no SLS (an irritating detergent).

We liked it better than the chemically laced whitening toothpaste we are currently using…because our sensitive teeth “felt” better. With time, they will better look better too with customized polishing silica to gently whiten and remove surface stains.

Already have pearly whites? There's a regular Healthy Teeth & Gums Toothpaste in family friendly Peppermint Twist, Orange Zest, Sparkle Berry Blast and Peppermint Sage (fluoride free) flavors.

And after all the orange candy corns we inhaled on Halloween, the timing of our toothpaste switch could not be better.

OTHER PRODUCTS: The Natural Dentist Healthy Teeth & Gums Anticavity Fluoride Rinse (to strengthen teeth enamel and help minimize the risk of cavities) and The Natural Dentist Healthy Teeth Fluoride Rinse (designed for those with braces).


FACTOID: The Natural Dentist Healthy Gums Daily Mouth Rinse made Oprah's "Best Of" List.