Saturday, October 4, 2008

VPL by Victoria Bartlett- S/S COLLECTION ‘09


Words, Judith Ecochard
Images courtesy of the Designer and J. Ecochard

Bumble & Bumble Salon, West 13th Street, NYC
September 2008

Fittingly, VPL’s run-of-show signed off with the Lauren Bacall tidbit:

“Imagination is the highest kite one can fly.”

Once again, VPL showed a thoughtful, very wearable collection of separates, dresses, and clinging lingerie as outerwear pieces for Spring/Summer 2009.

This time, the former stylist now designer referenced the “shifting shapes of the parachute…and the angular, graphic silhouettes of the kites (to) provide a more starkly, mathematical, geometric framework…” as inspirations.

Toned in her largely soft neutral palette of rust, ivory, beige, champagne, and slate greys punched up with a poppin’ pink (the fetching one shoulder asymetrical Pink Box Suit-Look # 4)…

the thirty-six ensembles effectively worked the kite/parachute theme via harnesses, ripcords, support straps and tapes, and “protective” vests.

Fabric choices were equally as inventive with parachute materials (as in the elongated bodysuit-the Black Chute Suit ) – and permeable knits throughout. Embellishments were subtle-with sparse use of metal (grommets, buckles).

No surprise, the models looked comfortable and walked the room with ease in the fitted slouchy leggings and jumpsuits-rather than restricted in movement.

VPL knows her customer. Even if the intellectual underpinnings of Barlett’s thought process bypasses the brain cells of her gals, the sporty, utilitarian chic results that are mostly easily layered pieces…are a cinch to get.

ACCESSORIES: Oversized drawstring satchels, gladiator type leather sandals. Flat suede boots.


Soft updo buns offset the stark MAC applied, dark purple lips. The models may have been tempted to lick their lips as a purple eyeliner was used to get this look. For the rest of us, the MAC team recommends thier "Up The AMP" lipstick for a more creamy matte lips.

SALLY HANSEN used two colors to get the metallic grey shade
#42 Gunmetal...topped up with #33 Champagne Toast.