Wednesday, October 22, 2008


“The road that’s less traveled is paved with wealth and rewards.”

Words, Images Judith Ecochard
Book Image courtesy of R. Don Peebles

Upper East Side, NYC October 21st, 2008 - 7:00 PM

WHO: A sophisticated crowd of accomplished media types, business executives, lawyers, and politicos… including William (Bill) C. Thompson, Jr. the New York Comptroller…who gave a welcoming and well-paced speech introducing his pal, the mega successful Real Estate developer, R. Don Peebles.

WHAT: A Book Party celebrating the publication of Peebles, “THE PEEBLES PATH TO REAL ESTATE WEALTH,” an easy-to read, insightful and inspiring, fifteen chapters of sage advice on the fundamentals of Real Estate investing.

WHERE: Elaine’s on 2nd Avenue and 88th Street-New York’s classic literary saloon.

WHY: This publication’s timeless message (written in collaboration with J.P. Farber) is uncanny in today’s economic climate…but no surprise, given the author’s incredible rise from humble beginnings to becoming one of the most accomplished entrepreneurs this country has.

Bill Thompson, Jr.

Notably, Peebles and his very smart (stunning) wife Katrina, are more engaging and ‘aware’ than most biz the book is packed with practical/helpful advice for homeowners and small commercial investors.

COMMENTS: This being a literary launch –the introductions by Katrina Peebles and Bill Thompson, and heartfelt comments by the man of the hour, R. Don Peebles- were… very eloquent and very quotable.

Katrina Peebles

Interestingly, as native New Yorkers, we knew of Bill Thompson in the abstract, after all he oversees gazillions of dollars for the Big Apple.

But we never heard him speak.

We were truly moved by Thompson’s words about Peebles- “ a talented, smart and to me, one of the great entrepreneurs and largest Afro-American Real Estate developer in America.”

“ I am here because he’s a great guy,” Thompson added, “ because he (Peebles) understands it’s not all about him…. is grateful for what he’s done and accomplished…because he’s an exceptional person…(and) he is sharing his idea on how he makes money…”

Peebles himself is a natural speaker. This Washington DC native began his remarks with the truism “…New York City is the greatest city in the world” - and commented on New Yorkers “can do spirit” and deep-rooted habit(s) “…(for) those that have opportunities to provide opportunities for others too.”

R. Don Peebles

Peeble’s love for NYC began as a 13 year old on his first tourist jaunt to Gotham’s main attractions…and continued with a “wow” experience at the famed Studio 54 when he was a wide-eyed seventeen year old.

“I always wanted to be a part of life in New York”

We were wowed Peebles got past the Masters of the Velvet Rope, Mark Benecke and Roger Parenti, Studio 54’s doormen- “when one of the owners” let the teenager and his buddy in.

Peeble’s went on to credit his first experiences in New York as motivators to become engaged in real estate endeavors, though ultimately he felt that by marrying “someone smarter…” he truly became a success.

Concluding thoughts from this entrepreneur were encouraging and spot-on as he critiqued real estate ups and downs:

“Remember, with every setback there’s a great opportunity in disguise. Now is a great time to buy real estate…this book is a guide.”

FINAL THOUGHTS: Actor Stephen Baldwin, - replied:


when asked which part of Peeble’s comments resonated most with him.

Good answer…FYI: Peeble’s entire quip: “’s only money, it’s not our lives.