Friday, October 24, 2008


Westside Manhattan - October 21, 2008-6:30PM

Words, Images- Judith Ecochard and Kiss My Face

While strolling the aisles of the massive EXPO EAST Tradeshow last week (a mega huge Eco/Sustainable Lifestyle event)…we noticed a long line of buyers waiting patiently…

Now- that’s a mixed metaphor.

Figures, the queue was for KISS MY FACE®- a natural and personal care company that’s the brainchild of founders, "chief kissers" Bob MacLeod and Steve Byckiewicz.

We jumped at the chance to meet this creative duo, without the crowds- at a press preview/launch in the Big Apple this week… for the new Sheer Organic Shimmers ($4.95) –conditioning solid lip tints in yummy flavors and Sheer Organic Shines ($6.95) – moisturizing “high wattage” jewel tone glosses.


It is estimated that women ingest over 4 -6 pounds of lipstick in her lifetime (yech!) So we think that ingredients matter.

Now “Green Goddesses” have some sexy wearable alternatives for their puckers-that are 100% natural and free of artificial colors, fragrances and parabens.

Available in mid-November, the Kiss My Face- 91% organic formulas of Shimmers and Shines contain healing organic shea butter and aloe vera, moisturizing jojoba oil, and are enriched with vitamins A&E.

Diehard lipstick fanatics-however- may not care about the aforementioned attributes…

But they DO care about the colors…and Kiss My Face delivers the “IT” shades via natural mineral colors…NOT synthetics that have scary sounding names.


For winter, we're wearing Garnet (a warm berry) and Ruby (a medium pink that works on all skin tones).

The glossy Organic Shine that we demo-ed right away- felt just right on our lips, not sticky gooey.

And we were surprised when our mildly dried out puckers-were able to wear the Shimmer all by itself...and the color lasted for hours.

Opal, Amethyst, Topaz and Pearl round out the color options.

ADDED PLUS: We also got a welcoming tutorial on KMF’s very reasonably priced, facial care system.

Packaged by a wind powered company using recycled cardboard/water soluble inks ...with instructions on the inside box flaps (saving paper) -the botanically based unisex skincare line is set to hit retail shelves in January.

Now the healing and treatment worthy powers of Green Tea, Natural Fruit Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Basil, Fennel etc are time tested and scientifically verified.

Happily, Kiss My Face sources these beneficial vitamins, extracts and minerals - for these eleven (by our count) lineup- that treats dry, aging and oily skins’ needs via cleansers, targeted moisturizing crèmes that are easily absorbed, and topical treatments.

We are particularly jazzed about the C The Change ($21) a potent, stable mix of antioxidants with the patented Vitamin Ester C -that stimulates collagen, reduces wrinkles and heals/rebuilds damaged skin.

An anti-aging serum that’s frankly a bargain compared to competing products.

RETAIL: WHOLE FOODS (naturally). For more stores and online info KISS MY FACE

Image from the KISS MY FACE website