Thursday, October 9, 2008



EYEBEAM-540 West 21st Street, NY September 2008

Words, Images by Judith Ecochard

The Kai Kühne runway collection we saw in Berlin (July ’08)- was a highlight for us---so we were thrilled he was showing a new RTW line during NY’s Fashion Week.

We made it over to the Forbidden Zone …and barely grabbed our seat in time to do a quick look through of the run-of show and gawk at the high level of sponsors to the show (the posh Plaza Hotel…where the after party was held).

This huge space was packed with a sophisticated, arty crowd…the kind that probably only goes to two or three fashion shows tops. Credit a NY Times article…maybe.

Or maybe Kühne’s just getting the reception, retail wise he deserves. We think he is that good on a Prada level.

And IMHO: there was no way these well dressed individuals were not impressed by this collection…no matter how much attitude was oozing from their pores. And we appreciated the slow pace of the models moving on the two catworks. Garb like this deserves more than a nano-second glance.

Right off, we loved the luxe fabrics, technically accomplished tailoring with seams and darts that were perfectly sewn… and the intellectual construction of the sheath dresses-as if Audrey Hepburn’s LBD moment was re-launched for the 21st century.

Special mention goes to the spring coats and trenches. Given the international appeal of Kühne, we know that these will come in handy- given the cool summer temps of the "it" city Berlin-or San Francisco for that matter.

There were a few skirt/blouse and trouser/jacket looks that also captured the architectural, studied mood. Interestingly, we could have been in Berlin with these looks- except for the accents and the fact that we grabbed a subway home that was delayed. So New York.

Bravo---this was an edited collection that redefined what an elegant urban aesthetic really is.

We expect the print crowd/stylists to come a’calling.