Monday, October 6, 2008

Blame it on Rio – and try this Luxury Brazilian Foot Cream from NATURA

Text, Liza Mulvenna
Edited by Vivian G. Kelly

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Whether or not you’ve spent the day at the beach in Rio de Janeiro or hiking the Rainforest, you’ll certainly feel like a Brazilian supermodel after using Natura’s EKOS Castanha hydrating pulp for feet. This luxurious cream is the trick to soft and silky feet, has a light exotic fragrance, and hydrates for up to 24 hours. Made from nourishing Castanha [Brazil Nut] Oil, this rich formula soothes and softens dry skin and callouses.

And it’s perfect to use after a day in the “urban jungle” too. When tired feet rebel against fashionable shoes and need a bit of care, try a dab on this product on your soles.
It comes in an elegant metal tube and is easy to apply. Your skin will just soak it up. Mine did. Plagued with dry and cracked heels, the formula worked wonders for me. Overall great texture and feels so good on the hands as well. (Although there is a hand cream version sold – I used it on my hands by default and it worked!)

According to their published statement online Natura's mission is, “Well-being with oneself, with others, with the environment, and with the world as a whole.” The company started in 2002 selling in Brazilian airports, and later debuted with a shop in Paris. Natura has many beauty products in the categories of Childcare, Hair, Body, Make Up, Face, Shower & Bath, and Fragrance.

Natura is a lovely line of products using the quintessential natural beauty ingredients of Brazil.
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