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THE 24-7 Loungewear of choice

Scanty Loungewear - comfortable, cute, and yes, "yummy"

Text, Vivian G. Kelly
Images, courtesy of Think Public Relations, LA

As we spend a lot of time behind our laptop in our home office, finding some comfortable AND stylish loungewear is a priority.
We examined the options. Juicy sweats? Frankly - more suitable for our tween daughters and nieces. Once the kids are wearing it [like Uggs] time to move on. Besides, velour makes us feel like an Elvis impersonator en route to a gig.
Thanks to Think PR, LA, we discovered the Original Scanty Brand while mentioning our quest to locate loungewear stylish enough to wear out to do errands, and to travel in.
What is Scanty? About the Founder & Creative force, MICKEY SILLS:
This lifestyle brand of 60’s and 70’s infused prints is the brainchild of Mickey Sills, an avid Harley Davidson enthusiast, surfer and the product of California culture. He’s been creating the line in his little backyard studio decorated with inspirational shot…

AVEDA is Aces for the latest hair trend: natural shiny hair

Text, Vivian G. Kelly

Runway image of Marc Bouwer’s red gown, courtesy of Mercedes Benz USA

Last September, Aveda went backstage to create the lead makeup looks for Marc Bouwer, Evisu and Designers for Darfur. These three head-turning looks dominated the runways for skin, eyes and lips. We're especially partial to the creamy, flawless complexions and daring, metallic eyes at Marc Bouwer.
Said Rudy Miles, Global Makeup Artist and Educator for Aveda of the looks,
“A red lip on a naked face is such a sexy statement,” “It’s simple and elegant—easy glam. Aveda Petal Essence Eye Definer adds depth to the eye, heightening this effect.”

Those moments of backstage buzz sold us on Aveda. Admittedly, we’ve been sold by backstage hair and makeup buzz before, but what REALLY sold us was the company's well-known eco tendencies. Eco's an issue that’s moved from the backburner to one of great interest to the fashion industry this year but Aveda's was on to it way before then.

We fin…


Beauty Splurges That Won't Set Off The Radar Detectors

Text J Ecochard
Photos, J. Ecochard, Scott J, Aveda

When tending to our tresses – we hit the local salon-less hassle and no divas co-opting our stylist’s attention.

So we were surprised when the big cheese of the Aveda laden Scott J-NYC Salons and Spas-Scott J himself- greeted us with an 1000 watt smile, hung our coats, fetched us tea, pampered our dried out paws-and gave us a blow out that would have Veronica Lake turn a shade of envy green. Seems our regular clipper, Roberto ‘won’ his boss’ time for 3 hours as an assistant for Christmas. What a treat!

Scott, an engaging entrepreneur- gave us the inside scoop on Aveda’s new be Curly Collection “it really holds, easy to use without the crunch…” He also raved about the brand's eco-orientation based on plant technology. In fact, Scott said- Aveda is more conscious than ever and has yanked big selling products from the market if the ingredients aren’t up to the company’s new high…

Badgley Mischka's Beautiful Brides - the spring 2008 collection

Text, Vivian G. Kelly
Images, courtesy of Badgley Mischka

We've already posted a spring 2008 bridal round-up based on a full day [October 21] of running around NYC visiting a number of bridal resources at the Waldorf Astoria and venues all over town. The much anticipated Badgley Mischka show was so strong that it merits a mention all its own.

Mssrs. Badgley and Mischka set up in a salon at the Hotel Inter Continental, with little gold chairs and elegant chandeliers. We felt as if we were at a Givenchy show circa 1960 and might find fashion icons such as Audrey Hepburn seated in the front row.
Although Badgley Mischka has been a significant label for well over 10 years. they’ve hit some road bumps along the way when it’s come to finances. Thanks to a deal they struck with Iconix (previously Candies), the boys are back in the saddle again designing, working on umpteen licenses, and bigger than ever. They have handbags, eyewear, fur, accessories, couture, swim and watch licenses…


December 17th, 2007 Annual Charity Ball

Text, Images by J.Ecochard

What does it take to get swarms of swank A-listers to stop checking their addictive Blackberries?

-A pumping belt-em out set by the soulful, ageless Chaka Kahn?
-A rockin’ 20 minutes of heart pounding music by “it” hipster Cat Power ?
-A live auction of drool inducing KWIAT jewels, a Saks Fifth Avenue shopping spree, a private airplane flight for a luxe weekend jaunt…?
-Open bars with Grey Goose Vodka confections, bubbling Champagne, and yummy eats proffered by cater waiters who were genuinely happy to be there?

Yeah, and then some.

We don’t know the full back-story on founder Scott Harrison. Yes, he was a club promoter/event planner (what?) back in the day, volunteered in Liberia, takes amazing photos etc. But better - this guy pulled in a stunning crowd of dapper financiers, chic socialites, a healthy dose of the celebufabulous, and amazing silent auction items courtesy of fashion bigwigs like Marc Jacobs, YSL, David Y…


Organic Balms For The Holidays

Text-J. Ecochard
Images-Pure Inventions™

Even the holistic esthetes amongst us have too much of something not good for us- during the Thanksgiving-New Year’s onslaught.

Coupled with NO TIME, we were game to try idiot proof, immune boosting aids…that are sugar- carb-calorie-and caffeine-free.

One genius, tasty way to this healthier life was presented in the cozy confines of NY’s Cornell Club last week by Pure Inventions™…a collection of good for you liquid extracts now available online. Simply put, one or two droppers of these delectable enhancements added to plain old water, doused on an AM’s bowl of cereal (or like us, late night munchies) or added to a festive cocktail…can provide a load of healing ingredients that sure beats gulping down a handful of supplements any day.

Completely free of anything that adds the weight but naturally sweet, and flavor packed with anti-oxidants, Pure Inventions concentrates are available in:

Green Tea: scientifically show…


Pre-Fall Shoe Preview-2008
Press and Buyers Presentation-NYC: December 4-6th, 2007

Text, Photos by J. Ecochard

Former Lilly Pulitzer fashion designer Holly Dunlap often gets lumped in with designer Tory Burch in that socialite world spawned from the rarified Carolyn Roehm/Vera Wang upscale milieu. Both are:

- Popular in Palm Beach
- Design affordable luxury lines of women’s clothes, shoes, accessories
- Schooled by retail veterans
- Pretty picture-perfect 30 something blondes
IMHO- Dunlap has more posh panache to her products- because she sources top of the line Italian materials and manufacturing.

And does not emblazon her initials on the goods you wear.

Hollywould’s glamorous play on words modus operandi successfully translates into her flirty pre-Fall 2008 collection that was staged for buyers and press last week at her spacious 57th Street, NYC showrooms. Coined Sucré and Epicé –sugar and spice- Dunlap’s collection is inspired by the interplay of contrasting materials and textures in larg…


Text, Vivian G. Kelly
Images, courtesy of the Jack Rabbit Collection


“You have to meet Mollie [Culligan], not just come-in and see the bags her assistant Kevin, told me. You’ll see, he promised, she’s really special, a character." The comment piqued my interest, as did the fact that Mollie was also a published author. Her book, Ninja Chick, [Six Sacred Lessons For Becoming Cheeky, In Charge, and simply genius!] sounded, well, interesting. After half a dozen of emails and phone calls, I was finally in front of Mollie, a tall brunette who could have passed for a model or actress.
Her Jack Rabbit Collection, was display in the Design Pavilion, right in front. There were some great little evening bags and belts in very high quality leather. Mollie shared her “journey” from her getting her start in the accessories market. Her break came when retailer Fred Siegal picked up the cuffs she was spray-painting in her garage. Belts …

The Hands Of Time


Text by J. Ecochard

The time-obsessed may be kissing cousins to the OCD afflicted. And as fanatics, we confess; complex wristwatches are the embodiments of heavenly perfection.

The hundreds of mechanisms behind the motions are beyond comprehension-so to even partially grasp the physics of watches- separate from stylish accessories- helps one to understand the four- five –six figure price tags. Just get a look at the innards under a microscope… there are often 735 (gasp!) distinct, smoothly functioning parts per timepiece –as in the ultra horologist BLANCPAIN’s now famed “1735” model- that rivals a sleek Formula Race car-and arguably requires more precise artistry than all of the hand laborious steps engineering wait-listed (yawn) “it” bags.

So it’s no surprise to us that über merchandiser Tiffany has turned over the reins of their watch-making duties to the Swatch Group. Hhhmmm…yes they are the ones spawning the hip, affordable Swatch watches. But this Swi…