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Accessories/Lingerie TRADESHOWS

Image by DusicaDusica

A preview for Spring 2008

Review by J.Ecochard

Media reports of haute couture’s demise –‘aka’ art as fashion-may be true. And many large empires may view the artistry and expense of twice a year, runway extravaganzas as mere publicity tools for their high-end, high margins designer handbags, sunglasses, cosmetics, perfumes…’aka’ fashion as commerce.

But moods lifted while strolling the tradeshow aisles of ENK’s New York’s Accessorie Circuit at Pier 94 and Lingerie Americas at the Metropolitan Pavilion.

Because it is refreshing to preview dozens of small name fashion houses and entrepreneurs with vision, and up market chic… hawking wanna have it now handbags, jewelry, and foundation pieces for Spring 2008- at price points- digits smaller than those admittedly, sumptuous Parisian creations.

California businesses (with a few Big Apple, European and Texan based showrooms) have goodies that are particularly note worthy. Naturally, our first footsteps land us at D…

The best of the best at the ENK Accessories Circuit Shows

Text, Vivian G. Kelly
Photographs, J. Ecochard

The place: The Piers, West 55th Street, NYC

Timestamp: the afternoon of Monday, August 6, 2007

Some top trends for spring 2008:

BAGS: are still large, there are structured and softer, rounder styles to choose from

SHOES: flats show their staying power, the more ornamented, the better

JEWELRY: Innovation is key, details such as studs add interest, and resin win the popularity contest

Being the die-hard show enthusiasts that we are, we have long believed that runway shows are great fun and make for a great photo op But, if you’re truly interested in previewing collections before they hit the runways or the retail floor, then the trade shows are the place to be. Accordingly, we’re huge trade show fans. August may be a slow month in New York City, but in the fashion and accessories trade show world, it’s a key month. This is when the ENK Accessories Circuit, one of the highest regarded shows in the USA takes place.

We zoomed around the…


Beauty Goods Deliver AS PROMISED

Text by J. Ecochard

Finally. A deodorant that keeps the body smelling…like Jean-Paul Sartre's Nothingness!

The quest for a non-staining and non-irritating (no alcohol) stick, without aluminum (why risk it?)… began with test runs of pricey deodorants…with big name designer names…that alas, worked for a whopping three hours.

Next up...natural crystal and organic goods were subjected to an outdoor, sweaty workout. The results on a hot, summer day? Ugh! Even the usually welcoming tail-wagging, household pets scurried away as soon as we got home.

Which is why it is refreshing that the men’s grooming line, MENSCIENCE …has a clear winner that any gender with sensitive armpits can use. Advanced Deodorant with “ Microzeolites, Witch Hazel, Tea Tree Extract, and Aloe,” amazingly held up throughout an entire frenetic day at the office… and kept keeping on after an after-work jog. In a fair (or wise) world, sales of the off the radar Menscience’s deodorant, sho…

Give me some chocolate! The scrumptious and calorie free Body Truffles bath and body line

Upper Canada Soap & Candle Makers introduces the Body Truffles bath and body line

Text, Vivian G. Kelly
Photographs, courtesy of Bella Public Relations

A bath and body line that smells of chocolate sounded a bit cloying when we first heard about it, but we were intrigued enough to conduct a road test. We used the products for three days in a row to determine if they were better suited to our tween-age children who were dying to try it or to us 30+ adults.

There are 8 pieces on the line: Bubble Bath Syrup, Warming Fondue Scrub, Soothing Bath Powder, Body Creme, Molten Lava Bath Fizzie, Massaging Souffle, Lip Butter, and a Truffle Candle.

We tested 3 out f the 8: Lip butter in Belgian white chocolate, Warming fondue body scrub also in Belgian white chocolate and the creamy milk chocolate body crème.

The shea butter in the lip butter formulation soothed our perpetually dry lips and stayed on quite well, even after drinking a latte. It has a hint of shine and in a pinch can take the pl…