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Shiro Gutzie & Shay Todd end the day by presenting the sexy Shay Todd Cruise 2008 Collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Miami.

Shay Todd presented a tempting yet sensual collection filled with innovation and creative style for the woman who likes to stand out. Spotted sitting front row was Smashbox Studio Cosmetics founder Davis Factor and billionaire “bad boy,” Brandon Davis.

Text, Vivian G. Kelly
Photographs, J. Ecochard and Richard Spiegel

Timestamp: Friday, July 13, 9:15pm - 10pm

Backstage: 9:15pm

The hair designed by the stylists at Miami’s Van Michael Salon grabbed our attention as soon as we entered backstage. It was right in keeping with the 60’s goddess mandate. The elaborate updos looked like “La Liz” [Elizabeth Taylor] wore it in the 1960’s “Cleopatra” in some of her steam scenes with co-star Richard Burton crossed with Jane Fonda’s iconic mane in “Barbarella”. The Smashbox Cosmetics team did a smashing job with the makeup, which was right in the same period. Think of all the sultry faces of Sophia Loren and Brigitte Bardot as they appeared in the countless photographs that were taken of them …

ANK by Mirla Sabino at Mercedes-Benz Swim Week

ANK by Mirla Sabino Cruise 2008 Collection

Timestamp: 7:45pm, Friday, July 13

Celebrated Brazilian swimwear designer Mirla Sabino unveiled the Cruise 2008 collection of her ANK swimwear line to an approving crowd. Ms. Sabino’s beautiful collection reflected an organic color palate and uncomplicated shapes combined with distinctive prints and unique shell and stone detail work. All of these elements came together in a line that is now synonymous in our minds with the term, “modern elegance”.

Text, Vivian G. Kelly
Backstage photographs, J. Ecochard
Front-of -House photographs, courtesy of Cece Feinberg Public Relations

The ANK show at the Beachway tent, the Raleigh Pool

Italian designers are known for delivering sexy, whether it’s in-your-face Robert Cavalli sexy or quirky Prada sexy. Ms. Sabino is not Italian, but she designs like one. She showed a more forgiving and flattering cut that the 30+ woman will appreciate. The bottoms were cut just high enough, but not too high making it a p…

Models at ASHLEY PAIGE FOR GIRLS GONE WILD strut their stuff with Bay County Humane Society puppy

Timestamp: Friday, July 13, 5:00 to 7:00pm

Text, Vivian G. Kelly
Photographs, J. Ecochard

What we loved [in addition to the Ashley Paige for Girls Gone Wild collection]:

Ashley Paige’s sexy pieces will undoubtedly cause a sensation on the buff College Girls who will be donning them a few months from now come Spring Break. We’re also confident that this hot California designer will rack up a ton of editorial credits in the next swim issue of Sports Illustrated this winter.This show had New York style energy and comparable front row-age that included Tyson Beckford, Kim Kardashian, DJ Clue, Brandon Davis and Jamie-Lynn Sigler.

We love that Ashley Paige showed her ethical side as well. In addtion to being one of the hottest swim and cruise wear designers around; here is a designer who’s not afraid to share the spotlight with the needy. Ms. Paige introduced one of the Bay County Humane Society’s adorable “celebrity” pups and took him for a victory lap with her and her partner, Jen…

DE & DR Debut their very first collection in the US at Mercedes- Benz Fashion Week Miami Swim

The Event: the DE & DR show [Don Eduardo et Donna Rosallina], US launch

Timestamp: Thursday, July 12, @ 8:30pm

Text, Vivian G. Kelly
Photographs, J. Ecochard

The back-story:Italian designer, Deborah Martinelli Bonavia debuted her first collection of beachwear for [mostly women], men, and children giving US buyers and Press an idea of just how comprehensive her line is.
Breaking it down, the line consists of four main groups: women’s collection, family luxury beachwear, resort [cover-ups], and diamond-cut couture, which means, made-to-measure swimsuits that are produced in an authentic couture manner. This is an appealing idea, as we noticed that quite a few of the designer swimsuits at other shows didn’t fit the models as perfectly as we assumed they would, at this level of design. Prior to launching her swim collection, Ms. Bonavia designed swimwear collections for Krizia, Kenzo, and Roberto Cavalli.
Ms. Bonavia presently lives and designs in her London atelier with partner…

Badgley Mishka launches cruise collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Miami Swim

The Show: the Badgley Mishka swimwear debut

Timestamp: 7:35pm, July 11th

The place: The Raleigh poolside, the Beachway tent

Text, Vivian G. Kelly
Photographs, J. Ecochard

While we loved the accessories that were liberally piled-on, the swimwear itself fell somewhat flat and didn’t seem representative of what this talented design team is capable of. Think back to the days of Pierre Cardin and Halston who became over-licensed and gradually lost control of their original image.
IN this show alone, there were: shoes, handbags, jewelry, sunglasses, hats,and of course the swimsuits.
BM customers will be sure to pick-up the great floppy straw hats with colorful print scarves tied around the brim, as well as some of the look at me necklaces, such as the gold rope one with an oversize amber pendant. The sunglasses were the best we’ve seen so far, large and oversize and oh so glam. The bags were spot on, large and structured, the silver bowling bag [gray is THE color for fall] goes from t…


Text and Photos-J. Ecochard

Every once in awhile, one comes across inspiring fashion types with timely ideas, who go for it, get a bit lucky…and are still BFF material!

Yup. This is what’s to LOVE about the biz.

On meeting two Memphis gals behind the racecar lovin’ clothing label TrackCouture the love fest for them and their clothes is a go.

The women, Lisa Heros and Kathleen Smith got motivated after having major fun at NASCAR races…BUT were less than enamored with the traditional blue and orange logo men’s gear. They also noticed that other women fans (50% of attendees) - also lacked cute, fitted, feminine logo frills! So with samples in hand (no boring PowerPoints here) they secured a licensing deal with NASCAR on the first pow wow… and just as they launched their own chicette TrackCouture Clothing line, too.

Featuring girly pink, black and white t-shirts, cotton terry cloth skirts and hoodies with in the know expressions like”pit lizard” and ribbed tanks (made in the USA)…the li…

Red Carter Cruise 2008 gets a standing ovation


The event: The Red Carter show, the big tent at the Raleigh

Timestamp: @ 7:30pm, pre-show interviews

Text, Vivian G. Kelly

Photography, J. Ecochard

Backstage, during our brief pre-show interview, with designer Red Carter,
Red appeared relaxed for someone who was about to have a fashion show. He stopped his pre-show preparations to give us the highlights of the upcoming show. “We’re doing the theme thing, it’s a mix of safari, burlesque/cabaret, and techno-eighties which is athletic inspired. The point is that we’re not natural beings, and we’re making fun of it here.”
Perhaps most exciting were the bags hanging on the racks that were launching that very evening. The styles are classic silhouettes, many with removable liners in the same impactful prints he uses for his suits and sportswear. The one that really caught our eye though was an oversize black nylon tote with a snowflake created from round and square orange Lucite chips.…

Amir Slama presents Rosa Cha Cruise 2008 at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Miami Swim

Event: Backstage with Rosa Cha designer, Amir Slama

The place: Poolside at the Raleigh Hotel, 18th & Collins

Timestamp: 6:40pm, July 11, 2007

Text, Vivian G. Kelly

Photography, J. Ecochard

We had a few words with Rosa Cha designer, Amir Slama before he presented his cruise 2008 collection poolside to a gaggle of buyers, press, and industry V.I.P’s . Rather than the typical seated runway show, Mr. Slama had the models walk about the pool deck in an informal modeling format, which worked beautifully with the laid-back atmosphere at the Raleigh.
Mr. Slama, “Amir” to everyone in the biz, is one of the most personable designers we’ve met to date. In his latest collection, he successfully takes-on the alchemy between art, history, fashion and attitude. While showing select pieces from the collection, Amir spoke of his inspiration for the 2008 line.
“I was inspired by the Tropicalism movement that took place at the end of the 1960’s. Tropicalism was a bunch of movements mixed-toget…

Swim 2008: Gideon Oberson at Miami's Convention Ctr

The event: The Gideon Oberson 2008 Swim/Cruise Collection

The place: The Miami Convention Center

Timestamp: 4pm, July 11, 2007

The venue: on a mini catwalk in a secluded cabana set up in the back of the spacious Convention Center. If you don’t choose to show in the glamorous Raleigh setting organized by IMG, then this is the way to do it.

Text, Vivian G. Kelly
Images, J. Ecochard

The show kicked off with eco- inspired bamboo leaf and raffia prints from the new Gideon Oberson Private Collection. “Genius is in the details” applied here, the spider web backs on the maillots and cats cradle straps on the fronts were at once technically impressive and aesthetically pleasing.

When we thought it couldn’t get any better, Mr. Oberson brought out his extensive Gideon Oberson Collection, which consisted of 15, yes, 15 story groupings. Among our favorites were the scarlet bull’s-eye “Spiral” group, “techno”, overblown red and blue peonies on a newsprint background, “coffee bean”, large flower p…

SWIMMING Splashes Down In Miami Beach

A Tradeshow Review of the Swimwear Association Of Florida-Spring/Summer 2008

Text and Photos by J. Ecochard

For an arguably seasonal item of clothing –there are surprisingly gazillions of vendors at this annual tradeshow ...hawking dizzying numbers of collections that beg for year round sales. Touted as the largest tradeshow for swimwear in the world, this epicenter of all things swimming showcases domestic and international lines of men, women, and children’s- performance gear, cover-ups and naturally, swimsuits.
In fact some precious pieces are so elaborately embroidered, beaded and bejeweled that the jet set aura of Beverly Hills/Riviera/St.Barts pool culture has deliciously broadened its reach. ‘Wearing’ perma tans, Barbie Doll or sleek coiffeurs, dazzling high strappy heels and major bling along with the swimsuits- are now the norm...and adorn bodies as day-to-evening wear.

What’s Old News

The 2008 cruise and spring lines gushed creative designs in rainbow colors and prints, high qu…