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Text Posted and Edited by J. Ecochard
Pictures Courtesy of Mama Mio and La Roche-Posay

Crave Authenticity?

Join the hordes that do…hence the ratings explosion for reality shows...and blogs with more clout than venerable print dinosaurs.

Even users (readers) choices are awarded under questionable parameters. After all, aren’t some of the winners the biggest advertisers?

Which is why trolling the trade shows and attending scientific conferences…can be a great way to discover what beauty products really work. Just scope out a cluster of make-up artists, (no obvious financial reward earned), zeroing in on a certain moisturizer like heat seeking missiles. Chances are, the stuff delivers.

On the scientific front, it can get a bit complicated. It pays to follow the brains.

One sharp MD with a thorough understanding of what ingredients get the mission accomplished, is NYC based Dr. Neil Sadick. An engaging dermatologist with decades of practice, Dr. Sadick is optimistic about the safer, “cockta…

Book review: A Privileged Life, by Susanna Salk

TITLE: Celebrating Wasp Style, A PRIVILEGED LIFE by Susanna Salk
Assouline Publishing, 170 pgs., $40
Text by Vivian G. Kelly
Image of C.Z. Guest by Slim Aarons, courtesy of Getty Images
Image of Babe Paley, photographer, unknown

The place: J. Crew on Elm Street, New Canaan, CT.

Timestamp: Saturday afternoon, June 16th

We could not have asked for a more ideal setting in which to meet Susanna Salk, the author of one of Asssouline’s latest coffee table books, A Privileged Life. Ms. Salk is the real deal, she looks and sounds like a WASP and she actually is one. Among her fondest memories is being driven home by her friend’s makeup-free Mom, still in her riding clothes in the family’s old Subaru with horsehair seats, listening to NPR.

This glossy coffee table book does-away with the “members only” rep WASPs tend to have and is the first book to really speak on the subject after Lisa Birnabach’s The Preppy Handbook, [1980, Workman Publishing Co, Inc.] which successfully portrayed the zeitg…

Chanel's summer collection of tropicana brights

Text by Vivian G. Kelly
Photographs courtesy of Chanel USA

Chanel summer beauty, Tropicana style!

As the weather gets progressively hotter, Chanel’s Copacabana fruity color palette looks just like an island sunset. That alone makes it the perfect choice for the blazing hot days to come. Back in March, we’d already seen some bright coral lips on the New York runways. Those sightings and the idea of wearing a more toned down version of orange are what drew us to the Chanel Counter this spring. The first item we picked up was their latest nail shade, “orange blossom”, which is THE perfect shade of coral, and looks good on different skin tones. Fortunately for us, we picked up one of the last three bottles at the counter; it was sold-out the following week.
A few weeks later, we attended an in store event at the Chanel Counter in Lord & Taylor, in Danbury, CT., promoting Chanel’ s new summer collection. The event, organized by the incomparable Mona Tassone, the store’s counter manager, ex…


Text Written/Edited and Photos by J. Ecochard

We’ve all had this moment.

It’s the first icy blast of winter, with snowy blizzard conditions predicted. And department store windows beckon with splashy beachwear.

It’s the first steamy blast of summer’s dog days…and the weather service announced no end to triple digits temperatures. And boutiques’ clothing racks bulge with fall’s dark hued, wool clothing.

Ah yes, the total disconnect between what you need to buy…and when you are able to buy it.

Which is why the so-called pre-Spring 2008 runway show from design collective Form was not only stunningly elegant- but also so of the moment perfect for the hot, humid NY climes.

Inspired by “the freedom and complexity of a kite” the pleasing soft or iridescent palette (ivory, silver, sky blue) of fabrics in silk chiffon, cotton voile, silk taffeta and satin…were flatteringly draped and gathered, with seductive glimpes of skin (i.e. one shouldered flowing minis) highlighting the collection- cut wit…

Super Peds...Sox Optional

Men's Shoes Get Styled
Text By. J. Ecochard
Photos by Gola/Skins Footwear/J. Ecochard

Warm weather, or more specifically, ridiculously hot, sticky temps, demand a change in wardrobe from head to toe. And while a woman may be prone to sizing up the opposite sex by the shoes he’s wearing...a gent himself must realize the need to get on the good foot (as James Brown opined).

For the shoes may not make the man…but it can definitely ruin an outfit.

Gola Classics, the original century old British line of football (soccer) shoes, has Eurochic, fashion conscious ‘lifestyle’ looks in all combos of leather/suede uppers and trims… in contrasting neutral tones and with Velcro straps (“Crossfire”), easy to wear slip ons (“Slope”) and tennis shoe inspired (“Trick”) with innovative elasticized laces. In stores in time for Father’s Day, the color mixes available, featuring the eye-catching Gola wingflash- can blend for a pulled together head to toe ensemble, or standout like a bling worthy accessory,…