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MAC Cosmetics Summer trends

Summer Beauty 2007 – MAC style

MAC Cosmetics debuts two luminous faces for summer aptly named, “Strange Hybrid” and “Moonbathe”.

Text, Vivian G. Kelly
Images, Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

We have MAC to thank for getting us into the swing of summer with two new collections of luminous colors. “Strange Hybrid” brings to mind fields of flowers, and “Moonbathe” reminds us of solar eclipses and summer evenings strolling down the beach by the light of the moon.

Below, Luc Bouchard, a Senior Artist for MAC Cosmetics and member of the M.A.C Pro Team , gives step-by-step instructions on how to apply the key products in each collection. He even provided a face chart for each look; making it a cinch to recreate these warm weather looks at home.

First though, he walks us through how to create the perfect canvas on which to apply these great new colors.

Says Mr. Bouchard: “the key to a beautiful summer look is to keep it transparent and fresh. A modern bronzed look has to be a bit more urban. Gone are the days when we would just cover every inch of the face with a bronzer!! This summer the way of looking tan is much more subtle it’s about creating an illusion. The easy way to do that is to start by applying a very sheer coat of foundation like select tint spf 15. Touch up with select cover up concealer where needed. Then use 2 tones of mineralized skinfinish pressed powders; pick one that’s a bit darker than your skin tone and another that is a bit lighter . You could use medium and dark for example and contour and highlight your face.
Remember: darker tones will make the area recede and lighter tones will make the area come out.
Use the dark skinfinish to contour (under the cheek bones, jaw line, temples…) and the medium to highlight (bridge of the nose, inner corner of the eyes, on top of the cheek bones, center of the face).

Also remember Sheer and transparent is key to create the illusion.

Now that you have a perfect beautiful sunny warm skin, let talk about color.”


“Strange Hybrid” is at once pretty and bold, making it the perfect compliment to this summer’s colorful dresses and metallic accessories.
The colors make you think of the flowers that are finally coming into bloom after a much-delayed spring. There is an eclectic array of shades to play with: blue, pink, peach, coral, lavender and yellow. Notes Mr. Bouchard, “The shades in this collection are so lustered and frosted, that when they’re exposed to light they may appear pale, fragile or preciously fresh and rich.”

Directions to apply “Strange Hybrid”

Eyes: use “Naked” as a sheer base, contour eyes with “Floral Fantasy” in the crease and line eyes with same color. Add soft highlight on the center of the lid with “Rose Blanc”. Finish with pro lash mascara in black.

Lips: prep and prime lip , apply “Crème Sherry” creamstick liner, “Propagate” lipstick and “First bloom”.

Blush: Add “Fleurry” (pinky coral with white pearlized pigments)powder blush on the tip of the cheek bones

The “Strange Hybrid” collection has been on counter since May3rd. Don’t delay; this is a limited edition collection.


Here’s a collection that is perfect for those sultry summer July and August nights. "Moonbathe" is composed of luminescent summer tones; Gold, orange, caramel, berry red, bronze, and warm browns. These shades can become your most precious assets to enhance your tan or create the illusion of one by warming up your whole face.

Directions to apply “Moonbathe”.

Eyes: Begin with “Claire De Lune” for a sheer base, put “Firespot” on the mobile lid, “Cosmic” in the inner corner of the eye, and “Saturnal” in the crease and as a bottom liner. Finishes as before, with pro lash mascara in black.

Blush The contouring you did earlier with “Dark” mineralized skinfinish powder“ serves as the blush..

Lips: “Stone” lip pencil , “Honey Moon”) lipstick and “Crescent” (soft golden maple) lipglass.

The “Moonbathe” Collection will be on counter May 31st.

To shop for MAC products, visit

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Everyday Earth Day Finds
Text by J. Ecochard

The ‘Green’ movement has gone the crowd of fashion designers, cosmetics companies, and even hedge fund/venture capital types pile on the eco-gravy train.

Though so called “natural” products can be as synthetically chemical as ever, there are truly organic clothing and body treatment goodies that manage to be just as stylish and effective as their toxic counterparts. So fashionistas and beauty gourmands can celebrate Earth Day 2007 (April 22) and indulge the senses with a clear conscious -without a hint of compromise to their exacting standards of chic and luxe.

Love the denim but shudder at thought of all the pounds of chemicals draining into fresh waters…all in the name of a trendy dark wash rinse? A portion of socially conscious label Edun's collection of sleek jeans, hip jackets and T’s to live in forever, from designers Ali Hewson (Bono’s wife) and Rogan Gregory, are made of organic cotton while providing economically viable employment in developing countries. Marci Zaroff, the visionaire who coined the moniker “Ecofashion” has a slew of trendy and sophisticated casual wear for the entire family in her Under The Canopy line. Made from organic cotton, denimare and linen, and from fast growing soybean and bamboo- the smart and comfy fashion garb and adorable baby clothes, (found online and at Whole Food Stores), will soon include plush robes (at Origins stores) and dreamy bed linens and towels.

Also joining the ‘ Green as the new Black’ bandwagon are much buzzed about 2(x)ist men’s underwear offerings with its sexy “Lightbox” collection made from fast growing bamboo carbon infused fibers that protect the skin from UB rays as well as icky stickiness with its moisture wicking abilities. For the ladies, Everlast has “rainfall” blue and deep black, urban street stylish, functional hoodies, tanks and tees in breathable fabrics with 67% soybean content.

Accessory devotees of the latest carryall would do well to discover the colorful hand-woven cell phone and laptop envelopes, plastic satchels ingeniously fused with lace like tree bark and home friendly placemats from Nahui Ollin The collection packs a powerful two punch of good karma by being made from recycled candy wrappers, headed for the dumpster factory scraps (leather, wood), and organic cotton canvas bags-made by artisans employed in cooperatives across Mexico.

Pampering purists will be in awe of the real deal natural scents from Desert Essence Organics. The Australian line’s tea tree oil is a familiar presence in many stateside medicine cabinets … but it’s the heady aromas of its Vegan worthy Pomegranate facial cleanser, Italian Red Grape Conditioner and Bulgarian Lavender Hand and Body lotion that are simply transporting. And free of every evil ingredient known to human kind, these yummy products deliver the results as advertised and sure beats those artificially derived scents- seemingly conjured up in frothy, Frankenstein frightening test tubes.

Photographs by. J.Ecochard and courtesy of Under the Canopy and Desert Essence Organics
Posted and edited by J. Ecochard

Thursday, April 12, 2007

A luscious new handbag line from Brazil

Found! A luscious new handbag line at LA Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at the Smashbox Studios, Culver City, CA.

La Chica Chic Brazilian Bags & Belts

Text by Vivian G. Kelly
Photographs courtesy of Cristiane Valdez, La Chica Chic

“La Chica Chic’s concept, explains founder and designer, Cristiane Valdez, is that it is a quintessentially Brazilian line of handbags, belts, and accessories.”

I met with the vivacious designer while touring the Designer Suites at LA Fashion Week. I was on my way to the Rene Furterer [Parisian essential hair care line] table but resolved to return later, drawn by the metallic gold “Fru Fru” bag on display and the designer’s effervescent personality. The rest of the bags in the booth were boldly flirtatious and very Brazilian in spirit.

Hours later, Ms. Valdez was still energetic after two straight days on her feet. She filled us in about the line she has dedicated her life to for the past five years.A native Brazilian, originally from Sao Paulo Brazil,she has with her family’s help been manufacturing her bags and belts in her native land. Similar to the Red Engine Jean Co., Ms. Valdez has kept her operation all in the family. Running her business in this manner has enabled her to keep a very close eye on maintaining the high quality of her products. Ms. Valdez currently lives and works out of San Diego, but travels constantly to Brazil to supervise the work at the factory.

Ms. Valdez is proud of her heritage, and accordingly, incorporates elements of her native culture into her designs, drawing inspiration from the indigenous weavings of the Indians in Brazil. As she is, in her own words, “very spiritual”, it is not that surprising that she uses elements from BADUALAK - Brazilian voodoo to keep evil away. The “badualak “ amulet is present in many of her bags, and refers back to the Brazilian superstition, which associates certain colors with specific emotions and conditions. Green stones connote health, tiger’s eye signifies money, and pepper is used to kill jealousy. “The bags, she explains, convey a protective aura around the wearer which is very special, very authentic, very cool.” The stone chain ornaments on the bags in her Bossa Nova Collection are actually detachable bracelets and necklaces. At $200-400 per bag, that’s good value.

Another critical part of La Chica Chic’s DNA is the mixture of exotic skins and tricot/crochet technique, which is very Brazilian, as is the use of the softest goat skin I’ve touched, with the exception of Parisian designer, Jerome Dreyfuss’s baby soft goatskin bags. When it comes to the softness and suppleness of their bags, these two young designers draw a tie.

While I love the new white Vuitton in the latest Scarlett Johanssen ad, I’m even more enticed by Ms. Valdez’s bags. They have an edge in that they possess the allure of exclusivity. They’re new on the scene, and you won’t find every other fashionista you rub elbows with toting your bag [yet], which is reason enough to get one. Judging from the reaction to her bags at the Design Suites, her moment is coming very soon.

On my wish list for the coming season: La Chica Chic’s “Fru Fru” chain handle bag in metallic gold.

La Chica Chic designs are sold in the UK, Puerto Rico, Dubai, and Hawaii. For further information or to order, visit

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Masculine Style For Grown-Ups

Isaac Mizrahi Fall 2007 –Menswear

April 10, 2007
New York City

Text and photos by J. Ecochard

The tagline… “What becomes a legend most?”… is a memorable advertising ditty that poses an apt question. With reference to fashion designers, who will succeed-and how does one quantify success? Is it strictly defined by financials, number of licensed goods or points of distribution? Does the frequency of Red Carpet garb appearances on celeb bodies count?

Isaac Mizrahi, by any of the aforementioned measures…is the fashion equivalent of a a grand slam, home run and embodies one of America’s finest comeback stories. Cool, hip designer launching inexpensive quality line at ubiquitous chain store ( Target)-check. Posh women’s custom tailored eveningwear line in NY’s premier luxury store ( Bergdorf Goodman) -check. Isaac’s Style Book, a glossy how-to magazine plus fun, fun, fun cable TV schmooze fest gab show ( Style Network)-check. Website featuring affordable, feminine daywear (IsaacNY)- check. Super nice, personable guy with a smart, congenial team of employees ( that's refreshing!).

As one might expect, the second year of Isaac’s menswear line does not disappoint. Fashioned with European panache tailored in “American cut,” mix and match shirts, sweaters, suits, overcoats and comfy knits…the high end cashmere, peau de soire, smooth cottons and Superfine wool fabrics appear in autumn’s staple tones of classic camel, charcoal greys, deep blacks, navy blue, tomato reds and bright whites colors with dabs of lumberjack plaids. New for this year are Tyrolean trim details that make an appearance throughout the collection. And the short, to the hipbone length of jackets work particularly well on a caramel leather double-breasted motorcycle jacket with shiny gold buttons. Plus staples such as a chic camel alpaca and wool balmacaan slides over business suits as well as T shirts and jeans… and feature numerous inside zipped and billfold worthy pockets for the man on the go - or who doesn’t want to bulk up the clean silhouette's line.

Priced accordingly, the great vision behind and execution of these elegant, practical clothes is suitable for guys who might have lived through the dumbing down of work garb during the Web 1.0 era of the 90’s…and could never figure out what ‘casual Fridays’ meant anyway. And for nights out on the town or at the golf club, one could lose the cashmere herring bone cashmere and wool suit jacket and the leaf and gold brocade tie- and toss on the white, crew neck cashmere sweater threaded with subtle silver lurex or a feather weight, grey on grey Vanity Fair Isle sweater with gold button details…and look effortlessly terrific.

Monday, April 9, 2007


VPL Fall 2007

Text and photographs by J. Ecochard

Former lingerie designer Victoria Bartlett turned out a well-constructed complete line of fall ready-to-wear, military inspired garb for women on the go …or on the march so to speak. Inspired by the modern suffragists movement dating back to the mid 19th century, the runway looks were decidedly this century with easy to wear jersey wools tops in army green, charcoal black or gunmetal gray paired with slouchy wool pants, warm leggings, petal hemmed fluid jersey wool skirts, fitted wool tunics, cropped capes, and jackets with utilitarian pockets, draw string closures and military epergnes. Best of all perhaps, were the fabulous plush oversized leather bags and leather boots and wedge, stacked heel shoes designed with cobbler Jean-Michel Cazabat. And in an ode to Lisa Silva of NY’s Guardian Angels…black berets gave a revolutionary nod to the times’ that are a changing.
Click here for VPL

Posted and Edited by J. Ecochard

Neiman Marcus' accessory picks for Spring/Summer 07

Text by Vivian G. Kelly

Photographs by J. Ecochard

What: Neiman Marcus’ Spring 2007 accessories press preview

Where: The penthouse at the Chambers’ Hotel, West 56th Street, NYC

Why: Because we always want to know what the best accessories are! And, Sandra, Ken, and Mark always get it right.

Neiman’s Accessories Director, Sandra Wilson, and Fashion Director, Ken Downing, led us through an Ali Baba’s cave of the best accessories they culled from their travels. Thanks to them, their customers have a highly edited choice of the latest trend pieces to choose from, season after season. As usual, Mark Lundeen, who is responsible for helping choose those wonderful bags in the Contemporary Department we all crave season after season, was in attendance as well.

Said Mr. Downing, ““It’s the season of the dress, what’s new is wearing the flat with it. As it is a season of shine, we suggest bags in patent, and clear PVC and metallic being led by silver, first and foremost. You get a lot of trend points with the Brian Atwood aqua patent peep toe ankle strap sandal with a Lucite heel. Pair that with a dress, and you have a ‘10’.”

Below, their trend predictions and some images of just a few of the many items Neiman’s believes their discerning customers will clamor once the weather finally turns warm.


- Pops of Accent colors, especially the new blues and tangerine orange
Like Mr. Downing, we love Brian Atwood’s aqua patent and Lucite peep toe pump
Pink and red are some of the season’s vibrant accent colors, with red continuing from fall 2006. Color even extends to fragrance these days. Valentino’s latest scent, Rock n Rose, evokes shocking pink and red, echoing the season’s accent color trend.

- Metallics, are a must, especially the new “platino” [mixed silver and gold tone]

Black and silver are a winning combination

One of the best was the black soft as butter elongated leather bag by Chanel.

Blush tones continue in a minor way and cognac, always a classic, is in evidence, look to Kooba for great cognac colored bags.

Clear is a color, this season
Clear PVC bags abounded, we loved the clear fifties style satchel with gold stud detailing and black patent handles by BE&D.


-The flat keeps on going strong.
For the max in newness, pick-up a pair in “platino” color or a pair by Dolce in rose gold.

Ballerina flats inevitably evoke a sixties feeling. Pedro Garcia’s round toed slippers in black suede with 2-carat crystals as trim make a great addition to your collection.

If you’re more partial to the Seventies’, Pedro Garcia has gold-soled “Birkenstock” style camel suede flats with rhinestone studs that could go day to evening.

When it came to height, we noticed that it’s now about wearing a straighter thicker heel, which works towards creating the overall flatter silhouette that’s called for this spring.

Wedges continue , one of our favorites, the silver crisscross sandal with a thick foot bed. It’s been dubbed “the Hollywood” sandal as it looks like the 1930’s sandals silver screen star, Lana Turner, used to wear. What really makes this sandal though, is the gold side zip closure.

Ankle strap sandals Derek Lam will be starting with Neiman’s for his first season [but not exclusively]. His gorgeous forest green patent ankle strap sandals are available at Neiman’s for spring.

Clutch bags are a must-have

LA Stylist to the stars, Rachel Zoe, collaborated with Judith Leiber to create a white patent clutch with gold hardware and a gold serpent and baguette doorknob detail, that’s a total knockout.

W hen you’re out shopping for your spring/summer accessories, be on the lookout for
24-7 statement jewelry . Big statement cocktail rings by Jose Barrera are just right for day and evening.

Shorter necklaces are here, “The short neck is looking new to us”, says Ms. Wilson. So, pack away those large swinging pendants, for now.
David Yurman is also doing necklaces in shorter lengths using beautiful beads in celadon and aqua.

-Wide belts continue and it’s a global love affair. The Neiman’s team had a beauty from Fendi and we saw them continuing for Fall as well, prominently on display at Kevan Hall’s Fall 2007 show at Mercedes Benz –IMG LA Fashion Week last month.

Longer elongated handles on handbags, a relief for those of us who pack heavy and like to wear their bag on their shoulder.

Last but not least, Ms. Wilson gave us a whiff of what she and her team are sensing for fall 2007

Emerging Fall 2007 trends

“ Looking further ahead, we feel that going into fall 07 we’re going to start seeing pieces copper. There are little bits on a bag at Balenciaga, which we think may indicate that we will see copper in bags and shoes. We’ll probably also see some gunmetal as well.”

Soon to come [mid-May] on, Neiman’s fall 2007 accessories trend selections.

To view and shop for the best in spring/summer 2007 accessories, visit

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Red Engine Jeans - LA all the way

A visit with Marketing Manager, Kim Harlan at the Red Engine Jeans booth.

Timestamp: March 21, 2007 at the Design Suites, behind the tents at LA Fashion Week, Smashbox Studios, Culver City, CA.

By Vivian G. Kelly
Photographs courtesy of Red Engine Jeans

The Design Suites were a most welcome addition to LA's Mercedes Benz Fashion Week this season. The mini tent housed a number of accessory, beauty and fashion designers most notably: La Chica Chic [Brazilian handbags], Mark Nason [luxury rock and roll boots], Rene Furterer [French haircare products] Crimes and Misdemeanors [sixties’ inspired dresses with a modern twist] and RED ENGINE JEANS.

There are so many designer jeans lines today that it’s hard to find a point of differentiation between them. The Red Engine Jeans company caught my interest because in a time where it seems everything is made in China [or Italy or Turkey, if you're lucky] these designer jeans are actually made in LA. They are conceived, created, cut, sewn and washed entirely in LA.

Red Engine is also all in the family. Marketing Manager, Kim Harlan, who took us through the line, has a sister who is married to the Company’s owner, Jim Boldes. The latter was at Guess Jeans in their eighties’ heyday, when the ankle zip skinny jean was in every fashion minded girl’s closet. He’s taken some of the Guess sass and sexiness and applied it to Red Engine; making them a great option for women ages fourteen to fifty+.

The first piece to catch my eye was their 100% Italian cotton denim version of the Bermuda short [$130] in a relaxed slouchy boyfriend fit. It is the only pair on the line without stretch. With the exception of the Bermudas, every item on the line has 2% stretch fibers wrapped in cotton.

In case you thought designer denims were over, they’re not.
Says Ms. Harlan, “This is an interesting transition time for denim, the pendulum is going back to somewhere between the totally distressed jeans of two years ago and last year’s dark denim.
The bottom line is as follows; you need five basics in your closet.

1. A basic five pocket [the coin pocket counts as one pocket]
2. A low-rise boot cut
3. The straight leg
4. The skinny
5. The Ankle length. Thanks to former Guess-er, Jim Boldes, what is old is new again.

I added the new #135 jean, which is their latest model to my list. What’s special is the heavy silver and bronze metallic heavy rope thread [which is six times thicker than your average jean thread] rope-stitched on the pockets and on the upper outer seam.

Before leaving, Ms. Harlan generously shared some valuable jean sizing tips. Someday, she’ll do a video, she says.
In the meantime, her jean tips.

*Jean Sizing Tips*

- Begin by disregarding the size tab
- Take three pair into the dressing room and start with the smallest one.
- Buy the ones that feel a little too tight. 15 minutes later, they’ll fit just right.

After road-testing a pair of 26-inchers, I’m pleased to report that she’s absolutely right. The 27” stretch jeans I was previously wearing have been moved to the back of my closet.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Men’s Grooming: Menscience, an Androcuetical skincare line.

Text by Hans Van Zutphen
Images courtesy of Deidre Garcia for Menscience

Athletic men such as myself have finally begun to embrace the concept of a regular skincare program. Part of my newfound interest were the deepening lines around my eyes and on my forehead after years spent coaching outdoors on sunny soccer fields. After sporadically trying-out whatever women’s skincare products happened to be our medicine cabinet, I resolved to try products that were specifically targeted to men.

I chose the Menscience Androcutical skincare line for my first foray into male-targeted skincare. As the name suggests, Menscience Androceutical skincare line is targeted specifically to the male demographic. The word, “Androceuticals” combines the prefix Andro [for men] and the word pharmaceuticals. Androceuticals are a category of products that are formulated with active ingredients used by doctors and skincare professionals for their demonstrated impact on the appearance of the user’s skin. The line is comprised of a range of basic skincare products including their popular Ti02 Sun block SPF 30 which I tested.

Sun block’s a basic, so that’s where I started. It’s been recognized that as the days grow warmer [or if you live in a perpetually sunny place such as Miami] that SPF 15 doesn’t provide enough protection. Some of my teammates who’ve ignored the dermatologists’ admonitions to wear sunscreen have acquired brown spots on their face from too much sun exposure. Perhaps they have global warming and the thinning ozone layer to thank.

Being a dedicated sportsman, I wanted to know if Ti02 Sunblock SPF 30 would run-off or sting my eyes after building-up a sweat. I found it to be surprisingly
light, moisturizing and waterproof. It
performed well while worn on some long hikes as well as on the soccer field. It absorbed quickly into my skin and didn’t run into my eyes while exercising.
This block is a quantum leap ahead of the pasty high numbered sunscreens on the market a few years ago that never seemed to fully absorb into my skin. Although it’s marketed as a men’s line, the women on our team who sampled the Ti02 Sunblock SPF 30 liked it just as much as my teammates and me did.

To learn more about or to purchase Menscience products, visit

Airbrushing - the key to a close-up ready face

Makeup Mist: Must Not Muss-by J. Ecochard
Photograph courtesy of

Resembling architectural foundations, makeup foundations need to flawlessly support: a crumble here, a crack there- results in collapsible ruins. Factor in hot, humid weather and/ or weeping brides…and there is only one solution: airbrush makeup.

Andre Chreky Salon in Washington DC (202 293-9393) has two makeup artists offering the service; specifically applying water (or silicone) based foundation that’s finely ‘misted’ on the face in custom blended skin tones- akin to less pressurized commercial airbrushing. Drying immediately, the colored liquids smooth out uneven skin tones, cover up facial scars without the chalky mask of makeup concealers- and allow for subtle contouring (cheekbones anyone?). Combined with soft or dramatic sprays for eyes and/or brows- one would need only to refresh lipstick “…because airbrush makeup looks just as fresh at the end of the evening as it did in the beginning of evening,” according to the salon spokeswoman, Paula Cassidy, and “it is the way to go if you want to look picture perfect.”

Andre Chreky’s senior makeup artist/stylist, Rodney Pinion, learned airbrush techniques in Hollywood-where face and body makeup has to rigorously survive the camera’s glare of long movie shoots. In Washington DC “a classic, conservative look is the most requested …with a bit of glam added for Big Nights.” Mr. Pinion’s modus operandi is to tone the skin and request eyes and facial expressions frozen (to avoid unsightly creases). Then he wields a small black laser –ish airbrush compressor instrument that deposits a fine flesh toned liquid mist in micro-drops that dries in seconds (and is rub off proof!). Next, he brushes on (temporary) white powder half moon shapes under both eyes to capture stray eye makeup powders, sprays brows and eyes with more liquids in various hues, (improved with careful brush strokes of powder eye shadows)…and finishes with a dab of single false eyelashes prior to a mascara application. Brushing away the white powder, a pat of moisturizing spray under eyes “to create a barrier… that keeps the area looking dewy” is added, polished off with a neutral lip pencil and gloss… bringing the entire application process to a mere thirty minutes. And the maquillage will last for up to 12 hours.

In NYC, Lilly Rivera expertly wields an airbrush compressor at the results oriented, De Paola Lowrance Anti-Aging Clinical Skin Care Center ( 212 755-1155). Having worked as a makeup artist on location for television, film and fashion shoots (on such luminous model/ socialites as Amanda Hearst and Lauren Bush), Lilly’s acutely aware of how bad lighting’s dastardly effects can corrupt one’s look. In fact, the Kett airbrush compressor pump and formulations that she uses …was launched in 2003 by a “co-worker from our MAC days (Sheila McKenna) who started her own compressor line and formulations with her television producer brother”…to satisfy the demands of High Definition television.

For Lilly, doing the eyes first- “in the old fashioned way…because I work in layers” allows her to “add dimension” for chiaroscuro panache. She then gently curls lashes with the brilliant Blinc heated lash curler, speedily attaches a full set of single fake lashes to the upper lids (basic training from time pressured live television) and literally uses a mascara-ed laden paint brush for “feathery” not “horrible spidery” lower lashes. Afterwards, Lilly artistically employs the ‘magic wand’ explaining how her sideline Bridalgal business (212 759-7226) is in great demand by both brides and grooms- the latter wishing to banish five o’clock shadows on their photo filled Big Day. Luckily, “one pass is good enough for uneven skin tones or color correction,” using a water based foundation…although for body scars and tattoos- an alcohol based liquid covers best.

And the results would please any actress requesting a Mr. DeMille close-up.

Andre Cherky, BridalGal, Blinc, Kett Cosmetics, De Paola Lowrance Anti-Aging Skin Care Center

Posted and edited by J. Ecochard

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Backstage at the Samora show at LA Fashion Week

5:00pm: Backstage at Samora

Text by Vivian G. Kelly
Photographs, Photomezzo for NARS cosmetics, courtesy of NARS Cosmetics

NARS’ West Coast Senior Makeup Artist, UZO, had the essence of Audrey Hepburn in mind when she put together the makeup look for this show. The result was a fresh spin of this oft-emulated look. Do this, and you to can have a fresh gamine look that Audrey herself would have approved of.

Any good makeup artist can duplicate a look from a photograph. Only great makeup artists can take a look, apply their own spin and create something modern and new as UZO did.
She successfully referenced Audrey by duplicating her classic, blood red lips and modernizing the look by doing-away with the tricky black eyeliner. We’re confident that this is a look that will be hot for fall and will work beautifully with the sophisticated clothes we’re looking forward to wearing come September.

How to get the Audrey 2007 look:

To wear UZO’s interpretation, you’ll need to do a few things and a few new pieces of makeup.

#1: Grow your brows-in. Fill-in in only the patchy spots with a combination of powder and pencil, as the pencil’s wax makes it stay on.

#2: Line lips with Amazon lip liner and fill in with NARS Shanghai Express lipstick.

#3: Use NARS Kalahari eye shadow duo, but you’ll have to wait until fall for NARS to release it.

To purchase NARS Cosmetics, visit