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Handy+tasty-the perfect proportion of spice blends  enliven eats- eliminates counter clutter, are great grabs for cooking at vacay rentals or living the van life...and  make savory culinary gifts.

made easy

 Other gift set idea-the Barbecue Seasoning Collection. All Available ONLINE

Multi-Functional Sunglasses

Travel/Athlete/Outdoor Essentials: Maui Jim's new savvy city slick shades sport a winning balance of street style with top of the line visual clarity, precision and protection (100% UVA/UVB blocking)- that are essential for outdoor adventures.

 CODA: Aloha! Maui Jim launched on 1980-selling shades of the lush Maui island beaches.

Try them on IRL at Sunglass Huts.

Cocktail Time Help: Drinkworks Drink Maker

Craft cocktails are trendy-and brings out the arty craftiness of bartenders-both amateur and pros.

Yet-since we live in a world of there's an app for everything-so of course there is a gadget for everything too.

Going the K-cup world way of sips-the shiny new machine Drinksworks™ drinkmaker (by the same company, Keuring) -has a similar drop in pod system-embedded with alcohol +flavors needed-for fav cocktails like Margaritas (Paradise collection), Gin and Tonic (Simply Refreshing Collection + Old Fashioned (Classic collection), wine (Wandering Vine collection), ciders- and even a collab with name brand brewery-for insta-beer too-Becks,  Stella Artois etc. (Brews collection).

With a touch of the button ease-mastering making booze goes automatic. Note-the water tank-is chilled to 37F degrees but is automatically adjusted- chilled correctly- depending on the pod recipe chosen-as is the drinks' size.

Because there is alcohol involved-the bemusing/confusing state liquor laws kick i…



Whether slung as political barbs (Moscow Mitch), a made up millennial ploy for merged companies (Suntrust+BB&T banks=Truist) or the latest trending # (too many to list-besides-it's changes hourly)...

Food industry folks are perking up the eyeball grabbing titles... easily grasped by masses...with appeal to biggest eats' spenders-millennials.

Multi-Functional Musts: Hiker Hybrids


The best kicks for comfort, durability and versatility-are-light supportive all day trail shoes. Throw in good looks and it's no wonder-the Adidas Terrex Free Hikers are best sellers since their intro'

Just in time for an autumnal vacay season (for those not tethered to school schedules)...these soon to launch Free Hiker (M) in camo are our top pick for all day sock like fit, major style, the exclusive BOOST cushioning (really lives up to its 'endless energy' billing).

Ideal for urban outdoor adventures...on the trail or streets-with the added bonus of a form fitting lightweight water resistant Primeknit textile upper.

Multi-Function Musts/Beauty

For every ritual- 10-step K beauty addict we know-there's 498 others-that are 'only' one-maybe two steppers.

Not just a J beauty 'thing'-multifunctional everything for busy lives-includes the most cutting edge ingredients-in one product.

Travel and athlete musts too- where simple, effective and portable are three adjective necessities.

Our top choice for physical sunblocks (yup the only kind we use aka the kind that works)-is the  TIZO line of mineral based skincare. For years now.
Added Plus:  TIZO Photoceutical-is a very worthy addition to its effective sun protection collection, rated SPF 40 -with UVA-UVB blocking Zinc Oxide 16% in its fusion of protective ingredients.

(IMO-physical sunblocks- unlike nasty bad for the environment chemical sunscreens-probably offer up blue (smartphone/screen light blocking properties too)

In this winning formula-that goes on smoothly (dimethicone) + evenly -with a super light breathable feel (lightly tinted) -are Derm doc recomme…