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Attention Millennial Middle Agers: Good Science Beauty®

The USAers  who grew up gazing at screens and themselves-are aging.

And that's a big reason that preventive skincare (vs waiting till it's 'cure' time)-is a lifestyle given.

Two dominant trends... multi-functional products -science based-or EWG approved ("cleaner")=-have led to an avalanche of gender specific + genderless indie brands-that can take advantage of cutting edge research-to deliver skin saviors without undesirable ingredients (that are probably outlawed in the EU/Canada, already).

What's New and Legit:

Currently a DTC brand Good Science Beauty® recently launched six focused skincare products based on the revolutionary (patented) dermis delivery wonder silicon (no "e" aka Good Silicon+™).

Ten years of research headed up by leading light Suzanne Saffi-Siebert, PhD-underpins the basis for Good Science Beauty® uniqueness-ensuring efficacy of symbiotic active ingredients "deep within the skin" and how they enhance e…

New Trends+Old Science Inspires Skincare Suppliers

While a lot has been buzzed about J beauty (Japan)---it's  the bio based ingredients-with 'natural' sustainably sourced-that really stood out for us.


Evonik -a fav destination at these cosmetic-skincare-haircare  supplier shows-with the coolest samples of new ingredient loaded really branching out in an interesting way. They should launch their own direct to consumer company.
"The fusion of ancient wisdom and advanced technology" is their MO-for the newish Evonik Advanced Botanicals division.
  "In-vitro-cultivation"-inspired by traditional Ayurvedic medicine-inspired the types of plants  grown in controlled (indoor) environments in France-that reminded us of urban farming at its best-no pesticides, herbicides, or GMO anything,  needed. Or deforestation-aka social exploitation.

The first product form Evonik Advanced Botanicals  is NeoPlanta® Withania-an urban pollution fighter-balancing skin serum-that's vegan, gluten + …

Cutting Edge Skincare/Beauty Ingredients-Part 3

Suppliers' Day


Nature inspired science to renew and protect the human body's biggest organ... was the dominant theme for skincare ingredient companies.

As big users of physical sunblocks (a laymen's term)-we noticed quite a few enhanced zinc oxide and titanium oxide -aka inorganic ingredients-amped up with "actives"
Mineral sunscreens- notably are tested and labelled correctly- for all the different global requirements (like FDA Category 1 Sunscreens).

The big deal breakthroughs: environmentally safer, added protection vs blue light + infrared rays, non-irritating, and imo-better efficacy- longer lasting (our experience)-than toxic chemical equivalents and formulations. (Cue the power of the EWG).

AND physical sunblocks don't leave a white pasty film-making them suitable for more skin tones...and aren't as pricey vs those nasty chemical sunscreens-anymore.

NEWer Ingredients:

KOBO's -four in one multi-purpose sunscreen which won the CEW'…

Cutting Edge Hair/Skin/Beauty Ingredients Pt 2

Suppliers' Day-Javits

'Cleaner" HAIR HELP-Proven Efficacy:

Humans have been trying to 'tame' their tresses for decades (centuries) with toxic (really) chemicals, hair tools -and/or natural butters + oils to eliminate frizz and straighten out hair follicles not born that way.


Though  'clean' beauty silicone subs seem to be offered up by several companies (see examples below)---...Sensient Cosmetic Technologies new Sensityle® Curl relaxer -billed as a "...natural and effective hair relaxing technology..." really caught our eyeballs as super unique.


Explained  with a backstory first:
The idea for this new (November '18) product treatment -was inspired by meat tenderizers.
AS IN-the powdery stuff shaken on meat to make it more tender-made of pineapple and papaya-two fruits also hailed for their anti-inflammatory properties (Bromelain + Papain)... with hydrolyzed yeast proteins=leading to  Sensityle® Curl relaxer's develop…

Cutting Edge Hair/Skin/Beauty Ingredients -2019

THE LATEST ingredients ready for time prime+placement.


Javits Center- NY Society of Chemists SUPPLIERS DAY-is a mob packed annual affair that shows off the possibilities of wellness-self-care via rows of global living exhibitors with the products sourced from nature, man-made and importantly-scientifically verified.
(Irrespective of our FDA not regulating cosmetic ingredients much...vs say, OTC drugs which includes sunscreens/blocks -prescription drugs-devices).

Accordingly -there wasn't much CBD anything lining these aisles beyond a few hemp oil purveyors. HA!

Taking a few hours to walk the show-we noticed a slew of interesting formulations and present day concern solutions including:

Protection solutions from Bluelight (the light emitted from smartphones, computer screens) and -Infrared Light (half the solar energy that damages skin falls under THAT spectrum-the other half is UVA-UVB radiation)-notably made from large cell titanium dioxide, new non-nano zinc oxide-and anc…


Stride right in protective all-day comfort at value prices!

For Female Humans...


Fairy Boss has a slew of stylish FOKWOK sandals (and rainboot) options for canine paws large-to teeny tiny venturing out in the heat.
Packaged in twos' in case front-back paw sizes differ ($20)...and in fours-these easy to get on comfy sandals-protect dogs- from yucky pesticides-chemicals (lawn alert)-sharp objects-and hot surfaces.

Or random stray electricity! 
Pedicure free toesies-might appreciate some cover, even in sandal season.
Our fav foot savior is made by Adidas Terrex + Parley featuring woven uppers partially made from recycled waste before it clogs up the ocean.

Super comfy-with the brand's signature logo-the pictured Terrex CC Boat Sleek Parley Women's Water Shoe (on sale $45!!!!)  is entirely Climacool breathable, has a drainage system on the mid+ outsoles-plus Traxion outsole grip-rubber -non-marking= a winning combo-in warm and watery environments..