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Italian Inspirations/Milan

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Luxury: Custom Made

Part 3

Some folks  relish the process----the time needed to laboriously create/fabricate a something (or experience) by hand, by slow multi-steps.

And understand the value-and obtain great satisfaction-from the end result.

Others might need a nudge " spend a little money..." as recounted by Brian Sawyer (Sawyer/Berson) in the enviable image driven showroom presentation, Custom Luxuries- during the D&D Building's Fall Market 2018 open house.

For others who are short on time (or patience) -stunning one of a kind or limited edition possibilities exist ready to buy/deliver at well edited establishments such as Benoist Drut's Maison Gerard -in which to "build a room around."

Perhaps the most audience excitement was for the exhibitor showroom itself- where the event took place, DEDAR Milano.

Drop dead gorgeous mashed with ne plus ultra might barely describe the assortment of luxe textiles, wallpaper and trimmings- currently on display at this fairly new …

Luxury Defined-Comfort+Sophistication

Less Maybe is not More...but is def Preferred

Part 2

Set the trends fashion... high/low comfort casual with glamour accents...seems to filter into how people live-domicile wise...and how luxury living can get defined. Given the luxury of time to live.

Services by designer pros (online...or investing in the talents offline-of interior decorators/landscapers)... usually incorporate this 21st century wardrobe approach.
The upshot-spaces embracing off the shelf comfort - bedrooms/baths as sanctuaries- inexpensive furniture bought 'off the shelf' from RH - Design Within Reach-mixed with expensive custom items ($200,000 sofa seen/sold at Design Miami), area for working at home  and informally entertaining- (less the staff -open floor plans, chef's kitchens for foodies, outdoor 'rooms'),

-livened up with colors beyond b/w / greige (artwork-fabrics-home decor-tech gadgets-foliage/flowers)...

...satisfying knowledgeable clientele educated/inspired -visually…

A Luxury ? Having, Doing...or Having Time

Part One : Travel

Much has been scribed about millennials spending $/time on experiences vs stuff-but we think that's true of every generation...and has more to do with personal awareness, overall health economic status, and values-not age.

Nevertheless- it's obvious that companies providing goods and services are pitching differently to that 18-35 demographic...embracing the transparency-clean ingredients-wellness- self care mantra including welcoming doses of environmental responsibilities (carbon -neutral emissions, recyclable packaging, sustainable sourcing, eschewing toxic substances-regulated or not). 
So much so-it's already a punchline.

Coffee Favs

Sipped standing up, sitting down or on the is replacing tea worldwide as the buzz of choice...
Most recent fav java location

SLEEP: The Final Frontier

We've never had trouble clocking in 9-10 hours sleep a day/night (naps included).
UNTIL (a) rare trip with a traveling companion who (b) insisted on Air BnB accommodations-a first for us.

Result (c) possibly a one and done-  based on the scratchy cheap sheets, overly scented (allergic) laundry detergent and the too soft of a mattress. 

COLOR Trends: Yellow.

Pale or bold, shades of yellow are back into year round everyday...stuff. Home and restaurant decor...

... outerwear (we predict), footwear -beyond the darker tones...and as mainstreamers all NOW should know- courtesy of The Devil Wears Prada/ Yves Klein 'Blue' lecture...

it probably all started with fashion (not Pantone)...with inspirations from Vincent Van Gogh's glorious sunflowers.

Northern European Cheeses

There are many ways to experience foreign cultures without leaving your hometown...

Cheeses from northern Europe that are mild, meltable and appealing in tastes to all ages...continue to gobble up chilled out spaces in grocery stores across America...while online gourmet foods purveyors...deliver overnight.


Open till October 7th...

Proof that pop-up stores haven't played out...consider dropping by tasty Norway's cheese fav  Jarlsberg®Pop-Up Store at the candy heavenly  Socketbit (aka the sweetest side of Scandinavia) located in NYC's West Village.

Jarlsberg -with roots go back to 1956, has an appealing nutty, mild flavor and large holes pairs well (duh!!!!) with wrapped, unwrapped and tempting chocolate candies, to name a few-from the four Scandic countries that are all free of trans-fats, artificial colors and are non-GMO. 
PLUS another NYC based sponsor of the Jarlsberg® Cheese Pop-Up Store is Alphabet City Beer Co. (ABC),  a craft beer store and bar in the East Vil…