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MAKING THE CUT: Esther Perbandt

AMAZON PRIME's Heidi Klum/Tim Gunn's fashion contest spectacular, MAKING THE CUT  s final trio of contestants...included talented Berlin based designer- Esther Perbandt. ..that we've have admired for MORE THAN A DECADE. Her fabulous debut show for Berlin's Fashion Week on July 4th, 2009- inventively merged street fashion with that creative metropolis of talent...way before social media made urban backed selfies and reality TV so been there/done that. Check out the review of 'modern, well tailored separates..." from the archives... HERE

2X Chocolates: NOW

STUFFED PUFFS  Chocolate on (in) Chocolate delivers  a surprisingly rich indulgent treat ---a pleasing powdery fluffy outside encasing the perfect gooey deep chocolate center that tastes more like those expensive luxury bars that costs double . Ideal for non-marshmallow folks (too)...we'd pegged the flavor/texture sky high satisfy scale more like America's favorite gift-able treat (chocolate) -than the S'more staple...though like that melt it crisp filler...Stuffed Puffs can multi-task. Truth be told-we inhaled our samples-straight out of the bag and did not feel like sharing, any.  But these can also be baked, melted (in Rice Krispies bars, for example), roasted and dipped in warm/cold beverage.  Available at  Walmart -priced at $3.98 per 8.6 oz bag and other retailers + online at  with prices ranging from $4.49 -$4.99.  - the"Not Your Average Marshmallow" Stuffed Puffs  genuinely manage to conjoin the marshmallow-authentic milk


Wellness is a 2020 theme-and  a permanent lifestyle. Mindful healthy habits-permeate everything-(especially) what's eaten/sipped. The SLOW FOOD and SLOW WINE designation-originated in Italy. It identifies and promotes  organically grown-minimally or (arguably) completely non- processed food and wine -in several parts of the world-that 'capture' the originality, place and sense of history. The SLOW movement -also underscores healthy farming practices aka "...respect for the land and environment..." Spring Mountain District Cain Five 2007 red blend cab sauv, merlot, cab franc, petit-verdot malbec At a recent NYC stop of the Slow Wine tour...many sippers made a straight line for the American wineries' tables. One of our favs...a terrific  juicy (mostly) Cabernet Sauvignon blend from California's CAIN VINEYARD and WINERY. Spring Mountain District Cain Five 2014 -red blend combo of all five Bordeaux grapes-  cab sauv, merlot, cab franc, petit

#VANLIFE What To Pack

PART ONE: SUNGLASSES Hitting the lone-wide open road...seems like the perfect 'self-care' vacay nowadays. Limited storage=multi-tasking clothing+accessories+footwear that double for active-leisure pursuits-the only stuff to carry on. SUNGLASSES are a great price, even better . Top Pick: 100% UVA-UVB blocking for outdoor jaunts under bright blue skies- are 'just' part of the protective attributes of the incredibly lightweight- great fitting -and amazingly priced   new Tifosi SWOON 'shades -a worthy addition to their best selling SWANK series- intro'ed last year. These latest frame shapes- deliver sharp vision and sporty chic style . LOVE: Gradient lenses (darker on top, fading to lighter lower ) are the hottest in demand lenses choice of celebs wearing  sunglasses. AND  imo-the SWOON are worthy of them and us. Suitable for medium-large faces...the SWOON almost wrap around shape-with tiny air vents at the sides to prevent fogging


In a way-KISS is one of the original indie beauty brands... AND ...once again-this company has given consumers a professional looking 'fake' eyelash option. But courtesy of some company thinking-we think the new FALSCARA is a game changer for those wanting length/volume/curled lashes with ease. KISS host master makeup artist supreme Carolina Gonzalez (L) gave a tutorial on how to use Falscara in a few easy steps! Starter Kit...begin with a mascara free face ...first  uncap the wisp lashes (they are packaged under plastic), then apply a light coat of the bond (enclosed-one end of the Falscara wand), take a false wisp lash (as is or trim) apply underneath the area you want-underneath the lash using the enclosed handpiece applicator or your fingers, tap/push secure it on (we used our finger for this step), apply the sealer- --and tap the Falscara securely again. DONE. Tips: Absolutely apply the false wisp underneath 'real' lashes- not on the waterline ...f


THE LIST: Part 2 Waterless Beauty/Grooming Portable split are bars of cleansers, conditioners, shampoos...are handiest, easy to stow option for limited storage. The men's leaning best sellers from DUKE CANNON Supple Co. -includes retro cool packaging and nifty-gender neutral (imo) cologne bars. SOAPS FUUUNNN -come in a variety pack FAV Lush  makes a slew of vegan -cruelty free and effective options for head to toe washing-in addition to those practically collective bath bombs. A little cover-up gem-by indie beauty Blinking Owl Acres -is the holistic (best selling) non-toxic mineral foundation powder-one up-with organic moisturizers in its featherweight formula one can hike in (aka not cake-y) imo-adds to sun block help with Zinc Oxide-Mica-Silk ingredients. A Better Sip: A best design winner -LARQ lightweight self cleaning water bottles have built in light zapping-that removes the odor causing bacteria + chlorine taste of drinking wate