Sunday, July 24, 2016


Fancy Food Show/NYC

Our childhood cracker 'experience' was pretty limited to saltines, oyster crackers for chowders, Triscuits (or Wheat Thins), mom's Melba Toast and an occasional plain ole' English imported water cracker-which was considered rather posh eats back then.

NOW-crackers are its own gourmet category-not an accessory to the main gigs of cheese, canapés, and things to crunch up in soups.

Some highlights from the most recent Fancy Foods Show

we grabbed a sample of these on our way out-the O.T.C.(Original Trenton Cracker) Oyster&Soup crackers are so much better than the standard grocery outlet ones hard to explain why- but apparently the dough is given hours to rise naturally, and kneaded/layered over and over before being shaped. Def.these 'artisan sty;e' bites have more flavor, airy texture, super crisp and the shape allows for it to float better in soups without getting soggy. Us-we devoured without anything else by the handful....and available at AMAZON and Walmart. 

WASA crackers-oringinally from Scandinavia are readily available all over the world-their new THINS in Sesame +Sea Salt and Rosemary +Sea Salt have a lot more flavor than their other flatbread versions-you can eat these solo, imo...yet are just as crispy and fiber packed.
Granny inspired...the Brooklyn based The Matzo Project (founded in 5775-Jewish calendar fyi)...makes 3 flavors of matzo-cinammon sugar, salted and everything (pictured) in traditional sheet form and crisps for year round eating. At the show-this new launch  got a lot of attention-partially because the packaging is so cool. Kosher (DUH). Available for now in NYC but we bet this will be picked up by many stores in urban locales.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

THE NEW WRAPS-Beyond Tortillas

Fancy Food Show/NYC

Finally hauling it over to our local Chipotle-courtesy of a free coupon mailed out to consumers post the food illness mess...didn't convince us to join the usual lines waiting up.. as we live in  a multi-ethnic city where better, yummy inexpensive eats abound.

Including authentic and interpretations of Mexican tortillas...which like many utensil -free eats -is a wrap for 'stuffings" of plants, beans, meats etc.

NEW: Gourmet takes on this cheap eat staple give a tasty and healthier new twist to the pedestrian corn meal-grain based tortilla...

Siete Family Foods- purveyor of delicious, grain-free Mexican-food, showed off two innovative grain-free tortillas - the Almond Flour (a SOFI award finalist) and Coconut & Cassava varieties, both of which are gluten-free, paleo, dairy-free, and preservative-free. Ideal for cooking or snacking, the tortillas taste, fold, and hold like a tortilla should and actually our bite felt they tasted great!. The brand was born upon co-founder Veronica Garza’s desire to create a grain-free tortilla upon learning she could no longer eat grains, including corn...and this family biz's product lines are now found nationwide.

Greenleaf Foods 'Raw Wraps' in Spinach (pictured) and Kale...give a veggie-vegan, FREE of soy, dairy, nut, corn gluten... makeover to this category with apple, psyllium and quinoa in the a low calorie, chewy way of eating vitamins A, C, B6, K and other nutrients like folate, iron, and magnesium-at 70 calories per wrap, The Spinach wrap has hints of onion flavor, the Kale-a bit nutty with coconut nectar. Shell stable-no refrigeration needed-added plus.

From Lolita Foods-FOLIOS are tasty and versatile---can be a chewy wrap-rolled up with filling-or heated up-joining  that growing foodie trend to craft cheese based crispy crunches. Gluten free, lactose free and carb free-they're delicious and the true cheese flavors- really are authentic (Italian cheese staple-Parmesan, buttery Cheddar, smooth Jarlsberg)-makes sense since that's the main ingredient! Idea-crisp one up and break up to sprinkle over salads or fries/backed potatoes for protein adding savory mix of texture. 170 calories per-and 13 grams of protein.
FYI:  we saw several cheese crisp snacks the show...another boon for those who crave a crispy-kinda fatty treat like potato chips-but without the wheat, gluten or lactose and delivering protein and calcium!
Sonoma Creamery Mr. Cheese O's...6 flavors...made with cheese and organic quinoa, oat bran and organic brown rice-150 calories and 10 grams protein per serving. Non-GMO and shelf stable, Available on Amazon.

Friday, July 22, 2016

BONJOUR! Rossignol Debuts New Luxury Boots F/W

The Rossignol hard/soft goods...high performance skis/d\snowboards and sport chic apparel-are sold world wide.

For Fall 2016-a collection of high end, designed in Italy, made in Romania waterproof  SPORT CHIC boots that are stylish and waterproof-that are après ski worthy of the most fashionable ski resorts and sophisticated cities. Very impressive!


Outdoor Retailer/SLC

Casual - Technical Mids+Lows featuring 'hot' Energy Returning proprietary Boost™ Technology

Adidas footwear is selling these days-the YEEZY is blowing out...

But it's not just the kicks for the street savvy getting the nod.... adidas OUTDOORS-sports performance offerings- smartly incorporate the iconic three stripes...and are embedded with tech features that imo the adventure types that expect functionality- will give their approving nods to too.

Some Highlights:

THE Terrex Agravic -is light, fast and stabile...available  in a waterproof  GTX (Gore-Tex) and non Gore-Tex versions...weighs in at 12.5oz for men and 10.8oz for women. 

On board= adidas’ proprietary Boost™ technology for superior energy return and stability, protection and flexibility during trail runs. A 2015 Industry Award at the Outdoor Fair in Friedrichshafen.

TERREX AGRAVIC-Lining: GORE-TEX® Extended Comfort membrane to keep feet dry, Upper: Abrasion-resistant TPU-weldings for protection and single-layer EVA tongue that is lightweight and comfortablle, Midsole: BOOST™offers endless energy in the mountains and high adaptability on rocky surfaces, with outdoor-adjusted EVA frame for stability, Outsole: Continental™ rubber for extraordinary grip with a lug pattern inspired by the Der Kaiser tire, Lug Profile for Optimal Balance Between Friction and Penetration: longer lugs for optimal grip on loose ground, dynamic profile for great acceleration-Men’s Colors: Unity Lime/Black/Unity Orange // Vista Grey/Black/Shock Blue // Tech Steel/Craft Blue/Unity Lime pictured above // Black/Power Red/White, Men’s Weight: 12.5oz (men size 9) -Women’s Colors: Super Blush/Black // Vapour Steel/Shock Slime/Black // Vapour Grey/Black Women’s, Weight: 10.8oz- women size 7: $150. Also available in a non-GORE-TEX® version 

TERREX AGRAVIC- women's in Super Blush/Black 

Buzzy 'IT' Flavors: SMOKIN', BOURBON, COFFEE...

Whisky and Beer...

Joining Sea Salt, Pickled, Spicy Peppers and Sriracha as the 'hot' accent trends at Fancy Food Show.

Some Show Highlights:

We've never seen this before-but it works-the slightly bitter nutty espresso atop full ripe blue cheese-y -from Italy's award winning  Luigi Guffanti 1876-a family owned maker of a slew of delish cheeses-hopefully will be found across the POND-Fab gift baskets for sale too but in Euro Europe only (for now)

Hamptons Salt Company’s all-natural-additive free flavor infused or smoked salts are the chemical free alternative way to add hints of flavor to a wide variety of dishes...including the giftable Grill Master Collection that includes the three most popular salts for grilling: the smoky Hickory, flavorful smokey Mesquite & the very nifty Espresso  salt-which can add a buzzy distinct accent to baked goods like cookies-or atop ice cream-for salty-sweet sweet spot. Other smoked options-Chardonnay, Bacon, and Applewood.

Espresso covered chocolates beans-and flavored chocolate are popular already...what we like about these Belles by ENSTROM Candy-a family run biz out of Colorado-the chewy creamy inside texture and perfect balance of smooth dark chocolate+ aromatic espresso flavors.  2 bites worth treats. 

Nielsen Massey  elegantly packaged extracts-in glass preserving bottles- are a revelation as to what  real deal all natural flavors-including Pure Coffee Extract-taste like-and can add to a dish like coffee crusted burgers with chipotle mayo or dessert. Gluten free, non-GMO, allergen free and kosher too. FYI- 1 tsp of the richly brewed taste of the Pure Coffee Extract=1 tsp. of dry espresso powder...or add that amount to ¼ cup of water =¼ of brewed coffee.

San Franscio Salt Co.-specially sourced Irish Kiln Dried and Whiskey Smoked Irish Sea Salts

San Francisco Salt Co. Irish Sea salts-from the company's private reserve. introduces the new Whiskey and Irish Kiln Dried versions at the show. The former is aged in Teeling Whiskey Oak kegs subtly infused in the premium Oriel Irish Mineral Sea Salt -in extra fine grain that adds distinct flavor to any smoked meats, fish, or even added in butter for a spread. NICE. 100% kosher, no additives or artificial flavors.

Doctor, vegan, kosher, gluten free-no weird dyes, coloring, artificial sweeteners etc--- a mash-up of iconic NY style Pickle with Tennessee Whisky Jack Daniels. Unusual...!

Thursday, July 21, 2016


New Jackets, Tops, Pants, Coats For Climbers, Hikers, and Anyone Taking A Stroll...

Outdoor Retailer/SLC

adidas OUTDOORS shares the same DNA as it's snazzier fashion-lifestyle collections less the ONLY FIRST NAMES NECESSARY (Pharrell! Kanye! Stella!) brethren.

Meaning-good looking 'modern progressive' pieces - that multi-task--- with a performance outdoorsy athletic slant-ready for ANY ADVENTURE. 
Expect all tops, jackets, pants to be super durable, well made-using the latest in tech fabrics -for example-weather wet tough Pertex Quantum, Primaloft Gold-primo synthetic insulation, Gore-Tex Active-engineered to vaporize moisture/breath for the fast aerobic activities, Polartec Power Wool a moisture wicking-anti-odor merino wool/synthetic blend).


29 Spring Street/NYC

WHERE: Westerlind Retail Store -a curated urban outdoor emporium (sea, mountain and home goods)... sells some of our fav apparel/accessories brands-including their own, Grundens rainwear, Snow Peak and Japan's hard to find here Ficouture...

Ficouture Tool Bag $300

....hosted Teva's Arrowood WP launch-a stylish boot (mid $160 and low $120-$140 W/M versions) with the comfort of the acclaimed sandals-with FloatLite™ technology-new foam construction that's both light and durable, with PU sockliner (removable), full grain leather uppers, waterproof, and rubber outsole inserts...multi-tasks as a good traveling, easy hiking kick.