Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Keep Personal Electronics Plugged In, Lit-Up-Shine-On, and Protected-At Home and On the Road

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Gadget-thing-y mobile device accessory masters NiteIze serves up a solution to those cracked screens and misplaced  cards and dollar bills-a CONNECT wallet that holds and ruggedly protects BOTH-with a CONNECT clip-can clip smartphone when wallet is removed-sized for iPhones+Samsungs. 

Never miss a step-recharegable headlamps-are a huge growing category-vital for the early morning/late afternoon hours  in limited daylight hours,..and a smart item for cars and travelers everywhere-no matter how they get there. From NiteIze- Swipe to Shine™ technology-activates the light...INOVA STS Powerswitch headlamp-dual power options (3 AAA batteries-or , a micro USB, rechargeable lithium-ion battery), dual (red or white)LED options-4 modes -compact+waterproof -and is also a multi-mounter-for accessories-like NiteIze bike-helmet mounts- or headlight strap !

GOALZERO lanterns-lights...big or mini bright lights anywhere-shine bright and charge up...on left-Lighthouse 400 Lantern&USB Power Hub-dimmable and turbo settings for adjustable light up to bright 400 lumens. Recharge form any USB port, a GoalZero Nimad Solar panel-or use the built-in hand crank to charge up instantly....the internal lithium battery boasts a 4,4000mAh with a 1.5A USB output-enough 'juice' for smartphones and tablets, and DUALITE™ directional lighting-collapsible legs for easy storage. $79.99

Lighthouse Micro-a CES Innovation Award winner $59.99

Light-A-Life Mini-USB chainable light-hangs out where you do-power up with usb  port including GoalZero rechargers $24.99

Monday, October 24, 2016

HI-Low Tech-Cool Gear

STAY CONNECTED, CHARGED, AND WARM-Personable Wearables, Power On The Go-Off Grid Energy, App Enabled Devices, Hands Crafted Help


Part One-What's New:
Just when we thought the cooler temps were being pushed forward to early next year-a wave of snow in fact falls-even  ski resorts like Killington VT are ready to open up :-) One of best ways we know-for the perfect fitting hiking boots -to be comfy year round favs-whenthe mercury dips-we add in the heated insoles...by ThermaCELL® that now come in 3 versions for 2016/17...wireless remote controlled-Original+ ProFLEX -up to 5 hours run time and new ProFLEX Heavy Duty-pictured below.
Yup-now with Bluetooth connectivity control-for our app world...ThermaCELL ProFLEX Heavy Duty-10x more durable than ProFLEX-control via Bluetooth connectivity- your smartphone (vs a remote) up to 6.5 hours of warmth, removable battery charges up in 80 minutes-mad of breathable+highly water resistant polyurethane foam- new cushioning and stability for even more comfort. $199.99

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Saturday, October 22, 2016



BBL Broadband Light Phototherapy (Review)

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Whether facing the world -barefaced (aka #IWokeUpLikeThis), slightly hidden under tinted lightweight lotions - or full-on hiding under thick concealer - one's skin's texture and tone -from the neck-up-is never really masked. And as the saying goes-want to know a person's age-check out the back of his/her hands. SO TRUE.

Which is why-post summer-non-invasive complexion improving treatments for those most visible parts-are growing in popularity.

Fortunately-the best solutions don't  require the most time commitment or $ either.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

RECOVERY -STRENGTHEN Athlete Essentials Footwear


Recovery shoes-that cushion-massage the feet and absorb stress- are musts for athletes. Also though -barefoot style-minimalist shoes (running sneakers) - def not for everyone-still are worthy as footwear---for other endeavors...as many humans believe walking barefoot is a great way to strengthen feet-legs.
Close-imo-opting for minimal type shoes for strolls on shock absorbing surfaces like dirt/sand-stress free way to build up those muscles too.
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From Earth Runners-a minimalist outdoors sandal company...is very cool. A build your own custom sandal (more or less 'cushioning' options)-is offered-aimed at different outdoor activities...from trail running-to camping-travel-or approach shoe etc. We use ours-vegan model-quick drying rubber with it's custom molded minimalist 8mm Vibram® outsole- as the perfect beach shoe. The fit-(it comes with detailed instructions on how to adjust the non-stretch mil-spec nylon straps)...nicely aligns with our entire foot...and holds-without slippage-via locking buckle...benefit of that-when walking sand-keeps it out the sand...and the sandal stays with you-versus flips flops. $69-$84 
(L-R)Vibram's FUROSHIKI-an Asian inspired neoprene wrap shoe (sides attach via velcro) now come in winter worthy shearling lined -unlined  water repellent neoprene high/mid lengths. Our mid length-neoprene in black (or course)-perfect kick to wear with jogger style pants-there is actually a moisture wicking-slight cushioning footbed-hels when the turf is city sidewalks...and the Megagrip rubber outsole compund-is made for forever durability-grips great on wet surfaces. Great easy style for hanging out -fits like a glove without restrictions. $120-$160
OOFOS flip-flops (pictured- the OOlala sandal $59.95)-are akin to a massage for the feet-made with a patented rubber compound sourced from KOREA-biomechanically engineered to reduce foot stress and soreness for the best recovery shoe out there-it's foam absorbs more shock than traditional foams-noticeably so-IMO. No wonder this brand-has clog and slide styles too-in men's -women's and children sizes. No surprise to us-we had a pair since the company launched --Ooofos-is now found in a lot of runner's-athlete shops and on the the feet of people who spend their days on theirs.
FREEWATERS-THERMA-REST™ memory footbed sandals ( similar tyle-men's Treeline $40)-beefed up flip-flops with style- is a best selling collab based on the cushioning camping foam pads-that have coddled outdoor adventurers for years. Vegan too-the rubber outsole has grooves for grip, polyester webbing comes in geometric graphics and different colors- and arch support too. Ideal the travel sandal for hotter climates-where one's terrain ranges from boardwalk-beach-street concrete, to trail dirt.

Monday, October 17, 2016


Made In Italy Premium Women's Sandals-Shoes-Flats-Loafers-Slides
up top-ad from Vogue...in front Bernardo 1946 archival selections

Resort-Spring Collection Highlights

Inspired by a rich heritage of unique designs, and distinct architectural -sculptural inspirations-and training of founder Bernard Rudofsky----

Best Seasonal Snacks-Fall's Pumpkin+Spices

TERRA CHIPS: CRISPY+CHEWY Spice-Sweet - Limited Editions, Year Round Favs

AHHH...wholesome pumpkin, juicy fresh apples, aromatic seasonings of cinnamon+nutmeg =the autumnal flavors that seemingly appear across all food and beverage categories...REALLY make their tasty presence known in one of our fav satisfying snacks...TERRA CHIPs-  that this year-has truly upped the ante for what delicious savory-salty-sweet - crispy-chewy bites are

Made from real whole vegetables-always- sourcing sustainable ingredients-the company MO from the start-has been make the best chips EVER...and imho- practically re-invented the chips category. In a good way.

WHAT's NEW: Terra Chips -all non-GMO fyi- 20 exotic root vegetables combined with American heritage versions of sweet potatoes and pumpkin -like the new Beaurguard Sweet Potato (Louisiana), Fairytale Pumpkin (aka Musquee de Provence-rich mahogany color +shape).

Delivering now-the winning combo of Sweets & Apples- -crowd pleasing fusion of crispy Ipomdea Batatasi- a sweet potato-married with naturally sweet juicy Gala-Fuji apples for a unique crisp-chewy mouthful...with hints of spice cinnamon.

The limited edition of Pumpkin Spice Sweets---sweet potatoes with zesty spices...full flavor awesome-a pumpkin spice blend that's full favored and appropriate.

Ditch the icky corn syrup candies-and ho hum holiday desserts-for those family/friends gatherings -the Terra Chip snacks are so much better tasting and textural satisfyingly scrumptious. Treat without the tricks...though doubtful they'll be any leftovers. 

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Athlete Essentials-Recovery Foam Rollers/Hydration Part One

 TriggerPoint Performance Therapy, Eternal Naturally Alkaline Spring Water

Ask a top performing athlete-from dedicated endurance amateur-to professional-tips for success-and no doubt-recovery is right up there with practice, dedication, grit/luck and proper nutrition/hydration (okay-and talent)...as the key factors for winning performances.
source comedycentral.com
Not having a daily deep massage (WISH), or the expensive NormaTec recovery System (OTHER wish-gift list), nor tried cryotherapy (need to work up our nerve),  there nonetheless- is an accessible effective help for muscle relief =foam rolling- inexpensive- and not time consuming either-that we do have.