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#VANLIFE: No-Nonsense Eve- Glam Villanelle Tips

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CHECK OUT: Belting Out Broadway Off Broadway

No surprise
-- -social media is peaking out-and swipers are seeking a bit of IRL entertainment to combat eyeball fatigue and this.

Real toe tapping tunes-in swank retro lounges are def staging as it were...a comeback.

In Manhattan-an island destination full of entertainment options and talented humans -glamorous options just steps from the big bright lights of___serve up the songs with cocktails.

In the theater district:

The Playboy Club-512 West 42nd Street-offers up glam lounge decor, excellent food (REALLY!) a Monday night (8-10PM) top notch showcase starring Broadway's finest up and comers and current cast members performing -hitting the stage already-in nearby shows.

AN impressive venue-this weekly event reminds of those fab Encores series--produced by Beau Speer with Music Direction by Brandon James Gwinn & the T-Shirt Tuxedo Trio with  the vocal stylings of Anne Fraser Thomas.

The Laurie Beecham Theater-407 West 42nd Street-underneath the West Bank Café-is an acoust…

Functional Snacks- Part 3

Every once in awhile-a company makes some many good (tasty) products-we would buy stock in it...if offered :-)

Family owned Clif Bar-is one of them. In fact their caffeine aided energy blocs (oversized gummies) and gels-gooey easy to digest carb hits -endurance athletes' must haves...are so effective-we buy by the CASE!

 WHAT ELSE: The Clif Kid USDA Organic Z Bars -are our favs of the company's snack bars-sized right, real ingredients---and sweet tooth pacifying enough without giving us a headache.

Not meal subs like their protein Builder Bars (imo)-but true snack satisfiers (12 grams of whole grains)...Clif Kid Z Bars are made chewy and fiber rich via oats and fig paste.

Flavor options include dessert worthy Iced Oatmeal-what we tried-with vanilla and cinnamon hits, Chocolate Brownie, Chocolate, Chip, Caramel Chocolate and S'Mores.

Widely Available.

Functional Snacks: Part 2

Heartbeat elevators -like outdoor bike rides- hitting the trails or barely moving indoors- watching basketball-hockey playoffs-US Open-binging Netflix...are all ideal set-ups for our snack nation-that does just THAT all day.
Most Wanted: A sweet chewy indulgence -less the crash burn-and non-GMO (meaning among other things-no GMO modified stuff sprayed with this)...
TRY: No need to twist an arm to try these NEW flavors of treats that manage to be amazing tasting,  filling enough-and good for that grab and go lifestyle: Fruitons by Traina Foods check all the boxes.
Portable, delicious-and available in uncommon fruit options like athlete must-sweet-tart-earthy 
cherries, and an almost juicy tree ripe 'Summer Blend' of peaches, nectarines and plums---yes it all tastes as yummy as it sounds. 
Better yet-the family farm sourced dried fruit is moist chewy-not leather=y-available in handy bite sized pieces.
And it's worth mentioning (again)-since it's real fruit-it satisfies a s…

Functional Snacking: Part One

A Mixed Metaphor?


Just in Time For March Madness, Binge Watching Past Seasons Of Drama Favs...and Outdoor Fun In The Sun:

The Latest Treats to Eat=Addictive and Better For You

From Saffron Road...a company dedicated to providing delicious eats for all times-inspired by 'world cuisine' -their latest products deliver accessible palate pleasing sweet-and chocolate covered snack treats-of Fair Trade sourced deep rich dark chocolate straight up or wonderfully blended with exotic chai spices (cinnamon-cardamon hints), buttery honey or  delectable salty-sweet-authentic salted caramel enveloping crunchy chick peas-for a winning combo of indulgent flavor AND satisfying crunch.

Available in resealable bags---( if leftovers are a possibility which we doubt)...the new enhanced crunchy chickpeas- a handful perfect- check off all the musts of snack have nutrition hits of added protein and are non-GMO which increasingly matters these days -there's a reason Europe bans …

She's Like A Rainbow...

AND/or really likes to wear one.

Top footwear picks for multi-color flair:

Party Pretty: Poolside, Beach, City

Hike On: Trails or Streets:


Red + White Wines Go Green Part 3

he Nebbiolo grapes that comprises collectible and more drink now variety of Barolos -in all of its chewy deliciousness---is made in the biodynamic-organic "slow wine" wineries in the Piedmont area of Italy.

Bordeaux reds from France-are similarly worshipped and collected as Barolos. And also similar-there are many great drinking wines value priced that would surprise -even the French.

Château Virecourt Conté 2015 is priced at around $15-$17/bottle in the USA-and even as low as 5 Euros in France-so we were told. Produced certified Agriculture Biologyique.
At a recent Bordeaux wine tasting-of selections all priced under $50-and aimed at -restaurant sommeliers...looking for by the glass and bottles options...we thought this Bordeaux Supérieur blend (95% Merlot, 5% Cabernet Franc) a bargain worth seeking out with red berry + floral flavors-ready to drink now-with age potential too.