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Holiday Sips : Part One- Lugano White Wines

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In-Cosmetic Highlights

Beauty/Cosmetic/Skincare Trends
The number of attendees at skincare/cosmetic ingredient -raw suppliers trade shows has noticeably been growing since we've been covering this industry.

Big and small independent companies alike-looking for the next ingredient to make their products stand out in a crowded marketplace...were strolling the aisles-and packed  the trend forecasting seminars at the go round of In-Cosmetics.


Waterless products have been around for awhile- our first LUSH bars' of shampoo/conditioner + popular bath bomb buys at one of their first stores -in Vancouver,  British Columbia-was about 24 years ago.

Now fresh drinking water (and the lack there of) -and the industries that suck it up-are well known. Using less of this precious commodity- along with less non-recyclable-eco packaging-were two standout trends we hope become completely mainstream in the skincare/beauty/cosmetics productions.

A top pick for cool new 'thing'- at the latest In-Cosm…

Dào Wines-of Portugal

Today's casual lifestyles-and relaxed gatherings around kitchen islands -inspire hosts to ring in the holidays with different wines to pair with everything from one pot winter headliners-to small plate/grazing options,  and of course,  Instagram ready cheese boards.

Last century's go to's Bordeaux/Burgundy Premier Cru+Grande Crus, Rhone wines, Brunellos California Cabs, oaky chardonnays... like formal dining room decor and rigid 3 course meals-still satisfy-but in our experience- other countries' liquid palate pleasers-and snack like versatile  appetizers are now the preferred pairings. AND more fun.

Another added plus- these global wines are remarkable $ values-often astonishingly so.

Across the Pond:

Remember the excitement of discovering Spain's  Riojas, Argentina's Malbecs-or New Zealand Sauvignons-perhaps on travels abroad?

This year's sensorial stunners just might come from the terrific DÀO region---even if one can't actually touch down in that nor…

#VANLIFE Essentials: Coffee On The Go

Smart Designs for Coffee Lovers Premium Presses/ Eco transit or at home.
OUR LATEST OBSESSION-for tabletop, home decor-or life on the road=the beautiful functional designs by NY based  SOMA.

 Comes apart for easy cleaning too.

WIN WIN This company's stunning 10 cup water pitcher-made from recycled/sustainable materials including bamboo handle-uses a degradable (eventually) coconut shell based filter . Sold at Crate & Barrel with water filters sold separately-or byyearly subscription it's popular on wedding registries and makes a great house gift!

SOMA is s Certified B Corp-with 1% of profits donated to Charity:Water.


DD Building Fall Market 2019 Trends

Part 3

Historic homes and sleek contemporary dwellings can co-exist with modern and antique pieces.

Visually and functionally.

These key takeaways from Celeste Alexander's led panel on the Modern Approach to Time-honored Design appropriately- took place at the STYLE LIBRARY showroom-aka the home for those glorious William Morris archival prints.

Observations by participants Joy Moyler, Raymond Boozer, and Tyler Hill - Michael Mitchell  also noted how clients are often very savvy, inspired by travels (and Instagram), have key artworks to design around, can have family heirlooms ( "... respect them...and know about them ahead of time" Joy Moyler).  and either are willing to live with antiques (with comfortable modern primary seating -Hill/Mitchell) or not ("millennial don't want antiques" Raymond Boozer).

Even younger clients however- embrace archival prints and patterns- as proven by the lightening fast sell-out of H & M' x Style Library's colla…

Home Away From Home Design Trends

Part 2

DDB Building Fall Market 2019

It's not easy to cause home envy in a crowd of professional decorators.
BUT Kendall Wilkinson (San Fran. based with a signature beauty/comfort MO garnering West Coast- Rocky Mountain clients), Tina Ramchandani (NY full service designer known for it's 'soulful minimalism') and Jackson Hole WY based duo Klaus Bauer and Rush Jenkins (WRJ DESIGNS-"Natural Elegance" personified)...managed a few lustful gasps-during an informative slide presentation last week.

As summed up by keynote host Brittany Chevalier McIntyre (Executive Editor of Luxe Interiors)-vacation homes are  the ultimate dream abodes -with a design must of comfort AND a place to work- for today's work life balance. 

 AKA " the same life in different homes...beginning with location and architecture."

Clients range from hands off carte blanche types-to hands on wanting to be included in every decision. Basic technology wants, however…

Paired Up Chocolates: Gourmet/Wines + Kids' Favs

That irresistible high-low matrix of how we dress, furnish homes and EAT-from chef table multi-course extravaganza to quick food truck bites.

Is so true for the most popular sweet candy -chocolate, too.


Two themed chocolate 'kits' satisfy desires for the sublime and the fun.

For the gourmet and wine connoisseur  - the luxury Belgian chocolate maker Neuhaus-clinks glasses with Advanced Sommelier Sarah Thomas of NYC's Michelin's 3 star rated- Le Bernadin-for its beautifully packaged Wine Collection.

 INSIDE-24 creamy melt in your mouth  pralines... in six palate pleasing assortments-blessed with hints of unexpected ingredients (Earl Grey tea, saffron, acacia honey etc).

To savor with (and enhanced by) specific wines...these gift worthy treats include an informative booklet- that offers up varietal suggestions and flavorful descriptions. Sophisticated--and approachable btw.
One way to slow down (and appreciate more) our usual fast inhalation of delicious high qu…