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Indie Beauty Highlights HAIR/SKINCARE

CBD oil in hair care-is new to the market.
SMOOTH & STRONG Professional had many cool 'clean' products.
Similar to a few well established private label makeup-skincare companies covered from prior tradeshows-this company has launched their own DTC brand!

Indie Beauty Highlights

The indie beauty market for skincare, makeup and 'wellness' is booming-and part of the reason is that it is easier than ever to launch one's own line-thanks to private label manufacturers -with ready made formulas (yes-there are a lot of similar products/buzzwords) -or the ability to customize-which is why (imo) some makeup/skincare brands manage to be unique.

Two companies visited at the recent Indie Beauty Expo---showed us what's trendy...

 Lipotec Skin Essentials (a Lubrizol division since 2012-all  owned by Bershire Hathaway)  has a turn-key good to go- brand accelerator program with advanced science-y formulations for skin care. Cooling, hydration-creamy light gel-fast absorbing-and time releasing are desired cream -serum-moisturizers textures/characteristics.

Also-pretty cool-tinier than shot glass size (hence the name SHOTZ) anti aging serum-different ingredients=different colors-shake up-the colors blend- and then use.

PURE BEAUTY LABS cosmetic design and form…

Athlete Essentials-Topical Ache Relief-INDIE Brands

Balms and creams deliver relief for aches and pains-where you need it-and work speedily too.

 There are a slew of DIFFERENT kinds of hemp plant derived hemp oil (Cannabis Sativa seed oils) that are having a marketing  moment. Despite much information-consumers still can mix-up the differences between the THC loaded hemp plant one, and the CBD loaded one...and plain ole' hemp oil without any cannabinoids- that's been around the USA in products- for years, and years.

Think of it like fruit-all related but different (apples vs oranges)

Of common importance-is the purity of the hemp source-as hemp picks up whatever is in the soil it is grown in-and that includes bad stuff like pesticides, toxic metals + chemicals...etc. Look for organic, full spectrum third party verified CBD (on the label -smart code etc) to ensure potency and purity. Currently there aren't any USDA organic standards for hemp.

With that general info-one  easy to rub in cream tried-that helped a tight hamstri…

IMPRESS Manicure An Original Indie Beauty Brand #NYFW


A K Beauty company (before it was trendy)-KISS Products-once again sponsored the 'fun-set' NYFW  shows---including Alice and Olive by Stacy Bendet. The models were perfectly made up-nail-wise, in a glittery take on the French manicure...with sparkling tips on a soft almond shape nail. A semi shiny matte-deep pink-flattering for all skin tones was also a highlight.  PICTURED ABOVE: custom made press on nails- by GINA EDWARDS-a editorial fav manicurist...
LOVE: these nails=subtle with impact-an exclamation point (nail wise) for women who like to be noticed but in a subtle way. KISS NAILS are widely available..ULTA and are exclusively featuring the KISS Salon Acrylic French Nude Nails $7.99 (a seamless cuticle line makes these look like the real deal-with nails, 2 g glue, manicure stick and mini file ), Other styles (new GLAM Fantasy SpecialFX Nails ($7.99 28 nails, 2 g glue, manicure stick and mini file and Mega adhesive tabs)) are at Target,CVS etc IRL…

INDIE BEAUTY Expo Highlights

Like the food/specialty food industry-the beauty/skincare biz is booming for small time companies. Nimbleness, fast to market trend driven products-fit categories =clean, 'simple ingredients,' hemp + CBD, eco+ sustainable packaging, detox from urban-or digital life-parallels the food as medicine phenom  and /or J and K beauty favs like facial masks-for the masses.

Part One:

One of the Indie Beauty Expo favs-with a perpetually packed booth...

Oral Hygiene masters-Terra & Co. showed biodegradable dental the nifty packaged  bamboo +activated charcoal dental floss.

Road Trip Snacks

Healthy, Portable, Shelf Stable, Crunchy-Chewy...the best cheese/seed crisps and dried fruit bites for on the go eats.

In re-sealable bags...