Monday, July 16, 2018

Better For You Snacks/Fancy Food Show '18

Snacks- (or dessert additions)-the new 'energy bars' are better than inhaling the typical packaged cookies when the mood strikes for tempting tasty treats.
Part One

Reasons-real deal fiber, organic and/or 'functional' ingredients,  cleaner labels...and allergy free choices.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Flavorful Native Spices/Foods/:Africa, Haiti, Australia

Ancestral inspirations and distant islands/continents...turned up in new ways at the latest Fancy Food Show...with African, Haitian, and Australian spices livening up foodie goodies.
Departure Snacks-travels for you, no security checks-needed, tastes wise-with far flung locales-thematically adding flavors to dry roasted almonds. Pictured-Ethiopian Berbere-with smoked paprika, mild chilies, cinnamon, ginger, cloves and imo the new 'it' spice-cardamon=fragrant spice hits. Non-GMO, gluten free +vegan. 210 calories/pack.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

French Condiments: World Class Tastes


French mustards and salts are probably the most popular of that World Cup powerhouse offerings...besides a football team with players ready for the world stage (too).
Some favs from the recent Fancy Food Show:

Moutarde Pommery à l'Ancienne ---Meaux Mustard- Pommery-founded in 1949. We had the grainy signature crock packaged mustard -with a wax top- in our kitchen pantry growing up-been in the USA for awhile...other truly delicious flavors from mild-to medium...including new fruit added blends-(cranberries on the left, figs on the right)-which we think could add pop of flavor to BBQ-grilled anything. Once Canada slaps on retaliatory tariffs on a certain USA brand of mustard-we think...price of this French gourmet brand-will be similar-and will be an easy replacement. AND-the ancient Romans 'shared' their cultivation of this ancient spice-with the Gauls...but many believe it was really the French town of Dijon-back in 1382 -under the rule of the Duke of Burgundy-made mustard a French staple.

Monday, July 9, 2018

BAHHHHH. Goat Cheese' Tangy Good Tastes

Spreadably familiar- fresh creamy smooth Montrachet style  rolls-soft ripened or aged- in harder rinds' slice worthy formats-or headlining spreads/yogurts/dips/gelato ...goat milk's distinct tangy mildness highlighted  exhibitor offerings at the most recent Fancy Food Show.
just get right to the point-no fancy consultants needed to conjure up this distributor's name...World's Best Cheeses

What caught our eyeballs...

BELLE CHEVRE (an Alabama creamery)=goat cheese nirvana-log rolls, flavored in light+creamy spreadable textures...and an amazingly delicious sweet vanilla lemon zest fresh goat cheese cheesecake $34.95-in a graham crust-airy- like NY cream cheesecake version versus the more heavier Italian ricotta style.

Zingerman's Detroit ST Brick Cheese...goat cheese with Tellicherry Peppercorns in velvety mold...aged 2-5 weeks-crumbly and sliceable for grilled cheese potential-yummy-slight sweet- earthy flavor. An Ann Harbor, Michigan Creamery

Saturday, July 7, 2018


Not a ref to Prince Harry,

Teeth clinging-taffy-like aromatic ginger chews were a fav of  senior family members-acquired tastes for time spent in India and England during/post WW II.

Now-the natural remedies/ health benefits of this fragrant root-are well known-particularly as a digestive tummy calmer+anti-inflammatory helper. No wonder ginger (lemon tea) is so popular...whether sipped up via branded tea bags-or what we do...slice a fresh chunk off the real deal root-peel it a bit-and steep in a cuppa hot water.

Plus unlike say ginseng...ginger actually tastes good. Paired with cinnamon/cloves in cookies, garlic in Asian fusion sautés or on its own (with sugar-in addictive ginger snaps)...this sophisticated flavor multi-tasks in a lot of yummy eats.

Maybe that's why-it seemed like the sweet-savory Ginger chews were the "it' single wrapped hardish chew candy at this year's Fancy Food Show.
Besides the soon to be collectible Harry Potter themed Jelly Beans.

HA-barely got home in a NY minute-before we sampled these seriously delicious original GIN-GINS® chews from The Ginger People Group. (that's an unwrapped piece in the lower right-lightly dusted). Authentic ingredients-non-GMO, gluten free+vegan-Gin-Gins have spicy adult sweet melty taste/quality-with the distinct true ginger  -a palate highlight. The company-founded years back by a couple with a background in tea harvesting-sources its main organic ingredient from family farms on the lush lower slopes of Mount Arjuna, East Java. Widely available -online and brick-mortar like Targets...and in different flavors and sizes including bulk (smart)- too.

Prince of Peace Ginger Chews-Mango
 Other brands seen----

Melting Sweet Ginger Candy

CHIMES Ginger Chews-with Peanut Butter-from the brand we remember seeing sold in our local store-for decades.
Gem Gem Ginger Candy.oh oh Orange! Also in Just Ginger, Mango and Lemon-new product from  Brother's Trading LLC

Thursday, July 5, 2018

FANCY FOOD SHOW '18 Trends -Next Year was really the Fancy Food Show-but there were enough screens-massive and minute-live broadcasting the World Cup-it was also an ideal viewing setting-complete with a huge international turn-out-cheering on the drama...

Some new trends we expect to see more of NEXT YEAR!

Nói Síríus  Icelandic Chocolate-from the new 'it' tourist destination and soccer powerhouse.

there's plenty of SMOKED BBQ sauces, chips, and spice blends out there-but we're seeing that earthy flavor pop up in other edible spots...Minerva Smoked Amish Roll Butter
SMOKED Sea Salt-by Maldon
FIGS as feast
we wrote up the USA based award winning Date Lady dessert sauces from last year's Figs taking center stage -Hellenic Fig Salamis
NOTE-dried pressed figs/dates with almonds or chocolate - already a Spanish/Greek/Mediterranean staple-widely available here- already in round wheel shapes (whole/half/quarter). 

GREEN TEA flavor (full)

Green tea and matcha are 'it' ingredients in smoothies and frozen treats (ice cream, non-dairy ices)...but now are showing up in indulgent sweets and desserts with no claim of health benefits---but there for its "Asian" taste.
Made in Japan-Puchao Uji Matcha candy-remind us of Hi-Chews-with addictive  chewiness...perfect sweet -match flavor balance.
Radishes are staple eat at French bars-alongside a shaker of salt-but don't seem to get as much love,  here. Why this Paul's Perky Producs-Radical Radish Poppers...caught our eye. 
Richardson Brands edible rock candy---in an instagrammable layered cake

  Photo-worthy...layered 'cakes'

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Celebratory English- July 4th Food!

The former Colonies-celebrating America's freedom from the jolly Brits-is all about the BBQs. 

But why not-go celebrate their World Cup team...with eats heralding English eccentricity, the recent Royal Wedding, and unique UK tastes (and contributions).

Highlights from the Fancy Food Show 2018
It's always tea o'clock ---YAY!!!!
traditional LAKELAND Bake crumpets-think a merge of EnglishMuffins with a muffin...yummy when toasted and slathered with jam...and clotted cream. FYI-the CO2 shortage has Brits in all twisty knotted knickers...but this company's MO "CARRY ON.." so no worries.