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Sunglass Season-New Styles

Under glaring sunshine or cloudy skies-eyes need protection from damaging UVB-UVA rays.

Squint alert times used to mean paying up for well fitted durable shades that shield peepers- multi-tasking for a range of activities...from traveling to sporty fun.

NOW: Better For Less

Two innovative companies  'get' the style component, fit, and visual needs of human eyeballs, rather impressively =Tifosi Optics + Privé Revaux

Outdoor specialist Tifosi Optics (motto WHERE SPORT MEETS LIFE) offer up our fav everyday sunglasses-with two new adaptive shades-the classic roundish cats' eye SVAGO and rimless SWANK SL .

Both are super lightweight, stay put without leaving a mark on our nose bridge post hours of wear no matter what,  have frames that via "Glide Technology" don't yank out our precious tresses-putting on/off (made out of nylon material = Grimalid TR-90), with scratch tough polycarbonate lenses that are coated vs glare-just like pricier brands.
If traveling minimal…

Spring Urban Outdoor Travel Apparel

Over a decade of covering-the used to be distinct fashion/urban-outdoor/travel clothing world...we've seen a gradual change...aka these formerly separate apparel lines-merge.
Fashion labels source (more) sustainable -functional textiles, outdoor apparel doubles as streetwear and travel friendly garb, and all pitch to city dwellers-because that's where most of the consumers live.

Additionally-rental services for everything from office wear to tech gear ...helps the buying public zero in on paying for everyday multi-tasking 2-3 seasons' clothing with stylish edge...eliminating wardrobes bursting with single use only pieces.

Top Jacket Pick For Women on the go...

Adidas Outdoors Urban CLIMASTORM $89 and  CLIMAPROOF  $149 Rain Jackets made with windproof/waterproof materials...are keepers- and real weather tough layers that (almost) does it all.

Hydration Help

The wisdom of drink more a mantra of skin/beauty care pros as well as athletic trainers.

Yet-the only hospital landing water situation we know of-was from drinking too much water -(Hyponatremia).

SOLUTION- hydrate better-whether with added sodium-electrolytes add-ins (sweat-leaning person's aid)...and/or encourage more water consumption-via making it tastier!

PUMP IT UP =Energy Water Enhancers

Caffeine Aid

True Lemon by True Citrus-makes single serve lightly caffeinated deliciously fruity options -low calorie, no artificial ingredients, flavors or preservatives. $3.99/6 serving box.

Herbalife's Liftoff® fizzy tablets-will perk up peeps- even those that mainline espresso. Seriously.
Easily dissolving round tablets offer up a real caffeine hit...for energy on the go.

In single serve portions-handy for gym bag hauling- Liftoff® is offered in four flavor options... tropical fruit, lemon lime, Ignite Me Orange, and Pomegranate Berry Burst.
Priced online 10/$20.50
Taste wi…

Plant Based 'Milk' Trending NOW

Back in July-we wrote up several nut -plant based dairy  subs, from the Specialty Food Show.

Two new to us companies Elmhurst Dairy and Planet Oats are now fairly widely available...


Athlete Essentials + Beauty from Within!

Real Hair/Skin/Nails/Joints Nutrition Help Less The Dead Animals?

Apparently so and imo a real improvement-taste-wise- in the energy-protein powder food universe.

It used to be that collagen helpers...via supplements, drink powders, bone broths -got their purported (digested-delivered) nutritious powers via slaughtered animals' ground up bones, cartilage, hides (gelatin).

Besides being not vegan/vegetarian-we ALSO always wondered how toxic that would be too-given that 'clean' ingredients need to be tested for that.
ANYONE testing ground up hides? We think not.

Plant Based Collagen-PlantFusion is a new to us...but wow-it's a VERY tasty 'clean' vegan powder-to add to water or some other liquid.

In The Mix:
Infused with plant proteins (PlantFusion® Amino Acid Infused Protein Blend-with pea protein, algae, chia seed)...that is free of a slew of major allergens (dairy, soy, rice, eggs, peanuts, shellfish etc) no artificial colors/preservatives, gluten FRE…

Food Trends -Post Workout Pick-ups

Athlete Essentials:

Refueling after long endurance exertions-requires hydration, essentials like electrolytes/minerals (depending on the sweat level), and protein to repair muscles.

Carbs-sugars-naturally or in the form of 'added sugars' (soon to be labeled as such)...after multi-hours of physical excess-are very helpful too.

We definitely feel the need for a reward treat-just to get home after a long workout-or race day. But def want one that has nourishing attributes.


German QUARK by Wünder Creamery- is a quirky name for a very popular food widely available in Europe under various in France-it's close cousins are Fromage Blanc----Fromage Frais.

Made from fermented sour milk-so naturally loaded with probiotics, calcium and vitamin D-QUARK is a super nourishing ready to eat dairy product that is so delicious-it will placate junk food urge splurges (aka kid friendly).

The unflavored whole milk sourced -flavor and texture -  reminded us of a less …