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#VANLIFE What To Pack


Hitting the lone-wide open road...seems like the perfect 'self-care' vacay nowadays.

Limited storage=multi-tasking clothing+accessories+footwear that double for active-leisure pursuits-the only stuff to carry on.

SUNGLASSES are a great price, even better.

Top Pick:

100% UVA-UVB blocking for outdoor jaunts under bright blue skies- are 'just' part of the protective attributes of the incredibly lightweight-great fitting-and amazingly priced  new Tifosi SWOON 'shades -a worthy addition to their best selling SWANK series- intro'ed last year.

These latest frame shapes- deliver sharp vision and sporty chic style.

LOVE: Gradient lenses (darker on top, fading to lighter lower) are the hottest in demand lenses choice of celebs wearing  sunglasses.

AND  imo-the SWOON are worthy of them and us.

Suitable for medium-large faces...the SWOON almost wrap around shape-with tiny air vents at the sides to prevent fogging-block any sunlight from dis…


In a way-KISS is one of the original indie beauty brands...

...once again-this company has given consumers a professional looking 'fake' eyelash option.

But courtesy of some company thinking-we think the new FALSCARA is a game changer for those wanting length/volume/curled lashes with ease.
These are re-useable lashes-3x  -new ones are also sold separately, as is the bond/sealer
Easy to remove by using a folded over cotton pad, saturated with the KISS Falscara eye makeup remover that has lash building nurturing ingredients...and applying to the lash/eye for about 30 seconds.
The applicator and wisp lash can also be cleaned with rubbing alcohol to remove any trace of bond/sealer.


THE LIST: Part 2

Waterless Beauty/Grooming

Portable split are bars of cleansers, conditioners, shampoos...are handiest, easy to stow option for limited storage.

The men's leaning best sellers from DUKE CANNON Supple Co.-includes retro cool packaging and nifty-gender neutral (imo) cologne bars.

FAV Lush makes a slew of vegan -cruelty free and effective options for head to toe washing-in addition to those practically collective bath bombs.

A little cover-up gem-by indie beauty Blinking Owl Acres-is the holistic (best selling) non-toxic mineral foundation powder-one up-with organic moisturizers in its featherweight formula one can hike in (aka not cake-y) imo-adds to sun block help with Zinc Oxide-Mica-Silk ingredients.
A Better Sip:

Let There Be Light:

Sure flashlights are standard---but for added portable chic-this 6 hour light LED lamp from lifestyle design brand LEXON.  Big and little shine potential (warm-cool light and dimmer function)-easily recharges... via a handy US…

#VANLIFE Road Trip

A need for wide open spaces -paces early springtime travel.
BENEFITS...skip the crowds (you probably don't want to be around anyway), save $ in 'shoulder season' pricing...and still enjoy great weather, miles of roads and spacious skies.

THE LIST: Part One:

THE Wheels...

Obsessed with a road trip or life in a renovated van?
SEATTLE based PEACE VANS' glam refurbished Mercedes and Volkswagens-are available for rent or purchase.
Amazingly-an all electric, renovated VW van is charged up for rent too.
AS hip as a Tesla(?)....nope...FRIEDA is way cooler (pictured up top).


Peace Vans Rentals is powered by the Volkswagen Van restoration experts at Peace Vans and brainchild of Seattle entrepreneur Harley Sitner.  From its inception in 2013, Peace Vans has grown to a family of five businesses, all focused on helping people live their best lives and all located in the heart of Seattle.   To learn more about the family of businesses, visit  For reservatio…

Hottest Item Selling-AIRINUM URBAN AIR Masks

A winner for design at the recent NY NOW tradeshow-Airinum Urban Air masks  are sellouts. Seriously.

Available (in quotes, here) in XS-L -these Swedish designed masks have replaceable filters that snap in (easy enough) provides protection from what ails OTHER PEOPLE.

Note: Packaged like a rather chic Apple product (hence it's carried by MOMA design store)...we wouldn't be surprised if someone just snaps this company up.

Comes with adjustable ear loops and a head strap, in three color choices $69 (plus limited edition selections $99)...and delivers with a travel bag-and two FIVE LAYER filters. Filter slides in on back-and two snaps cover air holes to death through. FYI...comfy.

Certified to protect vs. PM 2.5-designed is to filter out invisible particles of air pollution (too), plus allergens like dust and bacteria.

BONUS POINTS: Member of 1% For The Planet


Valentine's Day is a chocolate occasion...but so is every other day too when it comes to the good stuff.

Women owned and handmade...these chocolates are to be shared with anyone on your sweetheart list...

MarieBelle Izak Zanou ganache 16 piece assortment -so chic-so yummy.

Maggie Louise Confections -fab chocolate and even fab-ber packaging (if that's even a word...)