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Valentine's Wine Time

amples From the Bernard Magrez Portfolio of Wines

 Grand Crus Classés Bordeaux reds are Valentine's Day perfect -and relatively speaking-are good values vs the trophy red Burgundies.

THE Highlight:
Grand Crus Classés Bordeaux Reds  from the esteemed Bernard Magrez collection included our favorite-and imo-well priced 2009 blend from Chateau Pape Clément.

This "urban" winery-  dates back to the 13th century(!!!!!)..and is in the Pessac Leognan appellation not far from the center of the Bordeaux region.

What we tried-the 2009 vintage-is terrific...a hand picked, earthy intoxicating aromatic blend - with a wonderful elegant finish- a complex fusion of deep fruits, leather, smoky-lovely pepper hints (50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 45% Merlot, 3% Petit Verdot, 2% Cabernet Franc).

Many foods including  Asian...would pair well.

Priced in the USA around $170+

FYI: this jewel in Magrez portfolio-has white gloved employees de-stemming berry by berry on a sorting table-  so as not to dama…


lever or just soon to be an uncool marketing ploy=the monikers tossed out for plain 'ole hemp seed oil to captivate the eyeballs of kids (OR grandkids) of those original Woodstock One goers. (?!)

Don't let the maybe annoying distraction take away from the benefits of hemp seed oil as an effective  beauty ingredient-legally derived from the multi-asking industrial hemp plant. (FYI-the industrial hemp plant spawns rope + fabric both super popular for decades too).

Derived from the non-or practically non-THC (buzz part) strain of the cannabis sativa plant (for the 411 on hemp seed oil and CBD oil read our clip on what it REALLY is- Part One)...the benefits of hemp seed oil-marketed as the maybe sexier sounding cannabis sativa oil  are front /center now-the way other plant oils are-think coconut and argan-for beauty/skin/haircare products.

No longer hippy centric-and now mainstream...expect to see loads of new products-with hemp seed oil's moisturizing-nourishing benefits of…

CBD/Hemp Oil Products

art Two

Believers here!
A "magic' balm made from won't get you high CBD oil (hemp plant), and other anti-inflammatory herbs like comfrey...soothed away tenderness in a rotator cuff, so PDQ  post application-curiosity about other CBD oil (or oil like) products gave way to eager tryouts.

 CV Sciences-a company making a slew of consumer products in their PlusCBD Oil™ division-from  Kentucky hemp plants grown from EU certified seeds...had reps at an Editor Showcase event for media -and gave out samples to try.

Beauty/Skin Care Game Change CBD

alk about 'fake news.'

We cannot remember any beauty/skincare health product ingredient with more misinformation than CBD hemp oil.


FYI: Hemp Seed Oil aka Cannabis Sativa Oil is made by pressing the oil out of the seeds from the basically  buzz less industrial hemp plants (little or no THC =tetrahydrocannabinol)---from a certain  kind of cannabis sativa plants.

Hemp seed oil has been a ok here-in edible food products like Manitoba Harvest's and moisturizing skincare products with hemp oil (The Body Shop for example)-and has been around for years.... but the hemp seed oil mothership-the industrial hemp plant-used to be illegal to grow here for the most part (like pilot programs under Prez Clinton),
Hemp seed oil had to be imported-from Canada for example.

But NOW growing industrial hemp plants by licensed growers with less than .03% THC- is legal in the USA (see Congress did do something else besides giveaway tax cuts ha ha ha-cause the Farm Bill was signed into…

SOUPer Bowl-Chinese Lunar New Year Party Liquids

a crowd of humans forth day cooking-and Year of the Pig feasts can be fuss free-using ready made soups-and adding a few ingredients.

Start with a high quality ones (OF COURSE).

From Original Soupman (yup-that Seinfeld classic)...fav Lobster Bisque is a flavorful, filling perfection of a creamy soup base, spices and chunky tender hunts of lobster.

To eat on its own-the Lobster Bisque is addictive awesome. Plus this best seller can be a hearty base for a whole pot of... added shelled shellfish-lobster hunks, crab meat and/or shrimp bits, sautéed onions/celery-till translucent -for added crunch, served with hunks of breads, crackers (try these creative crunches)...or mixed in with some cooked rice.

FYI: A timely
20% discount NOW AVAILABLE on online orders...delivered in handy 6 pack-12 oz sizes, And other tasty recipes=practically insta-gourmand.


For Chinese Lunar New Year-and tail gating liquid warmth-a solid veggie or chicken broth (Pacific Foods-has self s…

Vino Di Brunello Montalcino

ed Wine made from the glorious Sangiovese grape- are sipping delights of any Tuscan trip.

And since the early 2000s, affordable and trophy bottles of this Italian  wine produced in an area 80 km south of Florence- are readily available here too.

For consumers-the DOC (aged one year Rossi di Montalcino) and  DOCG designation (aged 2 years in oak- typically 5 years-with 6 years for Riserva)-appear on the bottle labels assure inhibiters of the origins of Brunello di Montalcino sold.


With clay to rocky shale-limestone soils depending on elevation, southern/northern slopes, and weather that reflects sea and mountain breezes not too far way...the samples we tried had finishes ranging from bold-sometimes balsamic tastes to a more refined elegance (5-6 years aged in oak), notable tannins for all -some with balanced acidity (how aged) -and really there black berry flavors -that also varied, depending on age and vintage.

The younger just released bottles-have a tart red cherry…