Wednesday, October 19, 2016

RECOVERY -STRENGTHEN Athlete Essentials Footwear


Recovery shoes-that cushion-massage the feet and absorb stress- are musts for athletes. Also though -barefoot style-minimalist shoes (running sneakers) - def not for everyone-still are worthy as footwear---for other many humans believe walking barefoot is a great way to strengthen feet-legs.
Close-imo-opting for minimal type shoes for strolls on shock absorbing surfaces like dirt/sand-stress free way to build up those muscles too.

From Earth Runners-a minimalist outdoors sandal very cool. A build your own custom sandal (more or less 'cushioning' options)-is offered-aimed at different outdoor activities...from trail running-to camping-travel-or approach shoe etc. We use ours-vegan model-quick drying rubber with it's custom molded minimalist 8mm Vibram® outsole- as the perfect beach shoe. The fit-(it comes with detailed instructions on how to adjust the non-stretch mil-spec nylon straps)...nicely aligns with our entire foot...and holds-without slippage-via locking buckle...benefit of that-when walking sand-keeps it out the sand...and the sandal stays with you-versus flips flops. $69-$84 
(L-R)Vibram's FUROSHIKI-an Asian inspired neoprene wrap shoe (sides attach via velcro) now come in winter worthy shearling lined -unlined  water repellent neoprene high/mid lengths. Our mid length-neoprene in black (or course)-perfect kick to wear with jogger style pants-there is actually a moisture wicking-slight cushioning footbed-hels when the turf is city sidewalks...and the Megagrip rubber outsole compund-is made for forever durability-grips great on wet surfaces. Great easy style for hanging out -fits like a glove without restrictions. $120-$160
OOFOS flip-flops (pictured- the OOlala sandal $59.95)-are akin to a massage for the feet-made with a patented rubber compound sourced from KOREA-biomechanically engineered to reduce foot stress and soreness for the best recovery shoe out there-it's foam absorbs more shock than traditional foams-noticeably so-IMO. No wonder this brand-has clog and slide styles too-in men's -women's and children sizes. No surprise to us-we had a pair since the company launched --Ooofos-is now found in a lot of runner's-athlete shops and on the the feet of people who spend their days on theirs.
FREEWATERS-THERMA-REST™ memory footbed sandals ( similar tyle-men's Treeline $40)-beefed up flip-flops with style- is a best selling collab based on the cushioning camping foam pads-that have coddled outdoor adventurers for years. Vegan too-the rubber outsole has grooves for grip, polyester webbing comes in geometric graphics and different colors- and arch support too. Ideal the travel sandal for hotter climates-where one's terrain ranges from boardwalk-beach-street concrete, to trail dirt.

Monday, October 17, 2016


Made In Italy Premium Women's Sandals-Shoes-Flats-Loafers-Slides
up top-ad from front Bernardo 1946 archival selections

Resort-Spring Collection Highlights

Inspired by a rich heritage of unique designs, and distinct architectural -sculptural inspirations-and training of founder Bernard Rudofsky----

Bernardo 1946 and its acclaimed design duo Dennis and Lynne Commeau- have fashioned a truly want it now collection of elegantly modern footwear for ladies-that just dazzled with its cool chic.

Check out just some of the looks we coveted...hand crafted from luxe leathers, finely wrought inlaid details (Swarovski crystals, exotic feathers, custom ornamentation)-unique silhouettes-including eye-caching stacked lucite block heels.

Expect these beauties priced $350-$695 to be available in high-end retail outlets.

Best Seasonal Snacks-Fall's Pumpkin+Spices

TERRA CHIPS: CRISPY+CHEWY Spice-Sweet - Limited Editions, Year Round Favs

AHHH...wholesome pumpkin, juicy fresh apples, aromatic seasonings of cinnamon+nutmeg =the autumnal flavors that seemingly appear across all food and beverage categories...REALLY make their tasty presence known in one of our fav satisfying snacks...TERRA CHIPs-  that this year-has truly upped the ante for what delicious savory-salty-sweet - crispy-chewy bites are

Made from real whole vegetables-always- sourcing sustainable ingredients-the company MO from the start-has been make the best chips EVER...and imho- practically re-invented the chips category. In a good way.

WHAT's NEW: Terra Chips -all non-GMO fyi- 20 exotic root vegetables combined with American heritage versions of sweet potatoes and pumpkin -like the new Beaurguard Sweet Potato (Louisiana), Fairytale Pumpkin (aka Musquee de Provence-rich mahogany color +shape).

Delivering now-the winning combo of Sweets & Apples- -crowd pleasing fusion of crispy Ipomdea Batatasi- a sweet potato-married with naturally sweet juicy Gala-Fuji apples for a unique crisp-chewy mouthful...with hints of spice cinnamon.

The limited edition of Pumpkin Spice Sweets---sweet potatoes with zesty spices...full flavor awesome-a pumpkin spice blend that's full favored and appropriate.

Ditch the icky corn syrup candies-and ho hum holiday desserts-for those family/friends gatherings -the Terra Chip snacks are so much better tasting and textural satisfyingly scrumptious. Treat without the tricks...though doubtful they'll be any leftovers. 

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Athlete Essentials-Recovery Foam Rollers/Hydration Part One

 TriggerPoint Performance Therapy, Eternal Naturally Alkaline Spring Water

Ask a top performing athlete-from dedicated endurance amateur-to professional-tips for success-and no doubt-recovery is right up there with practice, dedication, grit/luck and proper nutrition/hydration (okay-and talent) the key factors for winning performances.
Not having a daily deep massage (WISH), or the expensive NormaTec recovery System (OTHER wish-gift list), nor tried cryotherapy (need to work up our nerve),  there nonetheless- is an accessible effective help for muscle relief =foam rolling- inexpensive- and not time consuming either-that we do have.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Natural Beauty-Skincare Effective+Affordable

 Part 2


"Clean ingredients' are certainly a skincare concern-just as pronounceable food labels are a must -for growing numbers consumers of ALL AGES.
Solution-check out the under the radar brands-launched by small regional beauty entrepreneurs-that are noticeably without the toxic ingredients of many big name beauty brands-def have more of the natural (often pricier) 'stuff' higher up on the ingredient list-yet have reasonable retail prices- challenging some of the mass marketed prestige brands that are more widely available.
Good Karma Skincare -has a travel pack -aka convenient sizes of three products in their Facial Systems To Go -$35-part of the Lux7 Age Defying Products' collection. Pictured-The Four-In-One Face Cream (for normal/dry skin), Purifying Facial Cleanser, and Balancing Spray Toner. BONUS POINTS: With a serious list of "stuff we don't use"including collagen that is human or animal sourced, parabens, SLS, sulfates, silicone, talc...etc...and any unsubstantiated ingredients even if they are the latest buzz..but are without any safety track record. Ingredient efficacy as a Good Karma Skincare's SOP-very cool as is the company mission to use components from sustainable sources-not necessarily certified organic-but made without (or certainly less) chemicals-a very hands on approach-one of the reasons to seek out under the radar brands. The facial cleanser- very creamy with seeds and fruit oils-easily removes water tough makeup... and toner- which we used as a mist -sprayed on-recommend for normal-dry skin-with its ultra-hydrating oils in the formula....imo great to use on an airplane to revive oneself before don't pack it.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Athlete Essentials: Performance Sunglasses For All Optical Conditions


Changing light conditions...a sun setting earlier and seasonal solar angle shifts-demand multi-tasking sunglasses that can 'handle' the high noon sunshine as well as the low light of weather challenged days.

For athletes-wide vision fields, no slip adjustable nosepads, anti-fog and impact resistant lenses that block out damaging rays, and of course, exceptional color clarity-are must attributes. Right up there with lightweight frames that fit faces.

Our Picks:

Bollé Sixth Sense Sunglasses-RoseBlue lens w/ B-Max extra large field view, B-Thin Active design RX, B-Clear lenses, optical precision, serious impact resistance, interchangeable lenses, anti-fog treatment, Hydrophobic/Oleophobic treatment, adjustable nosepiece/temples

Monday, October 10, 2016

Athlete Essentials: Year Round Gear -Fall Ready

Part One:



Since the hot temps and daylight hours- around our universe-have peaked for while-but out lengthy training bouts have not-we are just now appreciating the essential gear we have- that's year round suitable.
PLUS: Season-less multi-taskers save $ and closet space.

about as neat as our transition spot gets-pictured athlete essentials-Bollé sunglasses. ALL GOOD mineral sport sunscreen, Clif Gel Shot-Espresso with caffeine (duh), speed laces-Newtons running flats, and TYR Skinsuit...cause the swims are becoming less and less wetsuit legal :-(
Increasingly- like what we wear-(streetwear takes on 'athlesiure') multi-functional attributes of what we own gear-wise-adjust to changing weather conditions-are musts.

Our Picks:

Bollé is a company-that we always knew for its tech savvy ski goggles...but it is their cycle helmet-THE ONE- (Road-Premium)-that is hands down-the best fitting head protection gear we ever the point where we wonder if everything we ever wore prior-would have actually protected our brain cells adequately enough. We can't say enough good things about the "Click-To-Fit" perfect fit... beyond the adjustable chin strap-easy to maneuver-even on the bike.
What Else We loved...

When cooler temps finally arrived...we easily snapped on the top aero cover piece- durable composite material that covers top 31(!!!!) vents...
removable aero cover-securely snaps in to keep top of head breeze free...

all air vents exposed...allow for cooling flow around the head....without compromise of velocity speed...or protection

BE SEEN-LED LIGHT is sizably BE SEEN way...easy to attach...inside the helmet-hole on left-pop through pen...removes the plate- seen below

Light plate on the back of the helmet pops out-seen below...the very visible LED light -controlled by tap on/off -securely snaps right in

Colder temps-no problem-a cozy moisture wicking winter LINER- soft to the skin blend -slips inside the helmet-there's also a removable summer liner-velcroed in...all no bulk and chafe free seams...also pictured-the Mountain Bike visor for times you're hitting the trails-also easily snaps in/out...and in the middle-the triangular LED lights...blinks and shines continuously solid - we didn't notice any weight-but racers opt for the capsule cause each gram counts.
nifty feature-sunglass garage

side view-can see the sunglass garage-holds sunglasses securely---very handy when finishing a ride as sunlight fades. Bollé road+ mountain bike (MTB)+messenger -THE ONE have this feature. Also QR code scan for rider info...a major safety features that anyone with a smartphone can access-in case of emergency
Nite Iz-SlapLit® slap it wrist bracelet-LED wrap-actually can replace battery though our's has yet to need it...blinks or shines solid

Nite Ize-another must for us... the adjustable mesh LED Run Vest-that we also wear biking-reflects the headlights -front and there's a zipped pocket-that is sized for keys, driver license, gel or bar- and even big enough for a smartphone. HANDY. Orange pop is good for going out- to and fro -during hunting season.
Brilliant Reflective Strips-Iron On (pictured $9.99/pack) and Stick On Reflective Safety Strips-can turn just about any piece of apparel, outdoor gear like backpacks- etc...more visible when hit by light..without adding weight. Handy-we tried this out on a jacket- ironed on-and so far- did survive our laundering a jacket-- stick on ones come in various sizes handy for water bottles and bike frames