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Better Butter (+ Plant/Cheese Spreads)

To smooth on crackers, toasts, crisps-the better butters and gourmet high quality spreads are so flavorful-they need to be savored-not smothered away... unrecognizable in some dish (or sauce).


Oat Based #1 Plant Based 'MILK'

Plant based lifestyles are entrenched now (a good thing)...since our "half and half slayer" reviews- a few years back.

IMO-most important factor that gathers fans-the taste. Which is why oat based liquids are a fav choice of baristas and coffee drinkers...the consistency and steam-ability resemble dairy based milks-but are even better.

Another persuading big bonus-sustainability-better for the planet plant based anything is often a  reason people try oat milk in the first place.
AND THEN the texture/flavor winning combo- has them as repeat consumers.

New this year- oat milk is offered at practically every coffee chain we've visited these destinations are often the first place folks try out a plant based alternative.

At the Fancy Food Show...highlights:

Visiting Day Gifts-Girls!!!

KIDPIK+POMCHIES Summer camp visiting days-are already here...!

Ready for the screams, hugs, and splurges?

SURE-that sold-out NIKE 4 star USWNT shirt maybe highly coveted (by all)...but check out the winning KID PIK-a super fun-stylish assortment of clothes, accessories and kicks-that reliably get voted the best subscription box for girls (sizes 4-16),

NOW available---the special camp gift box $60-$80 (or a vacay box too-no subscription needed).

Ready for summer gifting-thematic ensembles for active, classic, trendy, or girly-can be sent off pronto-for mailing or giving in person.

And no worries on returns (pre-paid envelope) are possible-if as often happens-the tweener-teen grew about an inch or two since the start of summer.

For the entire bunk-the best way to rock girl-power team spirit, color-wise-AND really celebrate the return of that 90s hair staple-the scrunchie-our top pick-are the fab POMCHIES...that are in rainbow worthy solids and tonal combos, are washable...a…

Specialty Foods For Tots

Older folks (that would be 18+) are purchasing more food/drink items from smaller companies with a transparent supply chain, better quality ingredients- sustainably sourced, closed loop packaged and -maybe most importantly for buyers-  that are superior tasting - for slightly added (or same) costs.

No wonder these indie brands are being bought up by large consumer packaged companies-who cannot conjure up 'like' offerings as nimbly.

Baby foods for humans-may not get the Instagram social media influencers marketing campaigns (yet) -like furry babies pet foods-but a walk down any grocery store aisles reflects the changes of food preferences -the same as adult eats.

New products:

From a couple (Megan + Keith Rowe) inspired to feed their offspring-White Leaf Provisions adds oomph to certified USDA organic baby food with its travel friendly assortment of Demeter certified biodynamic® and "regeneratively farmed™- shelf stable Apple+ sauces and vegetable/fruit pureés.

 FYI: Biod…

Cheese-Keto Friendly Crunchy Snacks

No added sugar + gluten free - protein packed-low carb (naturally) is a big deal.

Clue in-the tasty crunchy  cheese crisps (and nut mixes)- that have hit the market-packaged in single-multiple sizes (travel friendly)-to check off the must-haves of snack perfection.

The ultimate calorie loaded potato chip slayer? We think so.

AND YES-  kids will ↑↑↑!!! too.

Packin' Popcorn

Popcorn - a staple snack-is so easy to make since Jiffy Pop debuted-back in the day...that there better be a good reason other than convenience to fork over $ to buy any.

Here's two...