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Bali Inspirations: 5 Senses-Music, Dance, Beauty, Cuisine

Bali-is a magical island -inspiring tourists for fly and flop beaches, Aussie partyers,  peace seeking yoga devotees, and spa haven name just a few... who can travel many hours to get to this tropical paradise.

A half a planet away... (sigh, yes)-but Bali can still be experienced aural-visual wise- anywhere-via its music gamelan,,,and a cool film doc (Bali Beats of Paradise)- by native  Livi Zheng on the island's music+dance -recounting the winning funk mash-up with singer-songerwriter-producer-musician-Grammy Award winner -Judith Glory Hill.

Bali beauty- experience a bit of it-via aromatic JUARA skincare's collection of face/body products that sources Indonesian botanicals  and plants-including hydrating coconut, superfood Omega 3-6 loaded avocado and Kukui oil - skin soothing rice brand oil, plus anti-inflammatory turmeric, ginger, and fermented black its line.
Experience Balinese cuisine-reflect the island's Hindu traditions and tropical native crop…

Athlete Essentials: Pumped Up PaleoPro Powder

Rarely do we get a palatable powder to add to liquids...that boasts energy charger-bio-available loaded iron- blue green algae spirulina- plus loads of healthy vitamins, iron and  micronutrients that doesn't taste like grass.

Or something worse.


seriously-we've all been there

Which is why PaleoPro's Paleo Greens Powder is our new hero product. 

Sent a sample-we'd figure a tsp of this finely ground green powder in a few ounces of water...would best be inhaled like a shot-vs sipping to savor the taste.

But the taste really was naturally A OK...a sweetness from monk fruit extract but with no added sugar (and with 5 grams of plant based vegan protein-from organic hemp).

If you're the type to gulp Kombucha or Apple Cider Vinegar down straight -the surprising palatable taste of Paleo Greens Powder will come as sheer taste buds' joy.

Kudos to who ever figured this out.

Now part of our morning routine- adding a tsp to coffee.

What Else:


Gifts of Love, Literally

.Celebrate TRUE LOVE-Assam Teas's wedding blend


Gifts for Kids' Travel

oliday travel-can inspire wrapping up ready made gifts that safely go the distance.


Girl fav subscription box KIDPIK-

...takes the guesswork out of gifting coordinated (and stylish) wardrobes including these adorable easy on/off cold weather boots-with enough sparkle for the picky fashionista...and durable enough for the sporty type -ready to have days of snowy winter fun.

Travelbadger offers a slew of TSA approved toiletries and pre-packed fun options for kids (and older humans)...set for airplane or car ride holiday trips ."...easy peasy packing..".
Options include themed Travelbadger kits-for "kiddos" and baby's ($14.99-$19.99) and natural-organic product kits too ($24.99-$29.99)-plus kits are customizable. IMO-great for hospital visits-stash in cars or backpacks-in case,,,

Holiday Express: Stress Free

elax anywhere...

Part 3

Insta-calming-pure essential oils-aromatherapy-is one of the easiest and most effective ways to chill out in a fast paced life.

Easiest way-especially when not at home is to sprinkle 2-3 drops of a soothing USDA Certified Organic essential oils - on a lightbulb or in a bath (with muscle soothing Epsom salts).

Calmers include lavender (our pick for soaks=non-irritating for the skin)-or aromatic fruity orange, sweet mandarin, spice-y frankincense, florals geranium, rose and cleansing spearmint.
Find travel sizes of essential oils (10ml, 20ml,30ml)- pretty much anywhere one can shop-online or brick+mortar outlets. Inexpensive too.
Our pick- the single essential USDA Organic oils from Wyndmere Naturals.

On the road help and just beautiful to look at... Minnie Park's limited edition candle infused with calming lavender essential oil and pieces of clarifying amethyst stones. Light one to make any not home-impersonal room, more cozy

AT HOME-kitchen help-simmer aro…

Holiday Express Tips: Part 2

Better Snacking PDQ Nick the hunger with tasty fun functional ingredients-plant based- ready to (h)eat ...

NEW: yummy Garden Lites new Frittatas are flavor loaded-with loads of accolades earned-like being mini muffin shape-portion controlled- individually wrapped-ready to devour-without utensils- after  only a minute (microwave) or maybe like 18-25 minutes-in a toaster or regular oven-straight out of the freezer.

Delicious and appealing to kids-even with the adult pleasing flavors of mildly spiced veggie bacon and potato- or in a spinach  egg white + mozzarella version.

As snacks-or a main meal entrée ...trying Garden Lites Frittatas are a lot easier now that this brand is becoming widely available  in grocery store freezer sections-including where we shop -Tops Market ($4.19/box).

IMO: Heat up ahead of time-store in fridge and eat up at room temps-as in lunch box worthy.

Is there a plant based vegan protein salty (ish) puffy bites that are crispy addictive (as) without staining your …