Thursday, September 21, 2017

Cutting Edge Beauty/MakeUp-What's Next...

Coming - arriving-the latest beauty tools and makeup trends ...sourced from tradeshows -which is where  all those niche, luxury and mass beauty lines often get their products from. Hence  a lot of similar goodies for consumers-seem to be launched around the same time-like the matte-hydration, long lasting-bold lipstick trend.
At recent MakeUp in NewYork trade show -we had a few minutes to cruise around...and gave a thumbs up to Jepson's smooth (patented) anti-microbial makeup sponges perfect for even applications of foundation, BB creams, suncreams' kind of textures. Pictured-2 types-made of smooth/soft silicone which is naturally a lot more 'clean'-anti-microbial/anti-odor...and ez to clean... and the Duo-Sili Sponge-smooth.scoft silicone one one side...and optional materials on the other-including the more traditional material. NICE.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Perk Up: New Coffee-Teas Blends

To wake up -or to chill out-the latest Coffee and Tea blends -to help achieve the desired outcome-boast 'healthy' add-ons -with new blends aiming to make these popular sips-even better for you.

EIGHT O'CLOCK was a 'mom' staple in our house...nowadays-this 100% Arabica coffee gets amped up with healthy for you-additions-perfect for the faster moving 21st century. ACAI GLOW-contains the anti-oxidant loaded superfood ACAI Berry,  a rich dark roast B6 Metabolism-that has just that, and a truly well balanced, aromatic  cinnamon+turmeric (anti-inflammatory) based super spice medium roast blend that's our fav-  tasty hot or iced cold. Have to say though-that the new ALERT medium roast-which gets its added oomph from the native Brazilian GUARANA fruit -is a guy pal fav-perfect for the early bird who needs the staying power of energy drink staples-without the jitters or weird taste. SALUT

Ethical Bean Coffee...USDA Organic-and carefully sourced from Fair Trade growers...offers several blends including medium roast EXOTIC with fruity/floral innuendos, 100% Arabica beans. In whole beans too.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Red, White, Blue+Patent

Aerosoles, Adidas Outdoors, Latigo, Wolverine, Nina, Sebago

Fav Footwear for Fall-to wear well into Spring-branches out from typical earthy autumnal tones with some patriotic red-whote-blue flair-or shine.
Affordable, too.

Suede Scalloped TELEPORT shooties $99-Aerosoles chic-w/ comfort-breathable memory foam insoles, grippy diamond flex outsoles...on solid block heel with gold accent.
Adidas Outdoor Terrex Choleah -built for any terrain-high top groove with weather tough+ comfort attributes like Ortholite sockliner, grippy Traction® tread outsole, Primaloft® insulation.

Friday, September 15, 2017

NYFW... YES, It's All About the HAIR


The angst about retail sales (full price-or discounted), the relevance of Fashion Weeks, and weather miscues of typical delivery dates ...make the festive Texture On The Runway show dedicated to the wonders of naturally curly tresses...a very welcome celebration of the most stylish possibilities.

The cavernous iconic Gotham Hall was filled with 700+ fans-eagerly recording the real world - catwalk models-attired fashionably... and... the big wow-made-up and hair STYLED -flashing casual everyday 'dos-to full on fab editorial...

ALL= magnificently coiffed 'fros, curled ringlets, cascading luscious waves or intricate braids- short to long tresses- courtesy of several top hair stylists and brands.

Hosts NaturallyCurly co-founder Michelle Breyer and professional hairstylist Monica Stevens (MoKnowsHair)-joined lead sponsor SALLY BEAUTY-with several brands-receiving their own catwalk segment-followed by a brief how to get the look...NICE!


Wednesday, September 13, 2017

New Protein Packed Snacks:Part 3

Less sugar-more protein=feeling fuller without the crash burn. Healthier snacks are trend to stay.
Coming to the grab and go fast eatery...near portion CONTROL!!!!

Sometimes it's the packaging-6 savory varieties of fresh fruit, nuts+cubes of cheese in portable container by NATURIPE  Snacks

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Lunchbox Season:New, Better For You Snacks

As 'meals' or snacks-portioned and larger sizes of these new products are food trenders all-healthier eats, simpler ingredients, or indulgent sweets in smaller portions.

Conveniently packaged in 3s- shelf stable Miche's Kitchen cookies-are tasty chewy sweets-made from a sprouted organic flour blend-organic oat, garbanzo, sunflower seeds in the mix-a starting block for these better for you cookies. Vegan, gluten free-and free of major allergens- the REALLY kid friendly flavors (100 calories per cookie) of chocolate chip, coconut lime, gingerful, and green sugar are all delicious...worthy of a dunking in any beverage of choice.
GoGoSqueez-these products-have got to be one of the most popular snack purchases for Generation Z on down now-but we think-adult sized endurance athletes and hikers-will equally find favor with any of the 14 flavors of- on the go applesauces, or our preferred bunch-one of the 7 types that are USDA Organic. Smartly(FUN TOO) packaged in BPA free,  shelf stable twist top pouches- sold in 4 packs (like everywhere)---the satisfying 60 calorie serving-that we tried-has just three simple ingredients-organic apple, organic apple juice concentrate and organic lemon juice concentrate. FYI-the GoGoSqueez applesauce = just sweet enough (100% fruit derived, naturally and free of corn syrup/artificial flavors) vegan friendly gluten, dairy, nut free, certified Non-GMO, and Kosher certified. 

Monday, September 11, 2017

LUNCHBOX SEASON: Single-Serve Snacks

Part One
Targeting all- from the pint to plus sized... food companies-are offering up savory, sophisticated, +sweet treats in shelf stable, on the go packaging-lunchbox (hauler) friendly.


Biena Roasted Chickpeas-coat their crunchy -slightly salty additive protein packed nibble-with some-sweet-dark chocolate, milk chocolate and vanilla-y salt caramel. In large and snack size portions...chances are whichever you open-the bag will be empty, soon enough.
yeah-this packaging is perfect for kids-but never one to deprive oneself as adults-these Snikiddy USDA Organic Baked Puffs-are air crunch delicious-gluten free MUSTS-fresh cheddar cheesy-buttermilk hints without that freaky orange dye staining fingers. Certified gluten free+kosher too-110 calories a serving-a temptation that satisfied. Fun in grilled cheese and mac n' cheese flavors too.. Good Health Snacks kettle style chips--non-GMO verified thin thin thin sliced potato made crispy with three simple ingredients...including heart healthy avocado oil (30% less fat than regular ole')-and sprinkling of sea salt... both widely available