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Intelligent Living -MDSN's Modular Furniture

MDRN-a Italian home decor/furniture emporium in NYC's Flaitron district (936 Broadway)-hosted a holiday festive kind of celebration-heralding a movable feast of module pieces -multi-tasking as home functional spaces...and Classiques Moderne Winter edition magazine featuring event maestro Larry Scott (Lawrence Scott Events).
The Launch:
Intelligent Living is a capsule collection by leading futurist/interior designer Warren Kay . 

Made for today's lifestyles...urban clean uncluttered with less square footage...and  system control via an app!
Motorized wall units-morph-descending into Murphy beds while much needed closets spaces appear behind wall it moves along a discreet rail.

The video-a sofa move slowly forward...while wall descends revealing the chicest Murphy Bed set-up we have ever seen. Customizable options too...the one pictured featured retails for $17,000

Ideal for studios, home offices that double as guest rooms etc...or anyone who…


just do it better

The marketing pitches for WELLNESS SELF CARE SEASON TO TREAT YOURSELF gifts...noticeably increased this year,

Makes sense -'me' gifting is BIG-as is eating healthier (US NEWS alert-Mediterranean and DASH topping the best diets list).

SALUT glass of wine -(daily or weekly) is in the mix of those winners...and as big bold (and pricey) California Cabernet popularity wanes - there are other more food centric red wines that match up, sip-wise-better with the healthier ethnic cuisines and savory palate pleasers-people prefer.

Holiday Help: RTE Sweets-Snacks

Shopping....wrapping...traffic...and oh yeah...daily times can exhaust. No wonder ready to eat treats are more welcome as worthy subs for what would formerly be slaved over.

For allergy leaning sufferers-or guests who maybe Brooklyn Bites Cookie Brittles are absolutely addictive crispy hybrids cookie/brownie crust brittle tops...that deliver the sweet texture and taste indulgence WITHOUT gluten, dairy, soy, eggs or preservatives.

Mom-daughter founded Brooklyn Bites are REALLY made in Brooklyn...of real deal ingredients like gluten-free oats instead of white flour, coconut oil, low glycemic coconut sugar and almond milk=a healthier snack without sacrificing on the indulgence part one bit. 
Note: certified gluten free, vegan and kosher.

Sustainable Steps-Apparel/Shoes Get Eco

It's doubtful most holiday time purchases of apparel/footwear set off brain cells on just how 'dirty' that industry is.

 Still-companies themselves are getting schooled and acting on environmentally friendly initiatives to clean out some of the toxicity from sourcing-manufacturing-delivery chains.

On the home front brick/mortar retailers...are selectively editing their offerings -with greener merchandise getting stocked.

 In lower Manhattan...Bishop Collective 's (143 Ludlow Street) careful picks include multiple indie designers making (in the USA) modern clothing/jewelry-all  ethically designed and sourced.

In town???- The Designer Series Sessions this month  feature meet/greets with seven designers-for not only in person style help- but also highlighting exclusive one-off items-which is pretty remarkable for the 99.9% of us who can't 'touch' price-wise, couture handmade anything.
Big name -widely available...the  Adidas-Parley line of outstanding lightwe…

Holiday Help- Enjoy Life Chocolate For All!

With all the festive foods available seasonal celebrations can be sweet indeed!

BUT after an allergic response to something eaten on a far flung Southeast Asia jaunt-a few years back, we gained respectful first-hand knowledge of food allergies that can triggered by daily encountered substances.

Demarchelier Restaurant-A NYC Bistro

Maybe it was the perfect night (freezing damp cold) to embrace the buzzy charms and delicious BISTRO MODERNE cuisine of UES (NYC) restaurant staple Demarchelier -for the first time...

But afterwards...we wondered why this ideally located gem- a few blocks from Manhattan's 'Museum Mile' (and mass transit) wasn't  a regular dining it clearly was for the patrons partaking the recent Tuesday evening we went.