Sunday, June 24, 2018

Tasty LunchBox Snacks

Life on the go...
Better for all aged humans, nutritious single serve lunch box snack options...come in savory global flavors or sweet tooth satisfying high protein options.

Solid crunchy, chewy textures or fluids...

vegan options-plant derived high protein is a trending eat/drink that's better for the planet (too). Tasty options from SAFFRON ROAD-include snack sizes of their crunchy roasted non-GMO chickpeas-in assorted flavors like sea salt or hot tinged in their savory Bombay Spice. Bar food re-defined, imo. SNEAKZ organic-sneaks in veggie servings plus protein in their USDA Organic- shelf stable 'milk'shakes that are dairy free. Sweet too-perfect adult post work out sip-plus retro -lovers-it kinda reminds us of Nestle's  Quik. From Bolton Farms- a line of sweet plant based protein drinks recently launched...USDA Organic-almond milk based -non-GMO-these keep cold options deliver 12 grams of protein/9grams of sugar/150-160 calories.
Before we devoured our sample of 1915 organic protein chocolate, authentic vanilla and yay-perky coffee flavor choices.

Individually wrapped-grab+go cheese sticks-are made from real deal real cheese  -naturally loaded with protein/calcium...
nutty smooth-Jarlsberg cheese-naturally lactose and gluten free, 70 calories per-cows from Norway provide fresh non-GMO milk for this wide pleaser of a cheese. 
Finlandia-Gouda cheese snacks-2 other cheese options-blends of  of Gouda/Parmesan and Cheddar/Gruyere=all are free of artificial hormones, non-GMO, 80 calories a day.
Eggland's Best-2 count- medium sized RTE hard boiled eggs...are the ideal snack size. Widely available-(also in 6-10 counts and in organic peeled too)-this is so much easier-than boiling/peeling one's own. Eggs are loaded with eye helping lutein, B2, B5, Riboflavin and E vitamins, Omega protein.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

NEW: Carry Ons That Go The Distance

Life on the go...
Need a(nother) reason to travel with a carry-on only?

New Haulers from our fav reliable/durable brands-backed by warranties.

THULE's hardside collection-REVOLVE. Durable frame, exclusive 8 wheel system for easy navigation, and roomy (minimalist) interior compartment...but not available til February 2019.
super durable+lightweight-4 sizes available...internal corner protections, front panel is reinforced 
nice design-zipper carriages for puncture proof zippers+TSA locks-built in

Monday, June 18, 2018

Flag On-Socks That Rock the RWB

Flaunt these  for July 4th fireworks-stars and stripes socks made by two brands known for their durability...

Awesome-  5.11’s Sock & Awe American Flag Crew socks limited edition design emblazoned on SlipStream crew socks-w/ breathable upper+polyester construction-risks moisture away and keeps feet dry, reinforced heel, NanoGlide® fiber. Pictured with the same priced- Sock & Awe Liberty crew...which goes with everything-including all black-or denim,

DARN TOUGH-a Vermont company that knits its own and guarantees its socks for wear-ever...waves the stars and stripes with these  Micro Crew Ultra Light $19. A fav-these slightly lower than crew-still peak out of hikers...and with great no slip fit and lightweight feel-multi-task for biking and running too. Made of a soft skin feel- nylon-merino wool-blend with 5% Lycra Spandex-these socks are naturally breathable, fast wicking, anti-microbial, with Darn Tough's True Seamless™ construction-aka undetectable seams -so flat-they are barely there-and def don't feel them. Keepers for sure. Widely available-online too.

Sunday, June 17, 2018


NIKE, PolarFleece, ROKA, TYR

Yup-we are admiringly
obsessed with Nike's NYC World Cup and Sew-options...

choose a jersey or two-and these styles get made with!

only at Spring/W Broadway store in USA

yup-on sale already-and a huge line -always-and it's by appointment too. WC worthy soccer tops...customize for your hometown 'hood-artwork-patch 
 Can't troop downtown to the Big Apple to make an appointment...there are other athletic inspired options for the sporty types...available on
Points on the retro logo

PolarFleece-made in New England...BUILD YOUR OWN Andover Fleece $120-the soft/warm/ techy Polartec®solid 200 weight fleece made of recycled poly, comes in loads of colors-plus personalized tonal options-sleeves, body, pocket, grosgrain ribbon, collar, placket, snaps, binding---even the neck loop!!! Estimated time 6-8 weeks. Order now and have by late summer when temps start to dip at night. Women's pictured.
Men's BUILD YOUR OWN fleece

ROKA-custom frame Advanced Performance for Extreme Conditions (A.P.EX) sunglasses...maximum field of view, insanely lightweight, durable-w/ an adjustable titanium core wire to customize the fit (no slide-even when sweaty-via patented GEKP™ fit+retention system-coated lenses for clear optics and fog free wear...frame, interchangeable lenses, temple grip and nose pad-available in custom colors...from $210...assembled in USA-ships in 2 days.

even if couldn't care less about the World Cup-have to admire the retail finesse of Nike's ability to draw hordes into their brick/mortar outlet. 

 Not Pictured: TYR GOGGLES-swim in colors you choose...four styles available-lens mirrored (or now), gasket, toggles, strap adjuster, strap and laser etching option...starts at $14.99 on up.

Friday, June 15, 2018

White+Sparkling Wines -Celebratory Sips

Sparkling + white  wines from Loire Valley France, South Africa and Greece-travel the globe, palate wise-without leaving home.
BOUVET-Ladubay--crisp lively texture, clean balanced fruit flavors-very elegant 20% Chardonnay/80% Chenin Blanc- priced under $14-  from winery established in 1851-now run by 4th generation family.
Domaine de Cézen-Coteaux de Loir-good till the last drop...well balanced Chenin grapes-from clay-calcareous soil-this wine pairs well with grilled fish
Rich volcanic soils on the glorious Santorini island plus that fab weather=ideal growing conditions for native island grape...Assyrtiko by the Santo Winery-a co-op...crisp, medium bodied fruit-acid - with citrus, stone, and lemongrass  mouthfuls...vinified in stainless steel....ideal for Mediterranean or Asian cuisines eaten anywhere!
Nonalcoholic sips are in demand...fresh apples bouquet-delicious chilled-Martinelli's Organic Sparkling Cider. is flute worthy, Widely available.
GIFT IDEA....for the wine lover
Hydro Flask launches the ez clean,  soft cooler- UNBOUND™-insulated carry-alls (pack and a tote). The tote-pictured above-has roomy main compartment -under the lid... and zip side upper compartment sized for a bottle of wine. Fairly lightweight (48oz)- vs other like haulers-and keeps contents up to 48 hours cold. IMO-good travel bag too-especially for those that have to travel with keep cold meds. Aquaseal zips-keep contents dry-and is it stands up on its own too. $274.95 NICE. 

Monday, June 11, 2018

Warm Weather's WHITE +SPARKLING Wines

 Part One:
 Quaffing regional craft beers-Americans have shown great love for home grown brews. But for sophisticated summery wines-palate pleasing value options are internationally produced...and readily available.

Some recent favs...from South Africa
Sparkling Rosés merge the win win of summer's fresh fruity acid leaning Rosés and traditional sparkling wines. Perfect for outdoor occasions- from casual beach  outings to fancier celebrations-DGB 's Boschendal's 300 years of winemaking-produces this yummy award winning,  pink hued Brut Rosé -  made in the traditional Methods Cap Classique - spending 12 months on the lees. 
Bonus points for memorable names---Black Elephant Vintners' Two Dogs A Peacock & A Horse (yup there's a story MO about the name/label)...a South African Sauvignon Blanc -is  spicier acidic mineral complex sip- than typical New Zealand style wines of this grape-though both have fruity overtones which make these food pairing easy... with about 5% fermented old vine Semillon blended in-with 5% barrel fermented Savignon Blanc. 

Interesting-the French influence of many South African  wineries (French Huguenots arrived in 1600s)...taste wise influence is obvs-including the three white wine selections we tasted by Dutch monikered Rustenberg. Located in Stellenbosch -the winery's traditionally made, barrel fermented  2016 Chardonnay has hints of  smokey-ness (imo) with citrus overtones and is a balanced oak-acid delicious choice . The Chenin Blanc-stainless steel fermented -is crisp deeply favorable wine with pineapple-pear hints-with cold evenings- dry conditions and a warm spring yielding a superb 2017 vintage. The Sauvignon Blanc's grapes come from a 550 meters up- high altitude location, is fermented in stainless steel, with melon, gooseberry and tropical fruit flavors...a no-brainer choice to pair with a slew of global  cuisines...crisp and well balanced. 

Friday, June 8, 2018

Protein On The Go...

The long endurance athlete must is getting enough grams of protein (often a challenge for vegans)- especially-after a multi-hour workout when laziness/fatigue to cook (and clean) set in...and those collegiate dinners of cereal-just don't work, anymore for the fuel is food lifestyle.

Tour de France road hazard

Our Go To Solution: A pea (plus+) protein powder...that's yummy is SNEAKZ-in all all flavors too-that unlike a lot of other brands...has NO chalky/pasty taste and is USDA Organic! Priced at $21 for 340g bag as pictured....considerably less than our prior fav-that got bought up by Nestle's and got a 30% more expensive.

Sure-SNEAKZ  may be marketed/packaged for pint sized humans...serving up essential veggie blends+ probiotic nutrients (also)...but for us-way past our school days- it's a life buoy for recovery replenishments after exercising ...AND especially on the road-for a healthy-and satisfyingly sweet, pre-race meals. 

Bonus-resealable bags insure shelf stable freshness-and Sneakz mixes up smoothly with liquid-no blender needed. 
Fav way to eat- putting 3-4 scoops in a cup, mix a bit a water for a paste like consistency...and scooping up as a protein laden dessert dip for solid hydrating fruits (apples, grapes, berries, pineapple)...or salty pretzel sticks.