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Drink Up: Portugal Wines

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Party Eats for Sporty Times

The numerical surge of Fall sporting events - gather fans with amped up appetites.

Party foods/drinks  for nowadays crowds -please their palates are tasty, healthy (ish), and indulgent-BUT NOT your Y2K fare.

NOW- fun/functional goodies -rule.

1) Less alcohol... and good-for-you liquids.

2) Chip better-No Dips:
3) Chocolates over cover:

4)Add the Basics

Road Trips-Nostalgic Themes

For those not tied to a school schedule-which is more than half of Americans-NOW in the so-called 'shoulder season'-is a great time to get out and beyond.

For childhood nostalgia-discovery one's ancestry-can inspire trips to destinations. For those with African ancestry-Spector Travel-based in Boston -has been a top ranked roots and culture HERITAGE tour operator for years. Destinations-from Senegal-Ghana-to South Africa (to name just a few)...can be experienced and combined with safari adventures in other African continent locations.

In the lower 48-Wyndham Hotels has smartly recharged the iconic (and affordable) Howard Johnson (HOJO) brand -with a revamp of design features-think interiors with a  mid-century Modernist  style- those signature blue/orange colors-paired with this decade's must haves-like USB equipped lamps for charging up personal electronics, free breakfast and WIFI...etc.

FYI: ... HOJO's other far flung destinations include South America-C…

Road Trip Essentials: The Cover-Up

For the majority of Americans not tied to a school schedule-or wedding weekends---now is the prime to to hit the road...
THINK fall foliage, cooling temps in arid hot deserts, breezy hikes before the snow, city sights without the crowds.

Jackets are perfect stash and store cover-up for autumnal endeavors...ready for any chill in the air.

The MakeUP in NY/Indie Beauty Show Trends Pt 3

The annual late summer trade show-MakeUp in NY-was more crowded than in past years-with the ease of launching indie brands -getting even easier since we've been covering this...and other supplier trade events for the past decade+.

WHAT: A nice format-of private labs with custom options, biz consultants, packaging and marketing services geared towards individuals ready to carve out their place in the DTC world---all under one roof-with USA, European and S. Korean brands- knowledgeable in the particular cosmetic and labeling requirements on a global basis.

We felt that one's natural skin-only better still ruled at the show geared towards American customers-with the concept of 'just the right amount' aka 'not too much' 'perfect simple' =mantra. For Schwan Cosmetics, these Swedish concepts of  HYGGE and LAGOM -ties into WELLNESS- for their 2019/20 theme-including a new palette packed shimmery mineral-y eye shadows, and matte  muted autumnal colors (a forma…


The best indie Beauty brands blend natural botanicals and sustainably sourced ingredients-cruelty free.