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Probiotics-Latest Skin Care/Supplements

Judging by the plethora of probiotic packed supplements, foods (naturally blessed or added in), and skin care ingredients available-the good for you kind of gut bacteria-has surpassed being a trendy phenom-into a lifestyle must for a healthy GI ecosystem with potentially positive ramifications.

One very interesting  company-COLUMBIA Skincare-has a  proprietary formula of vitamins/minerals/botanicals that composes its well respected Restorative Hydrating + Ultimate Skincare Repair creams -to encourage the healing abilities and overall health of the dermis.

Recently launched--- is interesting-a Probiotic  Concentrate and Complex-that contains active probiotics (Lactococcus Ferment Lysate – good bacteria ) in a stable format, and other proven skin helping plant stem cells, peptides and vitamin C. Both can be used separately or layered -with the Concentrate going on first.

We tried a sample-and both probiotic formulas are absorbed quickly-and are hydrating good for all skin types.
IMO-a …

FAV Functional Snacks


Crunchy Sweet, Bite Sized...

New Snacks that are everything their supposed to be (FUN TO MUNCH ON)-with added nutritional benefits.
Impressive-SPROUT is a private company that makes a slew of tasty snacks-packed for one-six sized portions-perfectly portable for on the go crunch musts.

In the mix-veggies form the basis of USDA ORGANIC circumspect ingredients in the mix!

Everything we sampled-from the airy properly puffy Two Peas in a Pod-to the densely crunchy Crinklez-...were great. And dip worthy.
Toddlers and kids of all ages will enjoy.  There is a slightly less salty/greasy taste than the mass market junk food Which might a be plus for many.
This company also makes baby eats.


Science + Research = Promising!

Positive IRL news on the control and curing of diseases that used to be fatal, fast- is always welcome in our inbox and social media feeds!!!!! 

One of the most promising updates we got recently-was from a summary of a keynote-delivered by Samuel Waxman -a renown physician-with a mission- at the 2019 Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation (SWCRF) Breakthroughs Scientific Symposium. 

Specifically-the Waxman Foundation-with a mandate to fund + collaborate global research  to develop novel therapeutics to treat cancers -informed attendees about recent efforts  "... based on new understandings of epigenetic and genetic mechanisms associated with cancer development and progression, how cancer cells become dormant or reawaken to spread through metastasis, successes in treating childhood leukemia and the role bacteria may play in pancreatic cancer"
Another SWCRF foundation partnership -with the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the National Institute on Aging (NIA) " spe…

Athlete Essentials: Better Breathing

Last week-in a dental practice's waiting room ...the  pre-appointment gripes were about  allergies. 

With sniffles/sneezes/inhaler dosages evident ...the day's pollen count was 'voted'  THE quality of life misery winner of the day (week-month) surpassing dentist anxiety (mass transit-street parking) complaints.

That's something.

FYI: The other obstacles of regular breathing includes smog (alert days), smoke (from outside fires and indoor cooking productions), odors, VOCs (volatile organic compounds-think that new paint/carpet smell), really unhealthy mold spores (visible -to-microscopic), dust, bacteria-viruses and furry pet dander.

AND furry pets can suffer from seasonal allergies too!

SOLUTION (and a game changer):

If  a LEEDS certified abode or a major home/apartment retrofit are budget busters-an affordable room size HEPA air purifier strategically placed- can greatly alleviate the aforementioned irritants of indoor air... cleaning what's breathed in- mult…

Athlete Essentials-Hydration

Replenishing post workouts (the real kind of workouts)...need to be easy grabs -and a bit more bumped up than H2O.

Because there's only so much water that's inhale-able on a long run (or bike) without that sloshy stomach feeling.



The Most Popular Cheese? Try Jarlsberg.

How popular is Jarlsberg cheese-the nutty-sweetish Norwegian export-made from cow's milk is the perfect balance of semi-soft/hard goodness?

In the middle of a packed refrigerated cheese section where we shop-a lone hunk of Jarlsberg remained -which of course was snatched up by moi right before another shopper came looking for the exact same cheese... by name.

To sum it up=VERY POPULAR (in fact-Jarlsberg is the number one selling specialty cheese in the USA!

Versatile and approachable...Jarlsberg is the palate pleaser for cheese heads, gourmands and picky eaters (kids!!!) alike.

Mild in flavor but distinct with large round holes--serving suggestions-run the gamut-from straight out  small cubes or thinly sliced-for sandwiches, grilled -on burgers (plant based or not), or as part of a protein loaded s'more like bite-put a cube on a skewer -layered with chunks of green pepper and tomato and fresh basil leafs-roast for like a sec or 2 over an open fire...and slide it off between pr…