Monday, January 26, 2015

CES INNOVATION AWARDS 2015 Nominee Highlights Part 1

Las Vegas, International Consumer Electronics Tradeshow

CES Innovation Award nominees at this annual gathering are selected from multiple categories aimed at consumers (hence the name)…

There are a lot of deserving nominees---below some highlights of the highlights …in addition to the nominees we previewed - at Unveiled New York...
Matter and Form 3D Scanner---first high res 3D scanner +priced accessibly for designers, small biz-ersm families+teachers FUN work w/ any 3D printer or 3D printer service online

we don't even cook and want this Anova Precision Cooker =a WiFi sous vide immersion circulator connects people with content via smartphone $179-like a recipe- can work touch of a button remotely or in the comfort of their homed

Musiac WiFi wireless HiFi System-an Internet of Things-stream music and control lighting in multiple rooms

Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E.M. Wireless Keyboard synch w/ up to 4 Bluetooth devices

MAD CATZ R.A.T PRO X allows users to swap+replace key components-wireless+ergonomic-neat

The Eye Tribe Tracker-world's smallest uses USB 3.0 less $100 comes with SDK kit

expect to see this in A+D someday very Eileen Gray-INPOfi Smart Transparent Wireless Charging Table---very nice

The Dash-by Bragi completely wireless hearable smart headphones plus audibly coaching, tracking movement and capturing key biometric data... 

Dell's thinnest 6mm thin- tablet-Venue 8 with beefed up camera

iCam HD Pro innovative home security camera w/ full HD video, object tracking, multi-viewing+360º of rotation. Sleek design.

VideoForAlle is a user friendly video-conferencing system with patent pending remote control-can work w/multiple sensors+simultaneous cameras…beefed up FaceTime

Neymar Jr.- Nike Introduce Hypervenom Liquid Diamond

Football is important to Neymar Jr., so is family.  His close relationship with his sister, Rafaella, is symbolized by a diamond tattoo on each of their arms.  Just above Neymar Jr.’s tattoo is the word ‘sorella’ (sister), while Rafaella has ‘fratello’ (brother) above hers.

“The diamond tattoo I’ve got was done with my sister. We thought we’d get one done together because diamonds are rare and the feelings I have for my sister are rare, so we decided to pay homage to each other in that way,” said Neymar Jr. “A diamond is a gemstone that is simple but beautiful. It is also a rare jewel that stands out and that is what catches my attention and reminds me of my relationship with Rafa."

Neymar Jr. stands out from the crowd, on and off the pitch. The challenge for Nike’s design team was to ensure his boots stood out as well.  Neymar Jr. launched the original Hypervenom in Rio de Janiero in 2013.  He followed it up with a gold edition of the Hypervenom the next summer. Now, as Neymar Jr. enters his eighth year as a Nike athlete, he will debut the Hypervenom Liquid Diamond. 

Neymar Jr.’s affinity for diamonds helped inspire Nike’s design team to create the unique colorway. “We take inspiration from Neymar Jr.’s play and personality,” says Max Blau, VP Nike Football Footwear. “He attacks the defense with a style so fluid, it reminded us of water flowing between rocks. That’s when we started shifting our thoughts from incorporating a nod to diamonds, to creating a liquid diamond aesthetic for the entire upper.” 

The NikeSkin upper of the Hypervenom provided a textured canvas, enhancing the dimension of the color. After experimenting with a variety of different shades, the Hypervenom Liquid Diamond began to emerge, with colorful accents as a nod to Neymar Jr.’s personality.

 In Our inbox…Nike Photos. ETA 1/28/15


Sunday, January 25, 2015


Las Vegas-SLC…(talk about polar opposite locales for trade shows…HAAAA)

At both the International Consumer Electronics tradeshow-and Outdoor Retailer-where GoPro action camera made its presence known-years ago…a whole bunch of specifically tricked out haulers have emerged to protect one's (or one's parents') investment $.

THULE---acclaimed for safely transporting one's anything from point A to point B---showed off new CRUSHPROOF GoPro camera case and the Legend backpack---IMO-that'll fit other action cameras like Contour+Sony also...

fits Hero4s…and older models ---all these cameras accessories…fit inside this durable hauler in those snazzy THULE colors---nice touch-the blue collapsible handle ez grab

inside-precision mold compartments in cased in durable shock absorbing crushproof shell…inside cover-zipped compartment SD cards, accessories---2 sizes

getting tons of admiring glances at CES 2015…the Legend-with exterior mounts (one in the front-pictured) for GoPro cameras…$199.99

inside-precision molded compartments for multiple cameras and accessories…mesh zipped pockets...easy access…!in cased in distinguishable hardshell material…crushproof

in another ez access zip compartment-cushioned interior slots for laptop/notebook, plus more storage slots

plus-adjustable padded shoulder straps, breathable mesh back, outside zipped compartment-including side and upper with molded protection great for smartphone. Another winner!
Delivers March 2015

available now INCASE pictured the DUAL KIT $59.95 (front right)-coddles GoPro® Hero4 Black, Hero4Silver, Hero3+, Hero3, etc. Protects via precision cut molding+Tensaerlite® Shell-w/ 1680D ballistic nylon cover, fits 2 cameras, 2 batteries, SD card+. ALSO make a mono kit---back-left-pictured…wine not included
INCASE-Made for SONY Action cameras-w/precision cut molding+Tensaerlite® Shell-w/ 1680D ballistic nylon cover
Also from INCASE-SLINGPAK ($149.95)and top of the line PROPACK ( $199.95) backpack with an integrated GoPro camera mount on back, inside accessory organizer cartridges (pictured) organize your stuff-can hold up to five(!) delivers with one-$19.95 per, removable rainfly in that yellow (handy), adjustable tripod carry straps, and canister nest-that yellow square pictured above eon the left---keeps camera safe-w/ same customizable divider interior protection, ez access main compartment, left side pocket w/ organizer, interior faux fur lined iPad compartment, + 1680D ballistic nylon cover , padded shoulder straps-adjustable available NOW

-portable power battery pack pictured up front-charge usb devices available now

top and side left zip pocket-organizer slots
EAGLE CREEK-introduced camera hauler specific-as part of their famous Pack-It Specter™ eCube last season...

in silnylon ripstop tough water repellant/anti staining- brilliant blue color-Pack-It Specter eCube with grab handle, interior divider perforated EVA foam and mesh zip pocket $38

Saturday, January 24, 2015

ACTION CAMERAS V.360º VSN Mobil, SONY 4K, NIKON 360º Project#CES2015 #ORWinter

V.360ºCamera-world's first seamless HD Action Camera-capture it all with a vertical angle of 45ºup and 15ºdown. Powered by Qualcomm®'s Snapdragon™ 800 Processor, 2.3 GHz Quad Core. water tough up to 1 meter for 30 minutes, shock absorbing, action sensors-GPS, barometer, altimeter +accelerometer, dual microphones capture+deliver stereo side, long battery-2610mAh Li-on battery. Supports up to 128G Micro SD (Class 10, UHS 1 or higher). 
Capturing your world via one angle/lens---so 2013…for more of a thrill, action cameras that are available now or soon ...

mounted on a snowboard…the camera is compatible with all GoPro mounts, traditional cameras and tripod designs w/ a built-in ¼-20 UNC tripod housing
...the V.360º camera really grabbed out attention-with a display off in some yonder corridor at the recent Outdoor Retailer show…but also recently at the Qualcomm booth at the latest International Consumer Electronics Tradeshow in Las Vegas.

NIFTY-this V.360º camera captures what would take 6 'regular' action cameras to  --- via single lens advanced technology- no stitching required…so one gets a clean panoramic shot---multiple angles from same footage-not from six regular action cameras=awesome, imo!

PLUS: soon to be  YouTube (able)-viewed as two images clipped on top of one another-as it was described to us---
V.360º camera mounted on tripod
WHAT ELSE: Frame rate up to 30FPS... image Sensor 4k/ resolution up to 6480 X 1080 HD...image resolution up to 8MP.
as seen on an iPad screen---kinda able to see the surround aspects on a flat surface. FYI-compatible app- with Android (4.3)-iOS (4 or higher),  and plenty free apps on Google play and Apple app store…desktop video player download for MAc+Windows

aV.360º camera mounted on a Smith Helmet...
THE V.360º Camera is AVAILABLE NOW  and delivers with V.360º Bluetooth remote control, Lithium Ion battery, waterproof battery door, microfiber carrying case, silicone sleeve, GoPro mount adapter, adhesive dash mount, USB 3.0 cable, charger,  $399.99

Sony official filming  Skateboarder legend and TEAM ACTION cam member Tony Hawk-debut new 4K Action Cam-at CES 2015
From Sony---a new 4K Action camera-that we were told-is arriving Spring 2015-is and costing $499.99..and can be previewed online...
the new 4K Action Camera from SONY-eta Spring 2015 shoots professional quality 4K (3840 X 2160) video recording with up to 240pHD/120p HD. SteadyShot™ Image Stabilization-Electronic SteadyShot™ image stabilization helps when mounted on a bike, can control up to 5 action cameras via a smartphone(NFC compatible device), or LiveView™ remote, built-in stereo mic for quality sound with noise reduction, wifi, interval recording, airplane mode-power save (great edit on long flights), and waterproof up to 3 meters (15 feet) with universal tripod mount though imo- so be fun to mount on a snowboard or waterski….with advanced specs that are convenient like multiple language displays, media/battery indicator, date/time stamp, on screen indicators for GPS tracking status-Shooting Mode Status, recording mode-image stabilization.For the complete info-already detailed online.

 Delivers with a waterproof/dustproof case that is also shock absorbing, micro usb cable, adhesive mount, rechargeable battery pack, start-up guide. 

other Sony action cameras…top new one can see lighter/smaller than ones out now (20%-30%) NEAT.

OKAY NOT TECHNICALLY AN ACTION CAM-but FOR MATRIX (the movie)  MOMENTS-aka "Bullet Time"-courtesy of Nikon cameras…that captured an action…
Nikon D750 Camera

The set-up-48 new Nikon D750 Cameras and NIKKOR Lenses-Capture the moment at CES 2015-hard to tell the height  of this set-up -it was about 10ft at tallest part….entered from right and stepped down...

basically inside this circular area lined w/ cameras-jump up and a freeze frame ---in 360º-as caught on digital image by the 48 mounted cameras…shoot simultaneously-pictured here is one still from one camera...
The 360º Project in partnership with the Big Freeze Worldwide

Sunday, January 18, 2015

3D Printing #CES 2015

Las Vegas, International Consumer Electronics Tradeshow

CUBIFY®, FUEL 3D®, 3D PlusMe™

desktop+hobbyist CubePro® 3D printing by Cubify-durable plastic materials-multi-colors (24!) in PLA Plastic or ABS plastic

A big theme at CES 2015-3D printing offers a host of possibilities in the future---medical-human body parts-to deliver a replacement joint, spare parts for /machines/appliances/autos/aircraft, custom makeup to join what is already-in fashion, toys and design (Nike's Flyknit comes to mind, Martha Stewart's housewares, durable plastic stuff)---and military applications.
from Cubify-Sense™ is handheld 3D scanner $399-really scan anything -objects large and small-living or not--- then integrates with company's software and 3D Cube 3D printer. A nifty way to that gives more than just a 2d image or picture...
a CES Innovation Award Nominee…handheld  print+shoot 3D scanner by Fuel3D®-hi res fast fun
The most fun we saw-and sure to be a hit at your kid's next birthday party-replacing sketch artist's of yore…3D figurines---with your darling's exact facial image---as a super hero, athlete etc.
SMART---get that Marvel license! Super awesome indeed 3D Plus ME™ seems a kind of a franchise set-up with in-store events where one's kids (or you)…can become a mini-me super hero. Very cool-expect parents to cough up the $ for the little one's next birthday party…when that service becomes available. 

consumers can become their own game figures---or at  movies---a fav character in the film with their own facial features.