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The marketing pitches for WELLNESS SELF CARE SEASON TO TREAT YOURSELF gifts...noticeably increased this year,

Makes sense -'me' gifting is BIG-as is eating healthier (US NEWS alert-Mediterranean and DASH topping the best diets list).

SALUT glass of wine -(daily or weekly) is in the mix of those winners...and as big bold (and pricey) California Cabernet popularity wanes - there are other more food centric red wines that match up, sip-wise-better with the healthier ethnic cuisines and savory palate pleasers-people prefer.

Holiday Help: RTE Sweets-Snacks

Shopping....wrapping...traffic...and oh yeah...daily times can exhaust. No wonder ready to eat treats are more welcome as worthy subs for what would formerly be slaved over.

For allergy leaning sufferers-or guests who maybe Brooklyn Bites Cookie Brittles are absolutely addictive crispy hybrids cookie/brownie crust brittle tops...that deliver the sweet texture and taste indulgence WITHOUT gluten, dairy, soy, eggs or preservatives.

Mom-daughter founded Brooklyn Bites are REALLY made in Brooklyn...of real deal ingredients like gluten-free oats instead of white flour, coconut oil, low glycemic coconut sugar and almond milk=a healthier snack without sacrificing on the indulgence part one bit. 
Note: certified gluten free, vegan and kosher.

Sustainable Steps-Apparel/Shoes Get Eco

It's doubtful most holiday time purchases of apparel/footwear set off brain cells on just how 'dirty' that industry is.

 Still-companies themselves are getting schooled and acting on environmentally friendly initiatives to clean out some of the toxicity from sourcing-manufacturing-delivery chains.

On the home front brick/mortar retailers...are selectively editing their offerings -with greener merchandise getting stocked.

 In lower Manhattan...Bishop Collective 's (143 Ludlow Street) careful picks include multiple indie designers making (in the USA) modern clothing/jewelry-all  ethically designed and sourced.

In town???- The Designer Series Sessions this month  feature meet/greets with seven designers-for not only in person style help- but also highlighting exclusive one-off items-which is pretty remarkable for the 99.9% of us who can't 'touch' price-wise, couture handmade anything.
Big name -widely available...the  Adidas-Parley line of outstanding lightwe…

Holiday Help- Enjoy Life Chocolate For All!

With all the festive foods available seasonal celebrations can be sweet indeed!

BUT after an allergic response to something eaten on a far flung Southeast Asia jaunt-a few years back, we gained respectful first-hand knowledge of food allergies that can triggered by daily encountered substances.

Demarchelier Restaurant-A NYC Bistro

Maybe it was the perfect night (freezing damp cold) to embrace the buzzy charms and delicious BISTRO MODERNE cuisine of UES (NYC) restaurant staple Demarchelier -for the first time...

But afterwards...we wondered why this ideally located gem- a few blocks from Manhattan's 'Museum Mile' (and mass transit) wasn't  a regular dining it clearly was for the patrons partaking the recent Tuesday evening we went.

Beauty Alert: TIZO's New Foaming Cleanser

Just in time for the holiday festivities-where we spackle on the sparkling-glow makeup-a bit (a lot) more than usual.

Gentle TIZO Photoceutical Foaming Cleanser-part of a system of skincare products- joins their fab tinted physical block sunscreen-prominently on our bathroom cabinet shelf...because its 2x a day use (AM/PM)
... wakes up skin in the morning and maybe more importantly- gets the grit off quickly...leaving a clean palette free of makeup-including the on all day (night) waterproof kinds.

Think all facial cleansers are the same....WRONG.
Check the ingredients out for one.

Boasting moisturizing glycerin, proven skin helper-brightener Niacinamide (B3) , anti-oxidant loaded amino acid Taurine and soothing cucumber extract...Tizo's pleasant foaming texture-has protective healing properties...spreads easy -tip-splash a bit of water on first-then use one pump + massage in -with fingers or a wash cloth if more makeup is on (IMO) -and rinses off easy-leaving behind a revived ref…