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Valentine's Day is a chocolate occasion...but so is every other day too when it comes to the good stuff.

Women owned and handmade...these chocolates are to be shared with anyone on your sweetheart list...

MarieBelle Izak Zanou ganache 16 piece assortment -so chic-so yummy.

Maggie Louise Confections -fab chocolate and even fab-ber packaging (if that's even a word...)


Artisanal HandCrafts Decor/Gifts



Unusual or usual materials used unusually-the antithesis of mass merchandise.


LA VIE DESIGN an events/design service run by two sisters-had us obsessing on their keepsake - cake boxes-crafted to a whole other (collectible) level. Themes-sizes vary -and custom work is available too. PERFECT for one's homemade efforts. Keepers all!

Decor/Accent/Design Trends

2020 NY NOW Highlights: Part 3

Earthy elements- and hand crafted items bring an authentic textural touch to modern homes.

Outdoors inside:

Outdoor spaces are often the most popular 'room' of any home-that's if you have one. For the majority of living urban apartment dwellers-furniture for inside the walls-made of materials typically seen under the open skies or enclosed porches-are gaining traction.
IMO : Works well with typical upholstered pieces-like contemporary seating.
Accessorize with an abundance of green and flowering plants...

Woodsy tree branches...base of a lamp

Home Decor/Lifestyle/Wellness...

NY Now -Surtex Tradeshows...both reflect and deliver on what's out there in the universe .

Part 2

Gemstones/ home furnishings and accessories-tabletop...are ON. Imparting  healing powers ... attracting positive energy ???
This is mainstream thinking now -not just stereotypical GOOP (ers) must havers magical thinking.

Top picks for the home:

 We liked the portable Crystal Metal Straws ..esp rose gold color. $40

Design/Decor/Accessories/Wellness/Gifts 2020


Ilex Studio, Kobo  At the latest NY NOW (formerly NY Gift Show) innovative design tradeshow...SURTEX (artist designs for license), and the NY stationary/paper goods show... a wide variety of items destined for retail stores and consumers-to accent -furnish homes (or wardrobes), and add to one's wellness-quality of life (ie. indie beauty and CBD products-right alongside scented candles/scents and crafty kids' items)-heavily leaned towards hand crafted, creative, uniqueness-truly conjuring up a true sense of place individuals crave.

Whether aiming for small boutiques in tourist or home locales, wedding registries, online sites, or even mass market retailers...exhibitors 'get' that now buyers mix and match their possessions and spend coinage on products that will contribute to 'experiences-emotional harmony (not to be to wishy washy here).

Attributes like production-sustainability+traceability, limited editions, individually made, Fair Trade, and original inno…

MONTALCINO---Wines Part 2

MORE Highlights...Brunello di Montalcino -New Releases

The single vineyard PALAZZO Brunello di Montalcino Riserva (2012 not pictured) and the 2013 both have dark fruits- spicy-transportive aromas- leaning on the bold full body side-palate wise so they are hearty food pairers. The older 2012 has  licorice spice hints and is available now here. BOTH-limited availability (1500-1800 bottles)...produced by a boutique, family owned winery that only releases this wine in stellar years. Imported by Montcalm Wine Importers-the 2012 is available now