Thursday, February 15, 2018

NYFW F/W 2018 Marcel Ostertag

Spring Street Studios NYC

Sometimes we go to a runway show-and leave the run of show-the 411 on the collection inspiration...for later-curious as to what comes to mind-before we get clued into the designer's thoughts.

meow-pussycat bows with sparkling feline print---70s vintage style-homage to YSL
For Marcel Ostertag...a designer seen years ago during Berlin's-based fashion was obvious from the opening musical notes-that production values were top notch.

Tried +True: Best Lip Balm

Sometimes it's NOT the packaging...
Our top Lip Fix...EpiCeram-L® Lip Care...boasts 3 essential lipids (ceramics, conjugated linoleum acid, and cholesterol)-the same healing ingredients found in some skin moisturizers-to ward off our daily (hourly) battle against dried, cracked lips.

IMO-longer lasting...and really does work on

FYI-the basic plastic packaging might remind you of way cheaper lip balms -but it's the replenishing balm formula that earns EpiCeram-L® a gold medal.

Added Points: FREE of steroids, parabens, gluten, petroleum, lanolin+ fragrance. Does NOT taste like anything either...kid-guy friendly.
Available online 3 pack $44.95

Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Valentine's Day-just snuck up on us----with all the DRAMA + healthy Olympics' distractions.
Grab a fast last minute  chocolate treat-that will amaze-and will be worthy of sweethearts across America-aka- the yummy chewy melt in mouth gourmet candy - by a fairly new division of a giant  candy company (Sunrise Confections)-Sweet Valley Organics.
We couldn't believe how good these are...Sweet Valley Organics uses Fair Trade, non-GMO-USDA Certified Organic chocolates with a pleasing creamy buttery taste authentic dark chocolate...with hints of vanilla and organic naturally ripe bananas. IMO-who ever came up with this deserves a raise. That Good.
  Online $5.90/per 4oz. 4 servings per pouch-120 calories.
We say-be real-count on eating half-delivering 240 calories like those dreck awful mass market chocolate bars that pass for 'chocolate'  in this country...(just saying)
Considering we're not banana fans (though should be considering all the endurance sports we do)---these scrumptious USDA ORGANIC dark chocolate covered fruit candy bites Tender Bananas completely wowed us.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Asian Lunar New Year Gift ?-SOLVED

La Tourangelle ARTISAN OILS new Asian Oil Trio
A new moon always greets Chinese New Year-and this go round-celebrating the Earth Dog.
 Another reason to gather- and celebrate all things Asian---  binge watching  the fun South Korean Olympics=happy occasions. 
beautifully packaged-just tie a ribbon on
The perfect host gift for enthusiastic home chefs-or an easy way FOR YOU to speed dial the subtle to boldly fiery flavors of the cuisines from that part of the planet are the deliciously fresh, aromatic Asian Inspiration trio  of 3 infused oils ($16.97) by the premier now California based oil mill -aka masters of,,.La Tourangelle.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Tried and True:Outdoor-City/Country-Boots

Part 4

City ice slicked sidewalks demand style, still.
Our fav waterproof boots-are for any place you stroll...
as well as the labels deemed timelessly fashionably even the pickiest attire snobs...

Is there anyone in this country that hasn't seen like every other person in colder/wet weather wearing L.L. Bean duck boots in some iteration.
No wonder-this company with the STILL generous return policy...introduces new styles as refreshing as the original classics.
The still made in Maine boot weather busters...small batch with water proof rubber bottoms + supportive steel shank, pictured above...on left women's cheery cherry/cherry guide orange ($119), kids' vintage style flexible waxed canvas-handstiched $129, and women's small batch 8"  premium full grain leather-(a guy version too-both $129) with rubber chain tread bottom for great durability/grip.  

Bernardo 1946-chelsea RAIN BOOTS are waterproof rubber kicks...side buckle adjusts (Zoe + Zain models-now on sale $99), other pull-on styles in multiple colors -including pastels which we love ---in the Paige- with pretty ribbon lace up backs $145.

Le Chameau Boots (women, men) are France's answer to the Brit's- Hunter...a heritage brand
We have a pair like these-that are leather lined purchased in France decade+ ago...but they're also now available in the USA-with different linings-like 3MM neoprene, wool or jersey low and mid heights.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Tried and True: Party On Heels

Part 3:


Insta party-TGIF outfit help that  'gets the look for less' without a loss in quality?

NINA's Bridal Collection styles in all heel heights-designs for year round wear=best sellers
Need matching hand held clutch-these NINA's select styles (big enough for smartphones+) are on sale NOW at bargain  50%-70% off-prices. 

NINA SHOES- sandals and kitten heels with feathery crystals and bold pearl trims-  adds chic festive flair to all of our wardrobe staples aka LBDs-black leggings/tunics, or all kinds of denim tee-tank tops attire.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

TRIED AND TRUE: Superfoods

Best Protein Powders+Drinks 

Convenient and a way for those on special diets (vegan, carb avoiders etc) to meet their protein needs w/o cooking-it's no wonder that protein powders and drinks have gotten so popular the past few years.
Our favs...