Monday, May 11, 2015

The MakeUp Show Highlights 10th Anniversary: Part 2

Metropolitan Pavilion/NYC
YAYY!!! Happy camper here-check out all the purchases at Nigel Beauty Emporium and Violet Voss (glitter eyeshadow)

Given the extensive offerings of seminars, how-tos and hands on workshops and seminars by industry experts...imo for people in the makeup business-or who want to be, The MakeUp Show is a bargain MUST- for price of admission.

There's that-and then there's all the new and standby products/cosmetics-at those pro discounts we all covet (-:

NEW: as in just launched...TWINMEDIX PRO-ESSENTIALS=an innovative-serious ingredient packed skincare line that we're currently checking out -very very well packaged in an airless pump bottles (has that inner bag system that prevents air from slipping in) that preserves the integrity and efficacy of the products- that are paraben free, fragrance free and cruelty free.
1) C10 with Pure Vitamin C (10%)+Antioxidants L'Ascorbic Acid-Brightness Serum=fades dark spots-lumps skin-to use in AM on clean skin, under thicker creams/sunscreen... 2)A15 w/ Pure Vitamin A+Antioxidants Renew Serum= 0.15% retinol-anti-aging+reduces appearance of photo-aging/pores with patented microsphere technology delivering a slow, stable release of powerhouse retinol (fyi-the most effective way)-to use PM on cleansed skin...3)O2 Oxygen Skin Transformer with Organic Botanicals 12.5% OXYGENIX™-Transform-a powerhouse cleanser kind of product with peptides that unclog and reveal more radiant skin underneath the clogged up upper layer. Formerly- one would have to pay more $ to get this kind of product as a spa treatment-now available for home use. Easy enough to use-O2 gets massaged in over dry skin (1.5-2 pumps will do)---concentrating on the face/neck but we also used on the back of our hands. The product-kinda liquidy enough-
works itself into a lather. THEN let O2 work its magic for 3-5 minutes. The bubbles will start to 'pop'---and so it's time to rinse away. It is a good product to use once a day in the AM or PM---sandwiched between brushing teeth if structuring one's time--- and it contains 13 organic botanicals - naturally proven positives for  healthy skin....   3) X Smart Exfoliator w/ Detoxifying Dead Sea Salt&Antioxidant Kumaru-Resurface-a nifty product we have in our swim bag---with the first ingredient the multitasker healing/moisturizing Aloe Barbadermis Leaf Juice. On dry clean skin -(we hang a towel in the corner of the shower)---we apply a thin layer -about 1.5 pumps (avoiding eye area)...massage on- in a circular motion for about 30-60 secs---then wipe away with the now dampened towel (or use a washcloth or wipe), and rinse off. It is not too much extra step for meaningful warm weather cleansing-as we find that even after a shower-layers of makeup+sunscreen which we slather on---still can remain on our skin- as we have looked in horror at a toner soaked cotton ball-loaded with 'stuff',-after what we thought was a meaningful cleansing experience. The result is a clean, not stripped- demis-and bonus-MICROBEAD FREE -imo X Smart Exfoliator can be used daily if feeling really gritty...and is more idiot proof than using one of those sonic electronic cleansing brushes that need to be used slowly to be effective. 

love the texture-non-sticky, moisturising (with shea butter) and long lasting-ARMOUR BEAUTY rock n'roll lip glosses-more like in between a lipstick and glossy gloss-lot of color-in opaque and original Armour® V. 

Angelique Velez -the brains+beauty of Breakups to Makeup aka B2M
Taking the prize for most liked Instagram from the show...Breakups to Makeup zippered bags, apparel, hats, accessories....

Cinema Secrets brush cleansers...founded by makeup artist icon Maurice Stein-bonus points-also shares corrective makeup techniques with cancer and burn victims (Look Good Feel Better, City of Hope, The Phoenix Society, five children's burn units in Shriners hospitals, the Johns Hopkins Burn Rehabilitation Center, and the Grossman Burn Centers).
UK brand Rouge Bunny Rouge is imo-like a more cool-edgy, neat-chic packaged makeup line that reminds us of Bobbi Brown-in that there are lot of 'neutrals' ---in the powder products---with correcting products for a perfect looking skin canvas of natural beauty. Plus pops of color of the seen above.

love the black/white graphics...pretty packaging!

Nocturnal Ink Satin Eyeliner $32-sleek high intensity in 3 colors-good to use between lashes for precision-quick drying
New---smoky eyes-cat eyes---classic eye makeup that looks fab on everyone...different finishes- liners-pencils- with either more of a shine or a matte finish...thin or thick lines...drama or more subtle...NICE.
Raven Glaze Lacquer $32- eyeliner-on left-bolder serious carbon black-long lasting color...

not a great picture-but the powder has a judicious no mess top---shake for just the right amount of product- Impalpable finishing-powder velvety matte finish-oil absorbing but not drying

full line of skincare+makeup

blackUp is an upscale makeup line we discovered years ago-but it seems to be having a more meaningful launch in the USA NOW---founded in 1999-the makeup and skincare delivers multi-tasking cosmetics and treatments for women with darker skin-mixed tones...with tailored palettes that are unique---plus-foundations without that chalky mask finish that other lines impart. 

Inglot---is an accessibly priced cosmetic line for pros and consumers ----we loved the texture of these creme/gel hybrid  dubbed LIP DUO LIP GLOSS LIP PAINT...9 color range is fabulous. In the back---AMC Lip Paint-long lasting-ultra shiny-creme/gel-in 18 colors

kinda similar to YSL® Touché Eclat-click pen-brush delivery system

VEIL Light Infused Complexion Fix $40-has cred---the concealer click pens=  focused corrector-concealer-highlighters with blendable-buildable coverage= makeup artists LOVE.

Oil free, paraben free and good for those wearing contact lenses-sensitive skin etc...comes in 12 colors that match up with most skin tones.

 Veil cosmetics-founder- celebrity makeup artist Sebastien Tardif
Cruelty Free---we look for this in all lines...!!!! Here- Make Up Designory

David Klasfeld-founder of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) is one of our fav meets in the years we've been attending media previews. The collection was launched in 2004 with 2 lip balms (Tarred and Feathered)...and from there has expanded to include every product just about- a makeup maven needs-but never compromised. OCC is vegan (that's right---a lot of curious stuff goes into color cosmetics-like crushed insect shells), is cruelty-free and PETA certified...AND tops in quality with  an amazing color range.
love these nail polish colors-5 free too
OCC's Lip Tar & Stained Gloss are legendary best selling, moisturizing shots of color...check this out!!! Different finishes---matte, shiny stain, metallic-and the longest lasting color tried of a gloss ---seriously. It took a waterproof makeup remover to remove from a demo swipe on the back of our hand. They sell a Lip Tar hydrating primer too...$18
BIODERMA SENSIO H2O is another staple backstage at Fashion Shows all over the world---these good for sensitive/irritated skin cleansing waters are musts in France where the water is very hard---and now the company claims a bottle is sold every 3 seconds somewhere on planet earth. On the left-the green capped collection Sébium H2O is for oily -acne skin.
MAKE UP FOR EVER...another French company with products that are ubiquitous in every pro's makeup stash. At this show-there are numerous seen above by those black sold out marks.!
Make Up Forever Academy ---a destination for skills.
a nice chat with these two lovely ladies schooled us in the 411 on fake eyelashes---including that Mink Fur (yikes) is used by some companies...for their flutterers...and pricey too! We say go cruelty free---like from brand KISS-new Looks So Natural™with tapered eyelash falsies.