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Road Trips-Nostalgic Themes

For those not tied to a school schedule-which is more than half of Americans-NOW in the so-called 'shoulder season'-is a great time to get out and beyond.

For childhood nostalgia-discovery one's ancestry-can inspire trips to destinations. For those with African ancestry-Spector Travel-based in Boston -has been a top ranked roots and culture HERITAGE tour operator for years. Destinations-from Senegal-Ghana-to South Africa (to name just a few)...can be experienced and combined with safari adventures in other African continent locations.

In the lower 48-Wyndham Hotels has smartly recharged the iconic (and affordable) Howard Johnson (HOJO) brand -with a revamp of design features-think interiors with a  mid-century Modernist  style- those signature blue/orange colors-paired with this decade's must haves-like USB equipped lamps for charging up personal electronics, free breakfast and WIFI...etc.
No -the rooms aren't candy tricked out -but the sleek-fun-sweet vibe -that we experienced -SOHO pop-up def rules.

FYI: ... HOJO's other far flung destinations include South America-China as well as major USA tourist destinations + university towns.