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Road Trip Snacks

Healthy, Portable, Shelf Stable, Crunchy-Chewy...the best cheese/seed crisps and dried fruit bites for on the go eats.

In re-sealable bags...

NON-GMO + USDA ORGANIC Toasted Flackers Seed Crisps-all plant based ingredients in a delicious cracker sub that satisfies -fiber loaded, low carb _ vegan too. Several flavors-all starting with a combo flaxseed + apple cider vinegar base that typically make up  pre-probiotics focused products. Superseeds indeed-keno friendly. Widely available.
Traina Foods FRUITONS-grow their fruits -guaranteeing freshest dried fruits that are chewy good. The Summer Blend of bite sized Peaches, Nectarines + Plums combines the ripest selections that translate into  natural sweet flavors-no added anything needed. Widely available

Montmorency Cherries and cranberries are packed with anti-oxidants-making them both an athlete musts. Handier formats: Graceland Fruit Premium Dried Montmorency Cherries and Cranberries (no added sugar)-naturally tart sweet, and non-GMO.

We loved our snack sized Blue Ribbon Orchard Choice California Mission Figs-filling enough-chewy sweet-tender (not rawhide tough like some dried fruits). Packed with real deal fiber, iron, magnesium, vitamin B6, potassium + calcium . No wonder mission figs are a cheese board and now dessert -jam spread staple ingredient. Widely available- as is an USDA Organic version.

Such a smart idea-USA grown-fruits-dried- with the nutrition packed rind included.  Eating the peel of a fruit-adds in fiber+ nutrition...we loved RIND's assortment-including a rarely seen Tangy Kiwi super fruit one.  Although we missed them at the Specialty Foods Show-we devoured a bunch of samples-at a recent Editors' Showcase. Naturally blessed with fiber, vitamin c and anti-oxidants. Gluten free, Kosher, non-GMO. Fairly widely available IRL-and of course, online.
Rind's other whole fruit flavors...Orchard Blend, Strawberry Pear, Pineapple, Sweet Persimmon,  Tart Apple, Tangy  Peach-all no sulfites or added sugar. 
KETO ALERT-all cheese-protein packed  (13 grams/serving)and deliciously (practically sinfully so)...WHISPS Baked Parmesan Cheese Crisps...naturally low carb, and Gluten Free-made from Cello's award winning cheesemakers-using rBGH-free milk.
WHISPS are bite sized terrific snacks- satisfying in that we need a chip now way...crunchy, finger licking' good.  Available in a few savory spice versions-plus the original Parmesan and a Cheddar versions- our 2 favs.
Given the popularity of Keto friendly eats-Whisps are  in many IRL outlets-maybe in the snacks or cracker sections. YUMMY. Counts as an entree for lazy cooks-just open, pour our and eat...great to add to slides too for  a crunchy texture pop instead of carb croutons.

WHISPS-added tomato basil Cheese Crisps

TALIA dry roasted CHICKPEA these like peanuts-a few at a time. Available in sweet (honey sesame, coconut)-savory (BBQ Hot Chili)-salty Sea Salt, Olive + Oregano) versions...crunchy goodness-will appeal to kids too. %-^ grams protein/serving + naturally high in fiber...gluten free + Non-GMO