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INDIE BEAUTY Expo Highlights

Like the food/specialty food industry-the beauty/skincare biz is booming for small time companies. Nimbleness, fast to market trend driven products-fit categories =clean, 'simple ingredients,' hemp + CBD, eco+ sustainable packaging, detox from urban-or digital life-parallels the food as medicine phenom  and /or J and K beauty favs like facial masks-for the masses.

Part One:

One of the Indie Beauty Expo favs-with a perpetually packed booth...

Oral Hygiene masters-Terra & Co. showed biodegradable dental the nifty packaged  bamboo +activated charcoal dental floss.

in recycled paper-recyclable packaging with the bamboo charcoal floss threaded via the top of the zero-waste paper board box. $10 SMART. FYI-works just as well as the landfill clogging plastic kind. 32 yards.
Terra & Co. other dental products...a bamboo wood handled toothbrush with biodegradable BPA-free nylon bristles, Brilliant Black Toothpaste  $15 (with baking soda -texture) and swirl it in your mouth spit out-Ayurvedic inspired- Brilliant Black Pulling Oil ( $35)...with anti-bacterial/anti-fungal activated charcoal + organic coconut + peppermint oils.. Fluoride free, non-toxic, cruelty free-vegan, promotes healthy pH balance.

four piece set-with four essentials and individually...currently available IRL + online several places-Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters,  Saks With Avenue, Four Seasons Hotels, 1 Hotel, Free People,  AMAZON