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That summer fruit staple... deliciously portable and available year round.

Juicy naturally sweet watermelon (with a few pink Himalayan salt flakes) is a fav effective hydrating way to replenish sweat gobs during seasonal sweltering heat.

Our new top 'beat' for the water/electrolyte loss?

The Republic of Tea's Hydration Single Sips-all USDA ORGANIC Watermelon!

Give a promotion to whoever came up with this dissolve-able powder's winning combo of summery flavors (all organic-including agave, watermelon, hibiscus, baobab  -sweetened with low cal monk fruit with yup-Himalayan pink salt)!
Tasty-just sweet enough-and healthy-easy to amp up water-anywhere.
We feel that the replenishment-actually fills out our parched depleted cells-sticking around better than 'plain ole' H2O.

Also available-Single Sips- USDA Organic in three other flavors including an Apple Cider version (pictured on the left)-that makes that beauty-digestive aid that people swear by, actually palatable (and not stomach burning ). On board-organic pineapple + coconut-sweetened with organic monk fruit=low calorie (25/serving). A daily sip of hydrating help...that actually surprised us with its drinkability.
Available now.

Dried fruits without preservatives or added anything-are healthy snacks, gaining in popularity. New=Earth & Soil  Watermelon Chips-are baked-and crunchy. Non-GMO-vegan-no added sugar-this portable crisp in 1.4 oz resealable bag- is the first time we have seen watermelon this way. A winner. Available online

 Forbes Candies of Virginia Beach-makes addictive salt water taffy that transport us back to our childhood  seaside vacays.

Another warm weather worthy treat- Coconut Watermelon Slices-are fruity, super sweet chewy 'slices' = super FUN too- and actually look like very sugar coated tiny watermelon slices.

Made by hand-by Forbes Candies-a company that's been satisfying America's sugar rush desires since 1930.