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Athleisure-Active Wear Fashion/Function


Trendy clothes for work and special occasions are rented  leaving footwear, socks-hosiery, under garments and casual-sports attire as the fashion industry categories most likely to be ACTUALLY bought nowadays.

It certainly is a partial explanation why so many fashion designers are jumping (or have) on the athleisure - activewear bandwagon-joining already there-high end big names -like Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani, Tory Burch, Cushnie...

From Active Collective NY:

Pam & Gela-of Juicy Couture heritage-has fun separates in prints that synch-up with their RTW line.
The bold animal textiles, cozy faux fur sherpa jacket with zipped pockets, and quite a few sequin pieces (say more LA-TX-Miami friendly than NYC)...were standouts for Fall.
Pam & Gela
Kappa-the Italian lifestyle goes into more active wear, wear-with that signature logo  on  black separateswith orange color accents.

Desigual's exuberant Barcelona DNA-gets translated into really cute SPORT of the few exhibitors to have those bike length fitted shorts that had a fashion moment.

Nicole Miller...the licensee (fyi how a lot of collections+footwear lines are made via...) dove into the archives for some of this NY designer's notable prints. Other pieces that were popular-a faux fur sherpa top with funnel neck, and side striped blue/ /white  on black pieces.
Nicole Miller

Nicole Miller
fp MOVEMENT-Free People-had a large + terrific assortment of tops, bottoms, crop tops-bras and active wear (like) jackets-their customers will love. Above the Queen of the Jungle with acid green pops -for sale now ($168)...
Even those who shy away from this acid green color-might find favor with this slightly toned down take on it by fp MOVEMENT- Free People...with handy sling belt/fannypack hybrid hauler.