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Super Bowl Sips

Drinking less beer  now-Americans more and more quench thirst with specialty red options like mineral water + functional beverages.

Still a party atmosphere with choices-still expected-but the liquid selections lean more 'upscale'-matching the global-sophisticated eats...that go beyond fast food fare.

TRY: A multi-tasking red wine:

From Spain-Rioja is a well balanced, value priced (imo) red wine made from 100% Tempranillo grapes-that pairs well with everything from pizza, Buffalo chicken wings, tasty Middle Eastern spreads---- to South Asian or South of the border spicier snacks.

we loved this Fernández De Pierola-deep bursts of ripe berries-stewed fruits, gorgeous dark cheery color, subtle tannins  and warmth of aged toasted wood-with elegant finish
The perfect pairings....Fig Cake, mixed nuts, and an assortment of cheese. These samples are from  Mitica-via available on AMAZON.

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